Day 3 of Writing Challenge / Soundtrack

Day 3 of the writing challenge is to share a soundtrack of music that has helped the inspiration of my novel. So, who here likes Celtic tunes, haunting melodies, and sweeping epics? If you do, check out the music which I’ve labeled as my book’s official soundtrack (do so by either clicking the picture or the link below.) There are also several tracks of music that capture several of the emotions of my main character Penny.  Oh, and, of course, my book’s main theme, which is entitled Stay and is sung by the beautiful British teen singer, Cher Lloyd, who’s emotion helped make the song an epic.

There’s something really amazing about music. It’s emotion in sound waves. It can capture feelings which can often be inexpressible on paper or in words. “Sweet Dreams” sums up painful emotion that I myself have felt and “Magic of Love” brings the scene of Penny and Will’s utter astonishment and wonder to life as they get off the ground and look at the forest in which they’ve been transported too, too stunned to do anything but turn in wonder.

I can’t help but love it!

Here I’ve simply listed the soundtrack in case you simply want to take a quick peek. First half is my titles, the second part is the songs’ real names and who they’re by.

Track 1: Magic/Lady in the Water soundtrack by James Newton Howard

Track 2: Forever Fairy’s Theme Song/”Stay” sung by Cher Lloyd

Track 3: Penny’s Theme “Save Me”/”Saviour” by Lights

Track 4: Awaking in Arrahiem/”Magic of Love” by Two Steps Towards Hell

Track 5: The Fairies/Beautiful Memories

Track 6: Will’s Last Charge/”Ocean Princess” by Thomas Bergersen

Track 7: The Dragons/”For the King” by Adrian von Ziegler

Track 8: Inward Struggles/”Sweet Dreams” by Emily Browning

Track 9: Arrahiem’s Forest/”Ynis Avalach” by Faun

Track 10: Captured/”Legend” by Adrian von Ziegler

Track 11: Discovering the Book/”Becoming Spider-Man” by James Horner

Here’s the link to playlist–click here.

So, what do you think? Do I have a decent soundtrack here? Does any of it sound a little bit like fantasy and forests, pain and magic?


4 thoughts on “Day 3 of Writing Challenge / Soundtrack

  1. Excellent soundtrack you have heard Jamie! 😀 It really does have that whimsical feel to the soundtrack. Love the Celtic tunes, thanks for all of the awesome tracks to listen to. 🙂 ”Legend” by Adrian von Ziegler is great, I liked that one in the Skyrim game.


    1. Oh thank you, I’m glad you like! I love Legend; I actually love a lot of Adrian von Ziegler’s work; I even listen to some of his gothic tunes. 😀 😀


  2. I love the soundtrack, Jamie! Like, a lot 😀 I think my favorite’s were first and second songs. This is getting me more excited than ever about your story! 😀

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