Back from the Abyss

one of my birthday presents: a Captain America ‘hero and hearts’ wallet!

Well, I kinda took a two week break there, didn’t I? It was an unannounced break which I didn’t mean to take but it was actually nice to have a short break. And I’ve had a good couple weeks.

I had a wonderful birthday; I got my 38 special revolver (YES, EIGHTEEN YEAR OLD CAN OPEN CARRY WEAPONS IN ARIZONA! ), books (my own copy of Dracula, YAY), some action figures, a Hawkeye slap bracelet and other random stuffs. Mom and I watched The Help that morning together, I got a call from two family friends wishing me happy birthday; I spent the afternoon on my laptop creating a visual world for a fantasy story which has been, without my consent, building up in my head. We had Panda Express for dinner and watched The Mysterious Affair at Styles e later I got Mom and Dad to watch Monsters Inc with me. THREE MOVIES IN ONE DAY! UNHEARD OF! 😛 It was a great day of relaxation and unwinding.

my favorite book, right here people.

I also got to go on a spending spree with my birthday money; I RARELY get to go to the mall, but Mom took me to a double decked one at the other side of town last Saturday and I got to go into any shop that interested me. It was my first time visiting Forever Twenty One, people. Yep. I went nuts at the Disney store; they had a corner full of Avenger and Spider-Man stuff. There were so many stuffed animals there, too; I could have died. I ended up buying a Donald Duck shirt for myself and an Avengers shirt for Kayla. I bought a very cute hat at a shop called Icing (I tried to take some selfie shots of myself wearing it but they came out miserably so you’ll have to wait to see what it looks like.)

Internet shopping is always fun too: I ordered a Joker shirt, a laptop skin decal and keyboard stickers off of Amazon as well. The stickers are the only ones to have gotten here; they ARE SO CUTE. It makes my keyboard look so colorful and cheerful. 😛 I took pictures, but they’re not coming up right on here. Wahhh.

It’s late right now. So randomness will start flying all over. Prepare to duck.

It’s the end of July and August has just started… meaning for me, summer is beginning to end. I remembered I’d written a short summer bucket list a while ago; let’s see what I’ve completed.

*Lite ten fireworks off on Fourth of July

*Finish the Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes with Dylan

Complete and post the Avengers 40 Question Challenge with James (waiting on Kayla to work with the graphic)

Ride my bike more (ouch, haven’t done this very much)

*Dress in identical clothes with Kayla for the day

*Come up with a fresh novel idea for this year’s NaNoWriMo

*See The Amazing Spider Man with Kayla in theaters

Read Lord of the Rings (I did get the books for my birthday!)


*Think of some special way to celebrate my eighteenth birthday.

So, I actually did pretty good! Speaking of summer beginning to close, don’t you find it hilarious when you see different people complain about the recent season their in and long for another one? I always get a kick out of visiting different blogs and seeing, “Oh it’s so hot I want it to be winter soon with snow here I’ll post ten Christmas pictures now” and we get to the Christmas season and I’ll read, “I’m getting tired of this sludge I want to walk through grass feeling the summer breeze now I’ll post eight pictures of prairie grass and the beach”. It’s kinda on my not-really-but-sort-of list of pet peeves.

I don’t know why I just talked about that…. lol.

 Okay, so I mentioned up there that a fantasy story has been building in my head without my consent? Well, there’s nothing I can really do about but work with it. The picture above best describes my thoughts right now; fairies and books. And yes, this is the fresh idea I’m going to use for this years NaNoWriMo!

I’ll try to summarize my idea of the story and I apologize ahead of time for it not being the most thought through. Basically the short of it is (you’ll probably recognize where some of the inspiration came from, lol) two young people, boy and girl, get sucked into separate fictional world inside a novel and find that they’ve unsuspectingly been given the chance to experience the book’s adventure first hand inside a fantasy world with fantasy creatures. The problem is that being in different world is breaking down their bodies and they quickly decide that they’re not going to dilly-dally with the story, or the characters, or the plot but only find a way to get back to their world where they can exist without having their bodies slowly destroyed by the world’s atmosphere. However, the girl is kidnapped along with several other of their novel’s characters, and the boy of course can’t go home without her, so he joins their novel’s characters to rescue the girl and make sure the book has a happy ending before they return to reality. And yes, as they discovered, their own presence can completely alter how the book will end.

