November is off to a fine start

November is off to a fine start this year.

NaNo has been good so far. The reality in that I’m finally writing my story still hasn’t kicked in yet though. It feels surreal. My word count as of now is 9245 (and if you care to keep track of my word count, there is a widget on my side bar that allows you to do just that. There is one at the bottom of my book’s blog as well.)

The most perfect way to start November, though, was going to the State Fair on the 1st with Dad and Nathan. And we even got to bring The Boys along with us!

The story is that my best friend Dylan had been given four entrance tickets and 30 ride passes but since his parents has no use for the State Fair, he gave them to us. The funny thing was that Mom and Kayla didn’t want to go with Dad, Nathan and I, so Dad called Mr B and asked if Dylan and Daryck could come along with us. Their parents relented and we picked them up five minutes afterwards and drove to the fair together. This was very exciting for me because it’s very rare when we get to do things as exciting as the state fair and bring friends along. And what was funny was that they gave us the tickets in the first place. It was just becoming real dark when we got there and it made the electric lights just blaze out beautifully.

Dylan, Daryck and I got to branch off by ourselves several times over the course of the evening and they got me on several rides I’d never ridden before such as the Alien saucer-spinning thing and The Cliff Hanger. Dylan and I rode the Ferris Wheel by ourselves; Ferris Wheels are one of my most favorite things and it was fun hearing his reactions to it as it was his first time on one. The three of us rode two different roller coasters together (one which had water involved!)

We were there for six to maybe ten thirty and I think most of our time was spent standing in the lines of the few rides we rode or walking from one ride to another. However it wasn’t bad because we had each others company and it was simply thrilling to just stand under all the bright electric lights and gape at the crazy rides together. And break out into dancing; The Boys did that quite a bit. And then if the music was appropriate, the three of us walked side by side in slow motion like we were “cool”. The longest line we stood in was probably for the swings and we weren’t even sure if was going to be worth it for a while but it turned out to be one of my favorite rides of the evening. What was neat was that they were double seated and not single seated like most others I’ve ridden, so Dylan and I got to go up together. He jokingly dared me to lean over the edge with my hands out when we were up in the air but I actually did, and then we were both doing it and just screaming and whooping with our hands in the air because it felt like flying. It felt like freedom. We agreed once we were back on solid ground that it had been well worth the wait.

This was not only the best way to open up November but I think this will be one of my biggest highlights for 2012!

So. November has had a wonderful beginning for me. How about you? To my NaNo buddies, how are you doing with your word counts?




12 thoughts on “November is off to a fine start

  1. It sounds like you had a whple lot of fun!!!

    My word count? Don’t make me laugh… It’s a tragedy :/ Things keep popping up and I can’t help wondering: “what, this couldn’t of happened 5 days ago?” lol. I’m glad that NaNo is going well for you, though!!!

  2. Congrats on your story coming along so great!
    That is FANTABULOUS!!! It’s ironic cause we did pretty much THE EXACT SAME THING. We went with my brother and my two best friends here in NC, Holly and Adam, and my dad took us! Pretty awesome. And Adam and I were the only ones who wanted to do the Ferris Wheel too! And we did the swings!!! And the roller coasters!!! Well, this was in early October when the fair was at it’s time in NC, but still!!! 🙂
    Glad you had a great time, the state fairs are BEAUTIFUL at night!! And the view from the Ferris Wheel is great.

    1. Thank you!!!

      That is so funny! LOL Isn’t the State Fair awesome!? It’s expensive but the neat thing was we didn’t need to pay for almost anything except probably the gas to get there. 😛 Oh yes, Ferris Wheel views are epic. Dylan took a bunch of pictures with his fun while we were up there.


    2. It’s GREAT!!! I’ve gone every year with my fam for as long I can remember, and bringing friends made it extra fun! Yes, it’s ridiculous!!!! Crazy that they charge so much. But then again, people are willing to pay it…
      Cool! Maybe you can post some of the views from the Ferris Wheel? Adam and I didn’t get to do it since we were begged to go on something else. Also, we wanted to do the drop tower, but sadly the same thing happened. XD. Maybe next year…
      Didja eat anything crazy there? I know our fair is famed for it’s crazy foods (fried EVERYTHING)…

      1. I suppose or they wouldn’t be able to keep coming back each year! How fun to be able to do it every year! Before this last time, I was probably ten the last time I went to a state fair! 🙂 I’m afraid I don’t have any of the pictures from the top of the Ferris Wheel or I’d post them. XD None of us ate anything but there was so much food; lots of cowboy like food; a ton of stuff being grilled, even corn and huge turkey legs! The boys wanted one of the legs but they said they would look stupid trying to it. Lol!


  3. Cool, glad you had a great time. 🙂 I haven’t been to the fair in ages, can’t even remember the last time. I’m not much for roller coasters though, and I think I have been on a Ferris Wheel before, probably when I was much younger. So far this November for me, not much has happened. Just watched the Lonesome Dove miniseries (excellent series) but not much beyond that. 😀


  4. November has had a nice start, but it’s been slow going, and very hard to keep concentrated on the story. But, that being said, it’s a challenge for me this year, which is always good. 🙂

    Glad you’re doing so well! I love it when first time writers are so excited.


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