Sisters are Forever

My sister Kayla turns sixteen today; we’re so excited to have a fun day to celebrate together as a family.

I thought I could write a post about all the wonderful things about Kayla, but since that turned out cheesy, I ended spilling my emotional guts out here on why Kayla is my one of my only friends—of my entire LIFE. (this is mostly for her anyway. :P)

Kayla is the closest and dearest friend I have.

Outside of our cousins, neither of us were close to other children our ages when we were younger. We didn’t attend Sunday School like most kids, so we were distant from the children our age and it was hard to be more than mere acquaintances. I said I had friends, but when I look back now, it was all nothing very real. We were ‘friends’ because we attend the same church week after week, month after month, year after year. It was shallow friendships. All I really had was Kayla.

The same was with our home-school group. My one cousin Ben hung out with the boys more, so I bonded even tighter with Kayla and cousin Bethany. I made no real ‘friends’ there either, mostly because it’s hard to find things in common when I wasn’t allowed to do or watch the same things that they were and when their families had different standards (some of the kids were also absolute horrors, and that didn’t help either). I was shy and awkward. All I really had was Kayla.

Even moving to a new church proved very difficult; we were supposed to stay near Mom and Dad, and even though I’d turned twelve, I was still distant from the kids there for much of the same reasons above (I did make one true friend that first year; even though she moved away, we’ve still kept in touch over the past five years.) I was still awkward and kept at the back of the packs for several years, always kinda on ‘the outside’. It was hard to be friends with people when we lived far away and when our family couldn’t stay as long to really fellowship with everyone. Our family was even growing apart from our cousins, who, up until than, had also always been there. All I really had was Kayla.

During the last year at that church, attendance went down and the two of us were finally able to bond with several of the girls but it seemed like our true friendship had just started when we had to change churches again (this was just over a year ago). I really hated this cycle. It seemed like just when we were making even a little headway in gaining friends, we were put into a different situation and we had to start all over. Each time round I felt myself pulling more inward and not wanting the change. I was tired of not really having friends

It was at that time that I really realized that my sister was the only one who would ever still be there for me when the times got tough. We’ve been together for all our lives and we probably will remain together for the rest of them; we’ve made it through happy times and the hard times, small and great. So, no matter how many more times we have to be juggled around, at least I will always have Kayla.

Because sisters are forever.

I don’t know what I would do without you! Happy birthday, sissy. 🙂


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11 thoughts on “Sisters are Forever

  1. :’) I didn’t know all that… really. *hugs* Thank you so much for the nice post!!!! *sister fist high fives* It’s really interesting God made me your little sissy… ah well, I’m glad I’m here for you. 🙂 Thanks again! I know I don’t say it enough but ‘love you!!!!!

    *Salutes* Thank you very much, Director Fury, sir!!! *Maria Hill Out*

  2. Well, I just want to say that y’all have both been a huge blessing in my life in the past couple of months. It’s so funny to see sisters who remind me so much of myself and my own sister Emmy…y’all have no idea how she and I have enjoyed both of your blogs! Anyway, I hope you both have a wonderful day celebrating!

    1. Aw, thanks so much! I’ve enjoyed getting to know you too; it’s always great to meet new people, but it’s extra special when you end up being similar and having a lot in common!!!!!


  3. Awww that was so inspiring! I could even write a story about that! 😛 But I don’t have time 😛 It’s Thursday morning here but I guess it’s still Wednesday there so I’ll say it one last time: Happy Birthday Kayla 😉 I’m glad you have Jamie with you

    1. LOL, you can store the idea in the back of your mind for a future reference. I do that alllll the time! 🙂 Thank you so much for the comment!


  4. I wish I was this close to my sisters. 😦 I’m a bit older then them, not a lot, but enough to cause differences. We aren’t at all alike either…sometimes I wonder if I’m adopted…lol

    1. Being of similar age does help some; we are only two years apart and grew up as just the two of us before Nathan came on the scene about six years ago. 🙂


  5. Very good post. 🙂 I have a similar relationship with my brother, no one knows me better than him. We do almost everything together and our opinions are usually the same. 🙂


  6. Aw, this was so sweet. I love my sister a lot–we’re seven years apart, though, so we’re not as close as we could be. But my brother is only two years younger than me, and we are best friends. Aren’t siblings great? 🙂

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