Being Me// Curly Hair

I have naturally curly hair. And I hear this a lot: “You’re hair is so pretty!” “You’re hair is so… curly!” and “I wish I had your hair!”

I smile, feel pleased and say “thank you” but without telling them, “DO YOU KNOW HOW AGGRAVATING IT IS TO TAKE CARE OF THIS MANE? DO YOU?!”


Yes, I know many people pay buckets of money to achieve the same effect that I was naturally born with. Yes, it is very pretty. Yes, I am glad I have it, God didn’t make a mistake giving me this hair.

But I’m about to expose the horrors of daily living, handling and working with curly hair to shed some light to all those people seem to think it’s only a dream to have naturally curly hair. To all of you who’ve wanted curly hair, I’m about to give you a inside look of what really happens when you have curly hair.

Lemme tell you; I got more cons than pros for this round of Being Me.


  • You don’t have to mess with any curling rolls, curling irons, ect. With the hair I have, I’ve never had to work with any of those because….it’s already right there, dangling out of my head.
  • One of the first things people say when they meet me is compliment hair. So. Compliments. Yay. Who hates them?


  • Curly hair also means thick hair, thicker when it’s dry. Curly thick hair makes smooth, pretty braids just about impossible. I’ve always liked braids and I’ve always wanted to braid my hair in different styles, but with curly thick hair, it all simply looks like… ropes. Waaah.
  • I can’t just hop out of bed, run a brush through my hair to look sharp in the morning. If I did that, I’d have a huge, fizzy mess. I can only brush through my hair after showers. I wish I could brush through my hair in the morning and look better in minutes but, alas. Out of the question. I can spritz my the top of my head down to comb down the loose hair but that’s about it.
  • To brush through my hair after showers, I have to shampoo and condition it to death. It’s takes about two handfuls of shampoo and than about two to three handfuls of condition to get through all my hair, and to make it manageable enough t0 de-tangle. Yes, I go through so much condition; I have to buy two bottles of condition to one bottle of shampoo. No short jump-in jump-out showers here.
  • Triple the amount of knots that can be made because of how my hair curls into its self. The time it takes to comb those out after showering; some days it’s okay but depending on humidity and other elements, it can take some extra time. Oh. The process of combing sends long stray hairs everywhere. The counter is covered in hairs, they criss-cross on my arms and it’s hard to dust myself 0ff afterwards.

Yes, I do like my hair even with it’s difficulties. It’s kinda like what a friend once said, it’s both a blessing and a curse. I’m grateful for it because I know so many people want hair like mine. And at the same time, it’s a bother and I don’t like people thinking it doesn’t have it’s difficulties. We were all given our hair and if you have straight locks, don’t feel terrible about it. There are some of us out there who are envious of it. 🙂


(apologies for any mistakes in this post and for the lack of pictures. I’ve had a hard time composing this post and I finally decided to just post it as it was.)


10 thoughts on “Being Me// Curly Hair

  1. This post made me smile. My best friend has VERY curly hair (it looks a lot like yours), and she said it’s a nightmare. I’ve always wanted naturally wavy hair, personally. But, my hair is straight/flippy. It’s okay, I guess 😀 lol

  2. It’s cool to have curly air, though I love my straight hair. I don’t have time to take care 😛 I have short straight and smoot hair and I keep a long padawan braid tucked behind my ear 😀 Most people think it’s a waste to keep my hair short, but I like it practical.
    PS- I’m not getting your posts trough my email. Do you have any ideas why? :/

    1. I could probably trim my hair down a bit but I like it long. Short hair looks good on many people though; I like how you have a Jedi braid too.

      No, I wouldn’t, that’s odd. Maybe try re-subscribing?? 🙂 Sorry for the inconvenience.


  3. Well gawsh, my cousIn Ray has hair like yours and she gets the same thing all the time! Sometimes I just like to watch her struggle with her ‘mane’. It’s quite entertaining. Mostly. My hair seems like a breeze compared to yours… But yours is still sooooo pretty!!

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