Day 5 of Writing Challenge/Visually Building a Character

Today’s challenge is to find a picture that portrays your main characters (I have not created all the characters yet from the fantasy novel, so we’ll only look at my main two.)

Now, visually picturing my characters has never been something I could do very well, especially with girls. They always end up looking like two basic ideas: either someone who looks like me with blue eyes and curly brown hair or a pretty blonde. Yeaaaaah.

I wanted to do something different for Penny; at least different than what I’ve always done. She can’t be another clone of me.

I might as well post the picture now.

This picture is the closest one I’ve found to represent my main character Penny. This girl looks several years younger then she would be, but outside of that fact, she looks very similar.

I decided I wanted Penny to have dark black hair, with dark brows and big black eye lashes (getting away from the brown and blonde hair I typically use). She also has blueish/greenish eyes that are large, sad but observant. I’m not going to make Penny very tall either; most of my main female leads not only resemble me but they also are very tall, like myself. I’m going to make Penny an average height, maybe 5 feet and 6 inches. And unlike my other female leads, she’s more fair-skinned and not as tanned.

She’s really very different than any female character I’ve created. Not even just how she looks, but her personality and disposition is different. She’s not very confident, she’s very quiet, she’s not in a secure situation making her an unstable young women. Most of my other female leads are confident in themselves, they’re outgoing and they’ve all been in secure situations.

So, this is new for me. But I like it.

Now, my other main character is Penny’s best friend, Will. I’ve not spoken that much about Will, but that’s because I’m still working him out as a character. I need to make him my own character, make him unique with some quirks, some flaws but with some heroism deep in his guts. I’m still not sure what he’s going to look like either, but here’s the closest picture I’ve found of Will:

I don’t know. What more do I need to say.  There he is! He looks awesome. I still have a lot of work to do on his characteristics still, but that will come soon enough. He’s going to be different than a lot of my male leads, as well, but not as different as Penny has proven to be. So, I feel more comfortable to be working with him.

Anyway, I’ve rambled enough today; I’m off to watch Toy Story 3!



8 thoughts on “Day 5 of Writing Challenge/Visually Building a Character

  1. Your character’s sound great–especially Penny. The character’s for my novel are also very different from my usual characters–so I know how you feel! Oh, and I love how Penny and Will look together 😀

    And Toy Story 3? Yeah, I love that movie 😀

    1. Thank you so much! I’ve done the interview thing with Will, I’m excited to publish tomorrow (that’s only part of the surprise.) Thanks so much for the feedback, it really helps!!

      I know, the scenes with Ken and Barbie ALONE is worth the watch, LOL! The whole movie is amazing though, I actually cried this time. 😛


  2. I like the idea of your lead to be weaker and more realistic, there have been far to many Katniss type heroines recently. That picture of her is kind of creepy though. lol 😉
    It will be interesting to see were you go with Will. 🙂


    1. Thank you, James. Yes, I needed her to be on the weaker side so the story would be less predictable. If she’s already one of those tough, daring women, than people will be able to tell what her moves will be throughout the story. Not that I don’t like a strong female lead, it’s just they’re often predictable.

      Hahahaha; thanks for the feedback. It’s also intense, but that’s Penny’s entire back story. Intense.

      Thanks, I’ll be discussing him shortly. 🙂


  3. It’s always fascinating to write a character that is unlike any other you’ve ever worked with and I wish you the best of luck with the whole process! I love the picture you found for Will, it’s breath-taking and enchanting; the little jars of light are just beautiful!

    1. Thanks for the commenting, I’m glad to hear from you! I also love the the picture. I use my imagination and pretend that the lights are little fairies glowing. 😀


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