“Dresses like a spider, he looks like a bug, we should all just give him one big hug… “

I know, that’s an obnoxiously long title but I couldn’t resist. So, I’ve seen the Tobey Maguire Spider-Man trilogy. And I actually enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would. I’ll be doing my comparisons of Maguire and Garfield in a different post, today I just want do short recaps of my thoughts on the different movies. *can’t promise a spoiler free post*

(I’m not going to explain the story’s plots, if you really want to know that, google it or go watch the movies. Wikipedia is better summing up a movie than I am. lol)

Tobey Maguire played a interesting Peter Park/Spider-Man; I actually liked this Peter quite a bit. He was better than a lot of people made him out to be. I got annoyed during the first movie about his extreme obsession over MJ but oh well. His character had some good growth in the first movie but there was almost none in the second movie. I enjoyed seeing him struggle in Spider-Man 3 for a change and do some more growing. Over all, I liked this version of Peter.

Mary Jane Watkins; she was alright. I think I liked her best in the first movie because she seemed less distracted. She and Peter, once they got into a relationship, were exasperating to say the least. Even after she learned that he was Spider-Man, they were constantly fighting, constantly changing their minds; the definition of frustrating. Since her character was mostly there to be Peter’s love interest, we didn’t see her that much outside of the relationship. She was okay, though.

The other character I want to talk about is Peter’s best friend, Harry, who gets his own little story thread throughout the three films. I liked Harry in the first film, even when he started dating MJ. I was sad to see him grow bitter by the end. His whole “Spider-Man will pay” thing throughout Spider-Man 2 was really just annoying. His decent into villainy in Spider-Man 3, the memory loss and than ultimate redemption actually made me really happy to see at least one character go through some good character development. My opinion on Harry changed back and forth throughout the movies, but my final opinion is positive. I really like Harry. 🙂

A favorite character? Who doesn’t love the newspaper editor. I loved every single scene he was in because he was such a character. “Get your pretty little portfolio off my desk before I go into a diabetic coma!” Anyway, I had to mention him. Moving on.

Which movie is my favorite? Well, I liked all three pretty equally. I really liked Spider-Man but I watched it too many times so I’m already tired of it. Spider-Man 2 was all-around pretty awesome but the extremely annoying relationship problems keeps it from standing out above the others for me.

Spider-Man 3 really surprised me, actually. It might have been because the characters were finally growing and changing or because it was just plain awesome, but I really enjoyed this one and I’m surprised it’s as underrated as it is. Granted, there was a lot of stuff going on. But I enjoyed it. MJ and her frustrating relationship problems were still there, but Peter and Harry’s relationship changed and things from the first movie were explained. So, I might go so far as to say Spider-Man 3 is my favorite out of them all.

The villains were… interesting.

Dr. Ock was probably my favorite because he seemed legit. All the different villains in Spider-Man 3 were interesting (the Sand Man was really fascinating.) Even Peter himself, when contaminated by that black stuff, was almost villainous as he got an attitude (that part was mostly for laughs, though). The Green Goblin was a bit much for me though. Simply because it was so bad. The costume was ridiculous (hey, right out of a comic book, I suppose!) and everything about that character was just… it was just hard to take the Goblin seriously. But I digress.

 And, of course, some timeless wisdom is shared throughout the films, too. There are always choices before us and the choices we make will not only effect us but everyone around us. With great power comes great responsibility, and responsibility takes maturity. Sometimes we think we’re ready for certain things but often times we’re not. We need to know when to say no or when to wait. Heroes are the people who forget themselves to serve others. And even if your job is being the rescuer, Spider-Man, you must be willing to understand and place your girl before yourself, even if it means not saving the bank that night. Revenge is never an option. And even if you’ve made some bad choices, you can always start making some good ones.

