Life Update

Hiemdall (better known as Tubby!)

Ahhhhhh. This week has been full of thoughts and posts on writing but I feel ready to give a post on life in general (aka post where I ramble about the first few topics that come to mind.)

I haven’t mentioned the kittens in a while, have I? Well, we still have all five, they’re so big, so cute and so fun. Up there is one of the two males, Tubby, who’s official name is Hiemdall! XD I don’t have pictures of all of them, but the shot below is of the Dot (or Dr. Watson), who was the first kitten to be born. She’s adorable. The other kittens all have official names and than nicknames that we call them. The other male is a black kitten who Mom named Vader but we call him Blackie. The black and white kitten is Holmes but we call her Socks (Yes, Holmes and Dr. Watson are girls. What can I say, my mom named them.) And than Kayla named her kitten Katniss and that’s what we call her. Here’s a picture of Dot below.

Yes, I did take these pictures, actually. I wish I had more pictures of when they were small but it was actually pretty stressful when they were first born and taking pictures was far from my mind during the whole ordeal. I won’t even both to go into details right now, it was just tough those first few weeks.

This week I started learning a new song on the keyboard. I’ve been in LOVE with the song when I found it on YouTube and after several weeks of listening to it, it dawned on me that I should try to find the sheet music somewhere. Google never fails. I found the music and was able to download for a few dollars. I’ve spent all week making my fingers fly on my keyboard. The song is fast paced and full of rhythm and I’m finally getting the hang of it. I actually was playing it on the Oboe setting on my keyboard and Kayla thought it was the computer and not me playing, so that was funny.

This is not the first song I’ve looked up sheet music for from off YouTube. I also bought the a five sheet piece entitled Rain and spent a week to two weeks learning it. I can now play that song with my eyes closed and it’s one of the most beautiful pieces of music I’ve ever heard. It was worth the time to learn. Go ahead and listen to it; just pretend that’s me playing!

Okay, enough

Let’s see, what am I reading right now… oh, yes, I’m reading Dracula again. I know, I know, I just read it, like, two months ago. I’m now reading it with Dylan and he hasn’t read it in a year. I actually don’t mind rereading it because it’s so good. It’s nice to be able to talk about the different chapters with him now instead of just, “ohmigosh yes it’s sooo good!” So, that’s what I’m reading right now. I think we’re going to read The Legend of Sleepy Hollow next, if I remember right. He said it was the perfect story to read around Halloween. I’ve not read it, so I’m looking forward to it. After that I think we’ll tackle a couple of G.A. Henty novels and I’ll be doing everything in my power to get him to read Treasure Island. Who’s read Treasure Island, by the way? I love that book so much.

We actually got some rain in my neighborhood this week and that was super nice. I was reading Dracula, actually, right before it started Sunday evening and I’m at this really intense part and all of a sudden “BOOM” there was this huge crack of thunder, perfectly synched with the story. I was like, “Wow. That’s creepy!” I kept reading to the sound of thunder until I also heard the sound of rain and than it was like, “I CAN READ LATER! IT’S RAINING OUTSIDE!” I love seeing lighting in the sky; I also picture it being Thor cracking his hammer up there, having some sort of battle or something. So sometimes I’ll yell at him from the porch, “GO THOR! GO!” Lololol. I’m such a dork.

Okay, I’m going to end on a funny note…. at least, these are funny to me. XD I’m going to start with this one because I think we’ve all experienced this at least once in our lives.

HAHA! Anyway… I’m going to be off and running now! Have a good Saturday!



