Done with School!

There’s a party going on in this girl’s head!

Thursday evening found me finishing the last page of my math. Meaning, I have finished all my books and am completely done with homeschool! I’m so happy to be all done and am SO. READY to have upcoming days, weeks and even months to be free from all worrisome homework and lots of time world-building, plot-planning and writing. I can spend more time reading some fiction instead of mandatory history books and no longer have a looming deadline of finishing before my graduation before me either.


Friday I moved my desk back up to the bedroom that Kayla and I share and I’ve set up my new writing station beside my shelf. I’m totally ready to be world-building here in the cool of my bedroom with fresh light coming through our window (and that wonderful vision of the neighbor’s roof outside our window *coughlolcough*)

This coming week is going to be extremely busy with party planning; that’s next on my agenda.

Anyway. I’m happy to share that this lassie has completed her school and is now off to change her bio to proudly say, “homeschool graduate”.

Yep. Sounds great.



17 thoughts on “Done with School!

  1. YAY you! Oh, that’s so awesome that you finished your school! Like, for forever! (Unless you go to college, and if I’m right, you don’t think much of college right now…it can’t currently do enough for you for it to be worth it.) Well, if you can finish high school…maybe I CAN get caught up, after all.

  2. Congrats! That’s awesome! 😀 It is hard for me to imagine actually being finish with school since I still have many years of Collage left to get a master’s degree. lol


  3. Oh yeah…that’s so awesome! Congrats! I partly know the feeling of finishing an entire subject like math and it feels AWESOME, doesn’t it?? 😛

  4. Awesome! Congrats on finishing. I know that that is an amazing, accomplished feeling. Now you’re off to the next stage — writing! That is equally exciting.

    Take this time to relax, though, because come November, everything is going to be crazy (in a good way), and there will be little time for relaxing, or doing anything but typing. Best of luck!


    Party — you’ve earned it!

    1. Thanks, Alexandra!!! I’m very excited to be writing full time now!

      Yes, I’m going to take it easy and will be doing only world-building until November. After NaNo, I will probably rest through December and than make some writing goals for the new year!


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