I could go on, but it just might be easier if y’all watched the movies instead. 😀

Overall, I really enjoyed the Spider-Man trilogy. I think they’re great movies all in their own, even if they could be annoying at points. There was some super amazing fight scenes, plenty of different and colorful characters, an amazing score, and of course, the human spider.

Who can’t help but love him?


8 thoughts on ““Dresses like a spider, he looks like a bug, we should all just give him one big hug… “

  1. Glad you watched the trilogy and enjyoed it. 🙂
    Warning: The following might become a rant. 😛
    First I just want to say that the first Spider-Man really influenced me more any movie except Star Wars and Lord of the Rings when I was a kid watching it in the theater. If I had never watched it, I probably would have not started an interest in comic books and probably never would have started my blog and I have seen the first one at least 20 times or more and the Spidy 2 around 15 times over the last 10 years. 😀

    The only thing I disagree about is the character development in Spider-Man 2, actually I thought it did a great job with the characters, but I do not really disagree with much else. 🙂

    Also glad you liked J. Jonah Jameson, He was perfectly cast. He was the main thing left out from The Amazing Spider-Man from the comics but it probably would not have fit in that movie.

    I agree, Spider-Man 3 is underrated, although I was still disappointed with it. The dancing scene in the night really bothered me and Venom was handled poorly but Sandman was great and so was the action.

    About Gobiln’s costume, it was nothing like the comics, it was so much better.

    I love the music from the movies! One of my all-time favorites, I have listened to it so many times.

    Awesome title by the way. 😉

    Now you have seen just about every great comic book movie except a few of the X-Men movies.


    1. YAY, a rant from James. Thanks for helping me along in my comic book movie journey, bro, you were the one who made me want to see these movies in the first place!

      I think it’s amazing how Spider-Man has impacted so many people and I think it’s a super great thing. The movies uphold so many good things with some great lessons to be learned. I’m glad it impacted your life in a good way!!

      That’s interesting; I might need to watch SM 2 again since I only saw it once, but I personally didn’t think it took them much farther than where they all were.

      J Jonah Jameson was one of the best parts of the entire thing! I don’t think he wouldn’t have fit in the Amazing Spider-Man either, and it would have been hard to see another actor play him anyway.

      Peter being bad as a whole was kinda just a *wow, scary* even though it was funny.

      Wow, I can’t imagine it any worse than that! Goodness.

      Thanks about the title; I liked that part in Spider-Man. 😛

      Yep… If I can now see X-Men!!!! Thanks for your long comment!!!!


  2. Wow, I am glad that I have influenced you to watch them! 😀

    What I meant about Goblin’s costume is that the comic book was a lot better, definitely not the movie. LOL

    Can’t wait for your comparisons of the movies!


    1. Yep! 😀 You’re like my movie buddy because you know all the good movies to watch. 😀

      Oh, I get you now. That’s too bad it came out the way it did. The only good thing I can say about it is that it does help give the whole story a ‘comic book movie’ feel. Lol.

      Me neither. It might take me a little longer to write it though; I have a lot that I want to compare but I want to do it without tearing down the old ones or Maguire. 🙂


  3. Haven’t watched Spider Man…need too…now! I don’t know if I’m going to watch the old trilogy, or watch the new movie…or both. I’ve heard some weird things about the old one…maybe I’ll just watch it, and then became a huge fan. Ha! You never know.

    1. Give them all a try, it’s worth the time to watch. New and old are both good and I like them. 😀 It’s hard not to like Peter/Spider-Man once you’ve seen the movie. 😀


  4. Hmm, I’ll have to watch these sometime! What are they rated?

    I’m rrreally interested in watching the Spiderman movies because I like the guy who plays Haryy. Ahem… moving on…

    So which did you like better? The original trilogy or the new movie?

    1. They’re all PG-13, if I’m remembering correctly, for stylized action violence (nothing gory).

      LOL Yeaaaaah, I think I know whatcha’ mean! 😛

      I’m rather undecided as of now, but hopefully I’ll have the answer to that in my comparison post. 🙂


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