New Video in The Works

Kayla and I are in the middle of filming our second video this afternoon. We’re at a pausing point and I’m off to go shopping with Mom for a while. So, now’s your chance to leave any questions for both me and Kayla! If we get your questions when we sit back down to finish filming, we’ll answer them!

I’m off now! More info to come!

EDIT: we finished our show but anymore questions will be saved for a future show.



5 thoughts on “New Video in The Works

  1. Yay!! Hmm, what’s a question that I could ask?…

    What are your thoughts about Captain America 2, which is coming out in 2014??

  2. Can’t wait for the video! I already ask some questions on Kayla’s post but here are a few more.
    Jamie, why do villains like Loki and The Joker appeal to you so much? (hope that makes sense)
    Would you ever want another Star Wars movie to ever be made? And if so what should it be about?
    What is your most overrated Star Wars character?
    What is the worst/least favorite of the six Star Wars movies?
    I hope you can use a few of these. 🙂


    1. OHMIGOSH these are AWESOME! Kayla’s writing these out on paper and we’ll go answer them now! Whoohoo, more material! We were almost out of things to talk about!!! 😀


  3. Whoo! I’ll just be random.
    Least favorite experience ever?
    Awkward situation?…. These are always fun.
    Best vacation?
    Worst vacation?
    What do you think about a green platypus with a yellow bill and a yellow beaver tail who fears a brown 1940’s fedora and Makes the sound “Nnngeee”?

    I dare you to answer that last one. 😉

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