I’m feeling the need to *talk*

Wow, it’s been awhile since I rambled to you guys (or, rather, to my white computer screen in which you all live in. lol.) I feel the need to just talk, though, so, if you’re expecting something orderly and cohesive…. well, just don’t.

Anyway. Moving on.

I’ve been busy–July is always so busy for us; I’ve not had time to respond to emails or even the past few comments or leave comments on anyone’s blogs (I am reading them, guys, I promise!) Between stressing out over family stuff, keeping up with Princess and kittens, babysitting Nathan twenty four seven, and sighing over my cardboard box of school books…… well, yeah, my mind and emotions have been on a roller coaster.

Long sentence there. Wow.

Yeah, I’ve been busy.

Oh, and the home school convention is this Friday and Saturday. This is, like, one of the biggest events on my family’s calender. So, yay!

This past Sunday, Kayla and I attended our first official sleepover with the five girls from our church. We had to pick up Lauren, so we threw a surprise for her by having her mom fake that the whole thing was cancelled and hiding in the Basha’s restroom and jumping out at her (there is a whole other story about that, and it was a lot more fun than I just made it sound, but moving on.)

After arriving at the one family’s house, we put on our pajamas and covered the coffee table with candy and chips and watched Seven Brides for Seven Brothers together in the living room. That took us till midnight and than we watched Tangled. That took us to two thirty, at which we hauled ourselves up to bed and fell asleep in the girls’ bedroom and the guest room. Seven in the morning found me, Kayla and Lauren awake, so we chatted for, like, an hour about little siblings and dental experiences while everyone else slept in. We all had breakfast at about nine and we didn’t get home till about ten in the morning.

I went to bed super early at eight that evening and slept till nine in the morning.

I’m still not completely recovered.

I’m sad to say that Dylan and I have nearly finished The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes; we only have the Final Problem—which, has a huge plot twist at the end, as y’all Sherlock fans know (and I honestly don’t think he knows just exactly what he’s going to get smacked in the face with yet from this story.) I’ve been reading all I can bout Holmes’ death, how it turned into a ‘faked’ death, and all the extra stuff to explain to him. I personally cannot wait till we can discuss it together.

Speaking of Sherlock Holmes, last week I was surprised by how excited I got by The Greek Interpreter. I hadn’t read that one and it had me so interested. I’d known about Holmes having a brother but it was a delight to finally meet Mycroft and then see him and Holmes rub shoulders throughout the story. It was also quite action packed by end, and I enjoyed the way the story was told. It’s now one of my new favorites.

I don’t know what we’re going to do once we’re completely done. Will we, like, sink into a book relapse or depression or something? Geez, that wouldn’t be fun. I like talking about books.

Guess what. This is the song I listen to if I have monotonous work needing to be done; like ironing or preparing chicken or washing dishes. I play the track from Iron Man 2 called Nick Fury on repeat and I get my stuff done. Just like that.

I’m having a ‘identity crisis’ with Nick, too. My siblings and I haven’t actually gone around calling each other Avenger names (when we do, Nathan is Cap, Kayla is Thor, and I’m Iron Man). What we actually stick with is SHIELD. Kayla loves Maria Hill and since Maria Hill is Nick Fury’s right hand, guess who I get called. Yeah, I’m Director Fury (and we call Nathan Coulson, which he does not like: “NO! I’m Captain America!”) So, now I think I’m Nick Fury. Which is okay, because he was actually pretty cool in The Avengers.

So, go figure.


My birthday is about six days away. *faints*


Drastic topic change here, but I have to squeal for a minute now; first off, a huge THANK YOU  to Emily for being the first (and only) person to bring my attention to the writer’s friend, Scrivener! It’s a wonderful program for writing your stories in and…. “aklsdjfkalsdjfkasldjfakldsfj” is the best way to describe it. I downloaded the tryout version, read some of the tutorial and after a couple days realized, “I need this. Like, I need this right now.” So, I bought the download this afternoon and I ordered the software on a CD as well. It looks like it will be the most perfect thing ever for all the writing I’m planning on doing this upcoming fall!!!!!! YAY!

Speaking of writing, I realized this afternoon that I’m quite different; at least from the general public at large. You know, that exclamation that I’ve read on so many different blogs saying, “I’ve always loved writing; I had that one special pen that the ink just flowed out of and I filled notebook after notebook with stories and thoughts in my special writing nook with that steaming cup of early grey tea.” Yeah, that one. And I thought, “lol, I started off spinning around on a computer chair dancing my fingers across a keyboard and following the blinking line as I created words on a fresh Wordperfect document.” Yep, I actually started on the computer. Notebooks were neglected, the pens stayed in their containers, and I was about seven years old, so there was no drinking tea nonsense. To this day, I still do all my writing through my keyboard. A pen and paper have no worth to me. Maybe that’s weird, but hey: I’m at least unique.

Well, right now I’m sitting in the dark on my top bunk bed listening to James Newtown Howard and feeling the sugar from all that ice cream I ate wear off, thinking over a weird plot idea about fairies and telling myself I could not pull that off and wondering how I can make up an original deliciously evil villain like Cruella DeVille.

