Sucessfully Graduated

Well, my graduation/birthday party went well and without a hitch. It was a beautiful day, the weather was perfect and nearly everyone we invited showed up. There was just over fifty people in my house and backyard between four and eight o’ clock. The Boys’ family stayed till ten and we played Cops and Robbers together, so it was basically the best day ever.

I was very happy to be surrounded by friends from all times of my life. Old church friends and new church friends got along wonderfully. My old friends all told me as they were leaving, “I love your friends!” and my new friends were happily stating “Your friends are nice!” Everyone mixed well and I was pleased to hear everyone talking and getting along nicely.

Here’s one of the two chocolate cakes we got from Costco; the other said Happy Graduation. Mom got lots of balloons (I love balloons). There was pork sandwiches and meatballs, veggies and cheeseball. The meatballs were easy to make but it didn’t feel like it because my mom stressed over them for over a week and a half. We now have a running joke about how meatballs are stressful and they were suppose to be easy. lol

Everyone watched a slideshow of pictures that Kayla made and Dad gave this mini speech in front of everyone about it and it was quite nice. I got my certificate and everyone was clapping and cheering. Happily, no one asked the dreaded college question, except Dylan and that was after everyone had left and we were lying ‘dead’ in the front yard during Cops and Robbers and were simply talking. And it was okay because he said he probably wasn’t going to college either. And than we talked about Latin and shouted at Daryck to stop swinging over our dead bodies. Lol.

(me and my adorable adopted sister Nechet who wrote me the sweetest card; I love this picture! lol )

I got many beautiful gifts (and sweet, sweet cash, lol.) A hat from one dear friend, a beautiful scarf made with my favorite color purple, a necklace, several books, lots of notebooks and writing supplies. Some of the money has already been spent on See’s Candy, an Avengers Calender for next year, the official Avengers poster, and two shirts from the Disney store.

My favorite gift was easily the one Dylan gave me and that wasn’t until the Monday afterwards. Mom and I dropped off two tables we’d borrowed from his family at their house and Mrs B raced us inside all excited and was like, “Dylan just got Jamie her present, we literally just brought it home!” And inside he handed me a huge book which contained every single book and story of Sherlock Holmes by Arther Conan Doyle, complete with golden edged pages and a beautiful cream colored cover with Holmes’s silhouette on it. I’m so excited to now own every single Holmes story in such a gorgeous book; and to read them all with Dylan for the rest of the year. Thanks for the wonderful book, bro!

All in all, it worked out just about perfectly and I loved every minute of the party.  The family is still recovering a little bit but we’ve got the house all back in order and I’ve mailed most of my thank you notes already.

Everything school and graduation related is now out of the way and I’m ready for two more weeks of world building before NaNoWriMo begins!

Life is taking a change but I’m looking forward to it.


6 thoughts on “Sucessfully Graduated

  1. Congratulations! 😀 Glad everything went well. I helped my friend with her graduation eariler this year so I know how hetic it can be.
    I really need to get an Avnegers poster, how much does one cost?
    God bless and May the Force be With You. 😉


    1. Very hectic indeed but lots of fun!!!!!

      Well, teh one I got at Walmart was around six dollars I think. And it looks awesome; I had to take down a Star Wars poster to put it up so it was a bitter-sweet moment. I now have four Avenger related posters near my bed and one of the Joker. lol!

      Same to you and thanks James!


  2. I’m so glad your graduation party went well! And yes, getting cash is wonderful 😀 Congrats again on graduating!!

    Is NaNo really only two weeks away?! Oh my goodness, I’m going to have a heart-attack! Some major novel planning has to be done immediately… lol I’m not sure if I’m ready.

    1. Thank you, Emily!!!!!! 😀 😀

      I know, I have SO MUCH left to prepare, I don’t even know half of what I’m going to be doing! Ahhh, serious work needs to be done before but I honestly can’t wait!


  3. Congrats! I’m glad it went well! 😀 😀 😀
    Your face seems so sweet to me! It seems as if you’re a really nice person to meet face to face!

    1. Thank you!

      Awww, that’s so nice of you to say! Lol, I think I’m generally a pleasant person to meet. I’m normally more reserved meeting people depending on who they are until I feel like they’re okay and than I can go crazy. LOL


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