I Wanna….

Slide all the way down a huge pile of money like The Joker.

Stop some criminals with a bag of flour like Agent Coulson.

Have a day of hysterics and have it turn out alright like Lucy Ricardo.

Travel the Bifrost with Thor and Loki to visit Asgard.

Drive a galloping four horse chariot like Ben-Hur.

Experience Inception and meet all my internet friends there.

Use an Iron Man suit with Tony Stark.

Run singing across the mountains like Maria.

Climb the sky scrapers like Spider-Man.

Own a vehicle that is actually a Transformer.


Solve a murder case with Sherlock Holmes and Poirot: all three of us together–oh and Dylan can come with us too. So, all four of us. Yes.

… Okay, I’m done now.



11 thoughts on “I Wanna….

  1. LOL awesome I always wanted to run across the mountains like Maria too, ever since I was a kid watching sound of music 😛 Actually, I’m still a kid. and I don’t ever wanna change that 🙂

  2. Agent Coulson is the most underrated Avenger, he could save the world with only a bad of flour. 😀
    I kind of had Inception when I meet you and Kayla in my dream. LOL So have you actually seen the Transformers movie yet? If so did you like it?
    I need to make a movie bucket list like this sometime.


    1. Agent Coulson could totally save the world by himself with only bags of flour, he’s amazing!

      Yes, we saw the first Transformers movie and I want to see the second and third, too. I liked it a lot, actually, more than I thought I would. It was pretty hilarious throughout, the end battle was amazing and I really liked Sam. 🙂

      Yes, do so sometime, I’d love to see your choices!


  3. Yeah, I totally wanna slide down a pile of money too. Like… A lot…

    I’ve skipped down the road singing with some friends… That’s as close as I’ve come to Maria Von Trapp, but I plan on running across mountains singing, too 😀

    And the “I Love Lucy” one? Yep. I wanna have a day like her’s and have everything turn out alright. lol. Can’t go wrong with Lucy!

    1. Especially if it was all our own money! 😉

      Me too, I need to find a mountain covered in green grass first…

      Now I need to go watch one of her shows; they’re the best!


  4. LOL! Oh awesome! Yeah those are all awesome things!

    Um, can I ask why you keep spell flour like, ‘floor’. Probably just cause you’re sleepy 😉 but you’ve done it twice now. XDDDDDD That is a awesome flour gif.

    INCEPTION!!! I think I’ve experienced Inception, cause I’ve gone at least two or three levels.

    You, Dylan, Sherlock and Poirot can chase Moriarty around London a few years, and meanwhile Derek and I will be devowering pop tarts in mass consumtion, whilst we play video games and complain to each other about X-BOX. LOL! Whoa… what did I just say. 😛 XD

    LOL! Oh, can I do a post like this?

    1. Oh, thank you for telling me how embarrassing.

      We need to watch Inception again, let’s borrow it from the library!

      This sounds frighteningly accurate, lol! That is exactly what you and Daryck would do!

      Yes, you may do a post like this.


  5. Great list! I know I’d love to solve a case with Sherlock Holmes and experience Inception. what about both at the same time??
    Now I’m thinking of how many of these you could do together, and that’s too cool 😛

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