Being Me//Height

I’m tall. I’ve always been tall for my age and I’ve always felt it because.. well… I have a lot of short friends.

I get my height from both sides of my family. I have two uncles and three cousins over six feet in height on both sides of my family; my mom is above average height for women and Kayla, Nathan and I have always been tall for our ages. Our family is very confident that Nathan will be about six feet when he stops growing. Kayla and I are both over the average height. She’s passed me by half inch. And I’m five feet eight and half inches.

I like being tall and being told that I’m tall, even with the ups and downs. 😛 Here some things I’ve noticed from being a taller person:


  • You have to watch your head. Being tall puts you up higher; you have to duck lower when walking under lower hanging tree branches, and hanging planters on people’s patios. Many a time I’ve had my face smacked by dangling branches when I’m not paying attention.
  • People notice you. If you’re one for melting into a crowd, or simply trying to hide during a game, you’ll probably be noticed more. If you run in circles where people are naturally more short, you’ll stand out. And yes, it does make it tough in certain games.
  • It’s harder finding clothes that fit. This is  especially true to jeans, but I really don’t struggle with that because I wear skirts most of the time (skirts are awesome to go with height.) It’s also hard finding shirts or blouses when you have a longer torso. Of course, it depends on what style of clothing you want to wear as well.


  • You can reach things easier. If you’re tall, you’ll have long legs and long arms. Reaching things on the top of shelves, not just for yourself but for others around you, is pretty nice. Friends always have me reaching for things above or out of their reach for them. It’s a great way to serve others when you can stretch to great heights. It’s also nice being able to get your own stuff without needing someone’s help.
  • Depending on how tall you are, you probably can see over a lot of people’s heads. This is nice in crowds or tight hallways or at church. Since I’m tall, I can simply rear up and look over everyone for friends or to track down a siblings. I don’t need to climb up on chairs for height elevation.
  • If you’re a girl, being tall helps with weight. Shorter people struggle more with gaining weight because it’s harder to hide it. I’m certainly not very skinny at all, but I don’t look it because my height helps to hide it.
  • I get noticed–and some comments, too. Face it. I mean, I’ve never heard anyone say, “Wow, you’re so short, how cool.” LOL. Nothing against short people, but honestly, I’ve been around a lot of short people, and you have to admit, the taller you are, the more attention you’ll get. If you’re not shy and like being noticed (*coughcoughmecough*) than it’s pretty cool and can sometime help meeting new people easier if they ask about your height right away.
  • While this is probably not true in all cases, being taller aka having longer legs can often mean you can run faster. I’ve always loved to run and I’ve always been very fast. When I was younger, I knew how to sprint at a moments notice and my long legs could carry me fast and far. I’m nearly eighteen now so I’m not as fast as I was when I younger (I’m also not a skinny bean pole anymore, lol), but I still can make some good runs. This goes the same for my siblings; Kayla is very fast and Nathan is like a speed devil when he wants to be.

So, as you can see, to me personally, there are more pros than cons when it comes to being tall. Don’t ever tell me there’s nothing special in being tall, because if God has blessed you with height, than it certainly is something special. If you’re a tall person and complain about it a lot, don’t any more. There are a lot of people who wish they had it.

Anyway, I think being tall is special.


6 thoughts on “Being Me//Height

  1. I definintely like being tall. I kinda feel bad for short people, at least some short girls that I know. XD Anyway, we HAVE to race sometime!!!!! I’m so curious if I’m faster than you or not!! >:)

  2. This was a very interesting post, considering that Yours Truly is (like Helen) super short at only five feet, two inches. I am, however, the tallest girl in my ENTIRE family, with the sole exceptions of my mom (who’s only a fraction of an inch taller) and my grandmother (who is 5’6 or so). Everyone else is 5’1 or shorter 😛 Very insightful, hearing a tall girl’s perspective! 😀

  3. I wish I was taller. I’m very short–5’2″ 😦 It kind of stinks because my feet don’t touch the floor when I’m sitting on the couch, and I have to ask people to reach stuff for me. My shortness provides a lot of laughs, though. My dad’s family is very tall but my mom’s side is very short (my grandmother is 4’9!!!) And all of my friends are pretty short, except one, who is very tall. I have no idea how that happened, but I just seem to only know very small people. Being tall would be awesome 😀

  4. I am tall too. 🙂 Although I am not super excessively tall, I am very tall. I agree about most of the pros and cons of being tall. I hit my head a lot anytime there is low head room, and it is hard for me to find long sleeve shirts because I have very long arms. LOL Also I have a hard time finding working gloves that actually fit my oversized hands. 🙂
    But the pros definitely outweigh the cons of being tall. Being tall is better. 😉


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