I’ve been using butterflies as part of my inspiration for the fairies

And yes, somehow, I will get fairies to have something to do with the story.

This is all still up in the air and I’m still `having plot inspirations. But Scrivener has been an absolute life saver for the novel planning; I’ve been saving all my inspiration pictures in there and writing down my plot ideas and so forth.

I’m glad I have new story idea growing, actually. The other story idea I have is so much more complicated that I don’t think would have worked for NaNoWriMo. This new one  here is taking leaps and bounds in all sorts of directions and I’ve not felt such creative for a fictional work for quite some time. So, this is really quite exciting for me!

Just had to share about it.


Soooo, Kayla and I watched Batman Begins again and I thought I’d give some thoughts on the main characters. Oh, and if you haven’t seen Batman Begins or The Dark Knight, I highly suggest you check them out, especially if you’re an action/superhero fan. It’s not Marvel but they’re still pretty good movies.

I really do like Batman Begins quite a bit. I don’t care so much for the beginning half but all the scenes that take place in Gotham are great. I do think it’s an underrated film which I think is kinda sad. I actually think I would enjoy it more than The Dark Knight except that The Joker took the cake in that one. If it wasn’t for the Joker, I probably would like Batman Begins way more than The Dark Knight. As of now, I like The Dark Knight just a little more for The Joker’s sake but Batman Begins is just under it.

*there may be spoilers lurking below*

Bruce Wayne: I like his character development throughout Batman Begins (he wasn’t anything special in The Dark Knight because his character development basically didn’t continue in that one and I didn’t enjoy him that much.) Bruce’s whole story of being orphaned, wanting revenge, living with criminal, learning different fighting forms and then ultimately creating his alter ego Batman is pretty cool to me. Trying to live two lives makes for an interesting aspect in a film. The fact that he battles with obvious human feelings like a fear of bats makes him more human and real. Overall, I like Bruce and Batman makes for a pretty interesting ‘superhero’.

Rachel Dawes: I personally preferred Katie Holmes’ acting for her over the actress in The Dark Knight (the other actress had cute features but I didn’t care for Rachel’s character progression in The Dark Knight either. She was basically brought down to marriage bait for the plot and she took her pretty time picking between Bruce and Harvey (and kissing both.)) In Batman Begins, we see her history with Bruce is, how she’s a smart District Attorney and one known to have strong principles that can’t be bought off. While Rachel didn’t stand out in any special way apart from other female characters in movies, I did like her and appreciate her strong stand in her principles. (Oh, I like how she has and uses a taser. lol)

Alfred: I LOVED THIS CHARACTER SO MUCH! Oh my goodness, Alfred Pennyworth, Bruce’s butler, is such a refreshing, wholesome character. Noble, dignified, witty, loyal, and tender yet firm. He’s one of the delightful characters that just make you smile. He’s easily one of my most favorite characters from the Batman movies. I couldn’t say more because it would turn into “alksjdkaljdklsjaksdjfkaslj” really quickly….

Ra’s al Ghul: Okay, so, I’m all oooh, Liam Neeson, cool, okay. However, as we got to know the character a bit, he really started to annoy me. He asked Bruce to do things that weren’t right and that wasn’t great considering he seemed to be a good guy. And while I think he was supposed to be a mysterious character, he ended up being too mysterious for me. And than SPOILERS he turned out to be the bad, bad guy in the end. Wahhh. END OF SPOILERS. So, he was an okay character. Liam Neeson was good though.

 Gordan: He was one of the uncorrupted, dependable police men in Gotham and I liked him. I connected well with him good which helped with certain events that happened in The Dark Knight. I liked how he just rolled with the flow when Batman kept showing up. He just quickly learned to adapt to him and that was nice to see. It took me a while to realize the reason Batman/Bruce went to Gordan was because he was an officer who comforted him after his parents had been murdered. Anybody else say, “Awwwww, no wonder”? So, in that way they have a connection. I also loved seeing him interact with the Tumbler.

