I was a fan of Star Wars before Disney bought it

A reliable source brought to my attention that last Friday George Lucas sold Lucasfilms to Disney. And they are planning on releasing Star Wars Episode 7 in 2015!

I’m honestly speechless about this. And am absolutely horrified of what could be in store for one of my favorite fandoms.

Memes are the only way I’m able to express my feelings accurately….





20 thoughts on “I was a fan of Star Wars before Disney bought it

  1. NO WAY! He couldn’t have done that! I am soooo mad right now! Disney is going to ruin Star Wars for sure! AAAH! I am SO MAD! I don’t know what to say. It’s like he is literally throwing Star Wars down the garbage!

    1. That’s how I feel too…. I really am unable to process too much more information about it all today but later this week I’ll be doing a lot of google searching to find out what might be in store. But basically… I’m not happy. Not one bit. 😦


  2. I am horrified. My brother wryly asked if Leia was going to be the newest Disney Princess. Maybe they’ll do it justice–MAYBE–but I’m HIGHLY skeptical. I know what they’ve done to sequels in the past and I know what they’ve done to Pixar…this is NOT good. You know I have my problems with Star Wars, Jamie–but you also know I think it’s got some awesome points, and the idea of Disney ruining it…ugh!!! It’s equivalent to them selling the rights to all the Lord of the Rings movies to Disney.

    1. That’s the whole scary point. There are higher chances of it all being ruined then having anything good come out of it all. ARRG I’m so upset right now….


  3. I’m not happy at all. First of all, Star Wars won’t be the same without Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford. Second, I just think that Episode 6 was a good place to end. I mean, seriously? It’s all about money… :/ I’ll probably watch the new Star Wars when it comes out, just because I want to see if Disney completely ruins it (basically, I’m nosy :p)

    1. Yes, the quickest way to ruin it is to recast actors for Luke, Han and Leia. I will probably watch it too… depending on if it’s something I’m interested in. If they go the whole EU way, I’ll be very upset.


    2. Recasting Harrison Ford would be like recasting Clark Gable in “Gone With The Wind”: no one can EVER envision anyone else playing the role of Rhett Butler, and they’ll be equally hard-pressed to find another Han Solo.

  4. “I’m out of it for a little while, everybody gets delusions of grandeur.” I just started feeling like using my computer again after this terrible flu and a ton of “Disney bought Star Wars” flooded my Dashboard. And I am think “I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS IS HAPPENING! I am actually super excited for this!” 😀 Since Lucas will not be directing the new movies I know they should be great. 🙂 Disney made the Avengers awesome, now they just need to make Star Wars awesome too. 2015 is going to be amazing! Star Wars VI, Avengers 2, Justice League, probably more Spider-Man, X-Men, and who knows what else! 😀


    1. Also what is the worst that can happen? Another Jar Jar? Star Wars can only get better from here! 😀 Maybe even the original versions of the films being released!


      1. I’m afraid they’ll go with the EU canon, which is what I hate. Also, if they simply continue, Luke, Han and Leia, if they even consider recasting actors for Mark, Carrie and Harrison, that in itself will be upsetting to see someone else playing those roles. And I really don’t want to see their kids, at least not if they use EU.


    2. ROFL you sound like my Dad! I will no doubt like it when it does happen but as of right now, I’m still upset. Just the idea of Lucas selling away the rights to Star Wars is upsetting to me! XD Maybe this is a just a female/emotional thing since most of the guys seem to be taking it well! 😛


  5. I’m freaked out, too. It just can’t be happening! Why, George, why????

    I’m afraid they will botch it, too, and I would cry. I already disliked episodes 1-3, and now another one? I don’t know…

    Anyway, thanks for sharing. Sorry I haven’t been commenting lately. Preparing for NaNo has severed my brain from the rest of my body somewhat. Best get that fixed ASAP…

    Anyway, good luck with NaNo! 🙂

    1. *sobbing* Yes, everything after the Original 3 has just not been the same; the prequels, the Clones Wars mess, the EU, BLAH. I’m so afraid of what is around the corner…. 🙂

      Thank you, I’m so looking forward to NaNo! Good luck to you too!


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