Speaking of Cruella DeVille, that reminds me I have a guest post for Kayla that I need to work on, so, I should really come to end of this prattling. Have a good night everyone. Don’t let the bed bugs bite!


12 thoughts on “I’m feeling the need to *talk*

  1. Glad you had a good time.
    I watched the Sherlock Reichenbach Fall episode not that too long ago and it was fantastic. 😀 Definitely shocking and awesome. Also in the Game of Shadows movie, I really liked Mycroft, he was great.
    James Newtown Howard is a great composer, I really liked his Batman Begins soundtrack with Hans Zimmer.


  2. James Newton Howard is amazing. I love listening to his soundtracks while I write.

    Aaaaa!!! I read you’re ‘thank you” and my mouth dropped open lol. You’re welcome!! I’m in love with Scrivener. It’s so amazing. I’m glad you’re happy with it!!!! Haha, now I’m so happy too hehe 😀

    I didn’t realize that Sherlock had a brother in the books–I thought that was something that BBC made up for the TV series. I couldn’t believe Sherlock faked a death either (both in the series and the books). Ahh, Sherlock is wonderful 😀

    1. LOL, it really is an amazing program, I’m already using it for one of my short stories (I stayed up till midnight fooling around with it!)

      I thinks it’s amazing how he was actually supposed to die in that story but Doyle forced himself to bring him ‘back from the dead’ later on, making the whole thing a fake. I’m only glad that he did choose to keep writing stories. Also, I soooo need to see BBC Sherlock sometime. I’ve seen a lot about it and it looks awesome!


  3. Ah, don’t worry about how weird the idea is, just write! You can do it! Tackling story ideas that are insane is half the fun. 🙂

    What a great, long post. I love reading (and writing) these for my blogger friends. It sounds like you’re having a good summer, too.

    I have yet to read Sherlock Holmes, but it’s on my TBR. I really love the character, though. My favorite portrayal so far is probably in the BBC show, Sherlock. If you haven’t watched it yet, be sure to! It’s awesome, and all of the episodes are like mini movies.

    It’s cute that you get called Avengers names! I like Nick Fury, too, though I can’t seem to stop thinking of him trying to stall time in the beginning of The Avengers, after Loki appears, when I’m thinking “You dunderhead — Loki totally knows what you’re doing!”. I guess I would want to be Cap, too (though my favorite hero is Thor), or I would be okay with our great baddie, Loki, who I just adore. ❤

    Scrivener is a great writing program! I don't use it, because it kind of jumbles my mind, but most of my writing buddies love it, and use it for Nanowrimo. Oh, another thing you should try! There are two versions, one in November, and one in August. You basically have to write a full-length novel in a month. It's a contest, and it's really fun, especially if you go to the write-ins with fellow participants. Here are the links:

    November: http://www.nanowrimo.org
    Summer: http://www.campnanowrimo.org

    If you sign up, let me know what your penname is, and we can be writing buddies!

    Hope you have a great rest of the summer! Until next post!

    Keep on writing!


    1. SQUEEEE, I love your long comment!!!!!!! Thanks for taking the time to write!

      I really want to see BBC Sherlock, it looks good, if interesting considering it places Holmes in modern times! 😀

      My sister adores Thor and I like him too; I also adore Loki, he’s my second favorite villain!!!!!

      YAAAAAAAAAY another NaNo buddy!!!!!!! I did NaNo last year and I really enjoyed it. I’m planning on doing it this year as well!!!! My penname is Jennifer Liberty; go find me!!!!!!! *is very excited*

      Thanks for the encouragement on writing; I plan to keep up with it! 😀



    I likes Mycrofty.
    I’m actually writing a story where Sherlock and Mycroft have a sister as well. It’s great fun. ^.^

    1. HAHAHA, I remembered you like him! Lol! Oh, how interesting! I’ve often wondered what Sherlock’s sister would be like if she actually existed. Lol (A friend of mine once tried calling a female version of Holmes, first he called me Mrs. Holmes and than realized, “Wait, that would mean you’d be married to him and he didn’t want to get married.” So than he called me Miss Holmes and than said, “But that would make you his daughter, and he didn’t want to get married so he couldn’t have a daughter!” I didn’t bother mentioning it could simply mean Miss Holmes could also be his sister. LOL)


  5. Loooong post of talking. XDDD
    I’ve been listening to that Nick Fuy track as well!!! It’s cool, I like it!! 😀 Nick is pretty cool, with his coat and gun and all that stuff but he’s a little old. 😛

    What does the thing on your sidebar mean, about, Defending Anne Boleyn? Looks more like Jane Foster/ Padme in disguise. XD

    1. LOL, Nick’s grown on me; he’s actually pretty cool. 🙂

      Why don’t you click on it and read the post behind it. And yes, that is Jane Foster–that’s to catch your eye. 🙂


  6. ROFL! I loved what you wrote about the cliche writters and tea and you typing your books out. XDD

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