Dr Crane/ Scarecrow: Okay, I had a bad case of, “He’s familiar, have I seen him somewhere else???” During the movie and it wasn’t till afterwards that Kayla solved the problem by saying, “That was Fischer from Inception!!!” Anyway, Dr. Crane was a great characters. He was with the good guys a lot and functioned easily around them even though he was one of the corrupted people. His mask for Scarecrow coupled with his fear gas was a great aspect in the film for me because it seemed quite original. (speaking of which, the special effects for all the fear gas scenes were very cool and a little scary!) I thought Crane was a decent bad guy and  his character worked well with the film’s whole plot.

All in all, I enjoyed the cast of characters a lot, more so especially in Batman Begins than in The Dark Knight. But, yes, I would recommend both for a mature audience.

I’m not going to talk about The Dark Knight, at least not in this post. I have a post about villains in the works where I’ll exploit The Joker a bit, but that’s it on Batman for now.

So… I’ve been eighteen for almost two weeks. People keep asking me, “How does it feel to be eighteen” and I think they half expect me to go with the old joke of, “not much different from seventeen”. *sarcastic lololololol* And while it doesn’t feel obviously different,  it’s still a great feeling to hit a big age. It just feels bigger than other birthdays. Dylan turned eighteen early in the year, so I got some understanding; he and his mom dropped by the other day for something really fast and somehow the age came up. He simply stated, “Isn’t it great to be eighteen?!” And I nodded and said, “Yep!” So how does it feel to be eighteen? The answer is, “It feels good.”

Anyway. I guess I had to quickly rant about that. lol. So. End of that story.

And now I’m posting this just to see if anyone will actually do it! LOL, I mean, why not?

I have some posts I need to finish; I have another “Being Me” edition on the trials of having naturally curly hair, my plans for later this year and then that villains post. So, you can watch for those in the near future.

I’ll let you know next time I plan to have another two week break, by the way. 😀



19 thoughts on “Back from the Abyss

  1. Your back! 😀 I’ve really missed your blog.
    You got a 38 special! That really cool. 😀
    I like your idea for your book, it sounds original and classic fantasy at the some time. 🙂
    I liked your thoughts on Batman Begins, I agree I liked Katie Holmes better than Maggie Gyllenhaal as Rachal. I think you will like The Dark Knight Rises since it is more about Bruce than the other movies. Also it has more pure awesomeness than the other ones. 🙂 I think you should considering watching Batman: Mask of the Phantasm and some of the Batman: The Animated Series sometime.


    1. Thanks James, I’m glad to be back! 🙂 Oh, thank you for the encouragement on my book plan, that helps a lot. I’m so glad to hear that about The Dark Knight Rises, I think I will enjoy it if it has more Bruce. 😀 Batman is cool but he’s only cool because we know about the man behind the mask. I will have to look into Mask of the Phanstasm and I’ve heard so much about The Animated Series that I will have to give it a try too. 😀


    Oooooh! I like that number thingy at the bottom! So do we, in the comments tell you a number? Or how does that work?

      1. Number 8 for Tabby. Video Games.

        I actually don’t play a lot of video games, but I’ve enjoyed different computer games like The Lost Mind of Dr Brain, Motorcross Madness, a Lego Star Wars game who’s name I can’t remember, Bejeweled and Zuma. 😀



    Oh yes, the discontentment of seasons, which I suffer from. Actually though, if I’m waiting for winter time, I’m never too happy for it to come around. But I know what you mean.

    Okay, fairies? Hmmm, this will be in-ter-esting.

    Great batman thoughts!!! I guess I agree with you about Rachel, the Katie Holmes version is my favorite in character too, though I kinda think the other one is prettier.

    Why the HECK did you post that daytime/nightime gif thing with the stupid little wierd thing from the stupid little wierd movie????? AHHHHHHHH!!!

    Hmmph. Lucky eighteen year olds. We minors are right behind you though…. >:)

    I LOVE that top fives thing!!! I wanna do that too! LOL! Um, I’m giving you #21!! Though, I wouldn’t mind also seeing your answers to #6, #18 and #16. :DDD

    1. LOL, you suffer from the want-the-opposite-season syndrome? I didn’t know that; at least you don’t complain about it on your blog. Thanks. 😛

      The other actress is prettier but not better, so I’m glad you agree.

