An Avenger Post

I’ve come across some of the cutest Avenger fan art recently and it’s some of the best out there. Take this pic here, Thor is recharging the teams I-pads with his hammer and Loki is checking someone’s out behind him.

So cute!

LOL. I love group shots of them all, you can see everyone’s facial expressions in regard to each other. Look at Steve frowning at Tony! HA!


Rolling on floor laughing. Look at their cheeks bulging with food.

This is so cute. Literally so cute. Look at Phil Coulson, the little fanboy with his Captain America doll, he left his spot to come sleep next to his hero! SO CUTE. sldkfjklsjflksjk. Lol, I just noticed Thor! 😛

Here’s another of fanboy Coulson happily staring at his hero still frozen.

And I love seeing all the Hulk/Bruce and Iron Man/ Tony art. The two Science Bros. I really the friendship these two have.

Sassy pants. Everybody’s has their sassy pants on in the Avengers. 😛

I just needed an Avenger post today. Oh, if you haven’t seen this film yet, than go see it! It’s incredible! I really want to see again already!


Credit goes to the artists who created the art above, well done, guys! 🙂


6 thoughts on “An Avenger Post

  1. Awesome post. I lreally ove the ‘Why we love the Avenger ones’! But like I said to you, I die looking at the confetti one!!! XD Glad you posted again! Especially Vengers!

  2. The one with Coulson looking at Cap is funny, a fanboy to the end. 🙂
    The “Why We Love The Avengers” pictures are really cool. Can’t wait to see it again too, I’ve already pre-ordered the Blu-Ray/DVD. 😀


  3. Yeah, those are awesome. All of them are right on. And it’s hilarious ’cause the group hug resembles 2D disney films. It’s so weird.

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