Last Day of Challenge//Surprise

This is the last day of the writing challenge at The Climb with Emily and it’s been AMAZING for me as a writer. I’ve been needing something to really jog me into world building for Forever Fairy, and this has been the thing to do it (more on this in a moment!)

Today’s final challenge was to share the “why” behind everything. Why do I write? I love it and I truly think it’s the gift God has given me. There’s just something about expressing my thoughts on paper that feels natural and right for me. Not just my thoughts, like here on my blog, but also things like stories. I love expressing stories with relate-able character, interesting plot threads and redeeming themes.

As I matured as a writer, I’ve wanted to infuse more–the word isn’t controversial–but deeper themes into my stories to work out and help make the plot. Forever Fairy is my first story where I’ll be including magic, which has been an especially touchy topic for me for most of my childhood. I’m learning to look at it with a open mind and I’m looking forward to seeing it effect my story, my plot and my characters. That is how much I’ve grown over the years as a writer.

My future in writing; well, it’s all fuzzy, but I would love to be published one day. And if I develop a good enough story that has enough promise, if I have enough support from family and friends, I would pursue publishing. Really, thinking about publishing—honestly—scares me. It really scares me. But if a story shows enough promise, I’d be willing to pursue it.

The story on my mind and heart right now is Forever Fairy. I’m on a ball when it comes to world building for this book. There’s something about writing my world building in post form (something I’m familiar with) that has really helped get it out and I don’t want to stop. However, I don’t want to over-take my personal blog with writing posts.

Here’s where the surprise comes in.

I’ll be writing and posting the rest of my world-building for my NaNoWriMo book Forever Fairy on my new writing blog! May I announce the opening of Fairies, Fantasy and Faith? To all my followers who have enjoyed my writing posts, you need to either go bookmark or follow this blog. I’ve reposted all my posts over there already and I published a character post on my male lead Will this morning. so hop on over there now if you’d like to read that or simply check the blog out.

All your comments and enthusiasm has been SO ENCOURAGING, everyone; it’s really been so encouraging getting some feedback on the snippets of the story in my head. So, thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who commented this week, thank you very much!

Fairies, Fantasy and Faith will be the place I share my world building, character development, and plot planning. I’ll be posting as inspiration comes (which will have to be often!) And I’ll be getting my blog here back into it’s normal groove again.

Thank you again, Emily, for hosting this challenge, it’s been soooo good for me as a writer! I’ve loved every challenge and once again, congrats on three years of blogging, girl! 😀



8 thoughts on “Last Day of Challenge//Surprise

  1. Glad your book is going good right now. I am probably the strangest person when it comes to writing, I can’t stand writing outside of my blog but I write a lot of movie reivews and other things. I couldn’t write a coherent fictional story if my life depended on it. 🙂 Interesting that you will be including magic in your story. In fictional stories, I view it as entirely fictional and cannot effect me as a person but I do not want to argue with you about that in any way.
    Your new blog sounds great! I’ll be definitely following. 😉

    On a side note: I highly recommend you read (or watch) the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, I have just finished the first two books and they are easily my all-time favorite books. They are a more realistic take on fantasy than the bright whimsical type fantasy like many others. 🙂


    1. Thank so much, James! I’m still working out what I think exactly about magic right now, but I’m sure I’ll talk about on the FFF sooner or later. 🙂

      Thanks for the follow!

      Yes, I’ll be reading Lord of the Rings sooner or later; they sound amazing and I think they would be very good for me! I’ll let you know when I start reading them! 🙂


  2. Loved all your posts on your story and writing! I like writing, but it is not a pastime. I personally am a person of few words and more movement and facial expression. My parents used to say that I could act out any complex scene without using any words. Basically, I’m a drama queen and actor. 😛 But I do write a fanfic from time to time…though believe me, I am positive that they aren’t half as good as your writing! XD

    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed them and thanks for the compliment, that means a lot to me!! 🙂 I wish I could act… but I can’t, I’m pretty much a miserable failure at acting! LOL


  3. Aww, your welcome Jamie! 🙂

    A writing blog?! I nearly screamed, that’s so exciting!! Of course, I’m going to follow! I’ve really enjoyed reading about your writing. And thank you for all the encouraging comments on my writing 🙂

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