      I POSTED THAT BECAUSE IT’S ACCURATE! “dadadadadaddada circus dadadadadadadad afro circus afro circus polka dot, polka dot, polka dot!” 😛

      Okay, your answers to your numbers:

      21. Talents I’d Like To Have: Mmmm singing, to be able to talk easily with people, REAL musical talent, and… I can’t think of two more to make five. lol

      6. Things a Room Needs: well, it depends what room we’re talking about. Let’s go with a bedroom. A four post bed, a roll top desk, a wardrobe, a big soft fluffy rug for the floor and maybe a book case. 😀

      18. Fears: loosing friends, moving, losing security, wasps and I get stage fright very bad. 🙂


      16. Things I’d Like to Be: a published author, voice actress, a wife, mother and good sister.


    2. Well, maybe I don’t suffer from it extremely, but I SO HATE SUMMER!! D: I hate sweating. 😛


      LOL! MEAN! THAT’S JUST PLAIN MEAN! or maybe cruel is the accurate word…. 😉 I HATE THAT! XDDD

      Oh yes, I wish I could sing like Taylor Swift. XD
      XD Thanks for answering em all. You’re a pretty good sister. 😉

  4. Ooohh long post!! They’re my favorites! I’m a little scared of turning eighteen–being a legal adult is little creepy to me, for some reason. I guess I can’t stay sixteen forever, though :p

    And guess what?! I finally watched Captain America. After I watched it I was like, “asdfjlaskfjlaskjflkasjd;flkj!!!!!!” I’m totally in love with Steve Rogers, now. He’s pretty much got all the qualities that I love in guys. He’s so sacrificial… Gah, I love him! lol

    Oh and my number for you is 3.

    1. 😀 Growing up all together is a scary process but I’m glad I have parents who are here for me and are putting me out on my own. :p

      You saw it!!!!!!! ISN’T IT LIKE THE BEST MOVIE EVER?!!! And Steve is AMAZING and I love him to death. I wish there were more men like him, in movies and real life!!!!!!

      3. Foods: I LOVE FOOD SO MUCH; okay, hamburgers, pizza, wings, Caesar salad, ice cream and toffee!!! Thanks for leaving me a number. 😀 😀


  5. I’ve missed you! 🙂 Sorry I didn’t do a post for your birthday, I was really busy too. I love your pictures! And a nice long post to keep me occupied 🙂 School is about to start in a few days for me so I’m trying to enjoy my last moments of summer before I have to kiss it good bye for a year

    1. Awww, thanks!!! I hope you have a good last few days before school!!! Since I’m homeschooled, I’ve been doing school on and off all summer already. 😦 But hopefully it will all payoff and I’ll get to be DONE in October! 😀


  6. Hi, Jamie!!! Sorry it’s taken me a little while to comment…got carried away writing yesterday 🙂

    Your birthday sounds…heavenly. And when I draw out that “heavenly” my mind is focused on THAT REVOLVER AND THE FACT THAT EIGHTEEN YEAR OLDS CAN OPEN CARRY WEAPONS IN ARIZONA!! That is–oh–supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! Because I don’t know what else to say about it. It’s just too amazing. (*LouPat looks at Jamie admiringly*) Awesome.

    OK, my numbers are 7 and 10 😀

    1. Yay a comment from Maribeth!!!!!!

      YES! We still got some FREEDOM here!!!!!! Lol, don’t know how long it will last but I’d like to exercise some rights while I still have ’em! 🙂

      7. OTP’s! YES! Okay; five of my true pairings is Hawkeye and Black Widow (I ship them and the actual actors so hard), Han and Leia, Steve and Peggy (NOT Steve and Tony *throws up*), Tony and Pepper, and Bruce and Rachel. 🙂

      10. Things I couldn’t live without. When it says things I’m going to take it to mean actual objects, so here goes. My Bible, my laptop, my MP3 player, my teddy bear (lol) and my books. 😀 And other things too. 😛


  7. I think you have fallen back into the abyss. *tries to pull Jamie out* Wontcha do another post sometime? XD

  8. LOVE the Batman review. Very in-depth and interesting enough to want to keep reading it. I can’t remember now how I found your page other than I really liked your bio, but I hope you might have time to visit my movie rating or photography blog. ;D

    I would love to maybe have you be a guest rater on my page sometime!


    1. Hi, I found your other comment in my spam folder, not sure how it got there but I was able to save it. 😀

      Thank you for your comment(s), it makes me happy to hear people actually like my writing. I’m also honored that you would like me guest post on your own blog, I’m quite flattered. I will certainly check out your blog! 😀


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