Day 4 of Writing Challenge//My World

Today’s challenge was suppose to be sharing and except of your story but since I’ve not written any yet, I thought I would share something even better. They say pictures are worth a thousand words, right? Well, I’m going to share several pictures of the fantasy world that Penny and her friend Will get pulled into: Arrahiem.

These pictures are the closest to what I imagine Arrahiem to look like.

I picture a lot of water in Arrahiem. Lot of creeks, rivers and waterfalls. So there can be lot of epic bridges. 😉

Like that! ^

I see Arrahiem as a very green, foresty place. With some tall mountains that have daring passages ways and roads winding throughout.

And houses and communities where you least suspect. Made up out of all sorts of creatures and peoples. Little fairies with their houses hidden inside the trees, the great woodsmen with their massive cabins, the hidden shallets and hideouts of the bounty hunters who silently stalk the countryside and then, right on the edge of the sea, the high people, the rulers, the majestic.

Yeah, like that! ^

You never know what you might see. Great bridges, hidden homes, one of the governing unicorns gliding up a creek in the early mist, keeping watch over the peoples put under them.

And maybe even a little magic.

You’ll never know, I suppose. 🙂



6 thoughts on “Day 4 of Writing Challenge//My World

  1. I love the pictures, Jamie! Your world is so beautiful! The bridges?? Yeah, they are epic. And awesome. And too amazing for words 😀

  2. Arrahiem…. kind of sounds like an Asgardian relm, I like it. 😉 I like your vision of the world, in some ways it reminds me of certin regions of Middle Earth (from Lord of the Rings), and Skyrim except with more water. The pictures are great, especially when listening to your soundtrack playlist.

    1. Oh gosh, I haven’t even tried listening to my playlist while looking at the pictures… although I suppose I was when I found them, so in a way I have. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts, James.


  3. Epic! I love the burning castle pic, in all its awesomeness. I can’t wait to read this. It sounds awesome, and I’m sure that it will be, considering how much it looks as though you’re putting into it.

    Best wishes, and good luck!


    1. Oh thank you so much!!!! I am putting way more into this story than I ever have with any story before; if I ever need a test reader, I’ll be sure to keep you on the list!!!


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