14 thoughts on “Life Update

  1. Good names for your cats. You should have named one Darcy from Thor since Kat Dennings played the character. 😀
    I have never re-read a book before, but I guess it is kind of re-watching a movie that takes a lot longer. Although I will probably re-read the LOTR in a few years though.
    That’s funny, because when I see lighting I think “Oh no, please don’t knock out the electricity.” but it does happen a lot in the Spring were I live though. 🙂

    The money one is hilarious! And so true, I love money!
    “Trying to win a losing argument” is exactly what Batman fans look like when you say The Avengers is so far superior to everything Batman. 😛


    1. Kayla and I thought about naming one Darcy for a little while but Mom ended up naming the three Vader, Holmes and Watson, I had already named Tubby and Kayla had decided her’s was Katniss, so it just didn’t work out. 😀

      It is sort of like re-watching a movie, just in a different way. Some books are so good that I just want to reread it!

      LOL, wow, I don’t think lightening has ever taken out our power. I suppose you can shout, “Stop it, Thor! Go away!” LOL

      ROFL about Batman!


  2. So, I love the music 🙂

    I have mixed feelings about thunderstorms… I like them when I’m safe and sound at home, but when I’m not at home I’m deathly scared of thunderstorms. I think it’s because once when I was away from home, there was a bad thunderstorm and it kinda turned into a tornado…

    LOL the pictures/gifs were all so funny. Especially the one about cleaning your room. Hahaha, that is my reaction when my friends ask me if I can calm down and not be so crazy 😀 lol (And the gif was of One Direction!!!! That made my day!!!!! :D)

    1. Good, LOL!

      YIKES! I’ve never experienced that large of a storm (at least near tornado size.) How traumatic! *shivers*

      Mine too, lol. I didn’t even notice who was in the gif, hahahahahaha! I’m now going to see if I can tell which kid is which and who ‘fainted’, lol!


    2. I think Niall and Harry opened the doors… Louis fainted (I think??) Zayne caught Louis, and Liam was just standing there lol.

  3. Awwwwww! It’s me!!! Aren’t I adorable!?! Lol, he was gonna be called Tabby, but then he was male, and then he was gonna be Mr. Tabbs, but clearly he must have gotten fat.
    Either way, great great photo! Tubby is such an adorable name!!!!!

    I like thinking about Thor when it’s thundering also!!!!!

    I would say “awesome songs!”, but my dumb little smart phone won’t play it from a link, so I have no opinion to offer on them…
    I’m sure they’re fantabulous though! I’ll listen to them once I’m home.

    I haven’t read Dracula, but I’ve heard great things about it, I’ll have to read it! The Lengend of Sleepy Hollow is a great book! I read it about 3 or 4 years ago and loved it!! Definantly going to re-read it though, you don’t get that much out of books if you’re 8 years old! 🙂

    OMW, all those photos were hilarious! I was laughing out loud the whole time! Seriously, I was! And that bacon, one? I’m stealing it! With your permission of course. But then again, it’s not yours. Still… may I rob you?

    1. LOL I love your long comments Tabby! You’re such a character! XP

      Yes, he was named Tubby because when he walked he just looked so round and fat! 😛

      I hope you like the songs!

      Dracula is a must read! It’s long but it’s good! I’m looking forward to the Legend of Sleepy Hollow; it sounds like an exciting short story.

      So glad you enjoy them. And yes, you may rob me! HAHAHA!


  4. I, of course, have seen some of the funny pictures already… but they’re still hilarous!!! The one of the kid with Spidy is really funny! Haven’t seen that one! The one after that is funny too! LOL! I mean, duh, they’re all funny…. XD

    I’m pissed because I can’t comment on your writing blog. Mom’s filter blocks the comment page, how am I going to tell you what I think!!?!?!?!! I had something very important to tell you about Will!!!!!

    1. You’ve probably seen a lot of these on my Tumblr. The Spider-Man one I found on Google, so that’s probably why you didn’t see it.

      Why don’t you just tell me in person?!


  5. ONE. DIRECTION. ❤ ❤ ❤ That's all I can say before I faint and let Zayn catch me. My friend, Anita Malik, is Zayn's cousin is never probably gonna get me his autograph 😛
    Awwww the kittens are sooo cute I just wanna hold them and nuzzle them ❤

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