X reasons why I don’t do Jane Austin

Note; to everyone who does read, watch or enjoy Jane Austin–hey, I’m cool with that and I don’t mind if you have different tastes or standards. Feel free to share your opinions if you want and understand I’m not pushing my opinions on you. I just happen to be one of those rare, home-schooled teenage girls who isn’t into the Austin world at all. So. I thought a post about why might be interesting 🙂

W) First off, my parents aren’t even interested in watching Jane Austin adaptions and they haven’t ever been keen on me reading them either. While I could probably get into them now that I’m older, I personally don’t have interest in them myself. My family doesn’t have much fiction of the Jane Austin sort hanging around my house.

X) I’m not into much romance. Most romance, that I’ve seen, often leaves people with the wrong expectations of how their love life will go and than will be disappointed because–um, yeah, they don’t live in a fictional world. Or, at the very least, the wrong expectation of what their husbands will be like. Besides this, I don’t need help fantasizing about romance anyway. I have enough trouble with that on my own. And, I simply don’t enjoy most romance because it’s can be plain awkward if not handled right. And this goes outside of Jane Austin. (Ie; great romance= Han and Leia. Poor romance = Anakin and Padme.) So, I don’t really want to dwell on fictional romance novels because in my own standards, it can be unhealthy. I get my dose of romance from other stories that I already enjoy anyway.

Note: Yes, I know the stories go farther than romance and that they cover a great deal of things like hard living, poverty, character development, ect ect. However, it still isn’t my cup of tea.

Y) The story plots and the characters do not catch my interest. This is probably not true, but from the things I’ve heard (and I have heard quite a bit) it’s all begun to sing the same tune in my ear. Nothing whatsoever has ever given me the thought of, “Oh, wow, I think I would want to see that.” The same with the books. I’ll read big books, but only big books that pique my interest.

Z) I am not into period drama. I don’t care at all about the clothes (which become plenty busty and embarrassing at times in the films), the culture, or anything of that age, especially when it comes to romance stories set in that time period.  I’m sorry, but it’s not me, whatsoever. I don’t long to live back then (there was no wifi; are you kidding me?!?!) and I don’t want to dress in those types of clothes for fun. Even if at times it makes me stick out like a pin (ie: Titanic celebration–I think Kayla and I were the only girls who did not come dressed up.) So, nothing about period dramas are in my field of interest.

Honestly, I’m in a whole other genre of entertainment than most other girls. But hey, that’s okay. I’m sorta used to being different anyway.

Oh. And Mr. Darcy. Pffft, he’s overrated. Gimme a Luke Skywalker any day.



26 thoughts on “X reasons why I don’t do Jane Austin

  1. Anytime people ask me why I don’t read Austen et al, I shall point them here. I read Wuthering Heights because i thought the Gothic sort of thing would be good. It was middling so i’m in your camp, if you have room for one more. I promise to bring a my own tent.

    1. Lol, well, as you can, my camp is very empty as I’m pretty much by myself, so drag your gear in! 🙂 Shall we roast marshmallows around the fire? 😉 Thanks for commenting, I really appreciate it!


  2. I don’t mind romance, but I don’t like Jane Austin. I’ve tried reading the books since my sister is a huge fan of her, and I watched the movies. But I’m not interested in her books and the movies. Give me a fast-paced, action filled, science fiction movie! 😀

  3. I liked how you stated all that. =) I think they are good reasons. And why would I want to marry Mr. Darcy? He’s ancient!!!!! O.O

  4. I have never been a romance lover myself (Though…as I get older…I’m changing..WHAT IN THE WORLD IS HAPPENING TO ME??!!? I will not read anything mushy, however. I have ended up nearly puking on many novels, note, however, none were Austin’s). And I never thought about reading any Jane Austin books either, because they are ROMANCE and who wants to read that? This year, however, I decided to give them a try, because, well, I wanted to read more classics (I also read Dracula, and A LOT of H.G Wells). And I was pleasantly surprised! They are more then romances. And I think its a little wrong to compare them to modern romances. In a way, all of the J.A romances are a lot like Han and Leia’s. Not AT ALL like Anakin and Padme.
    Ex: Darcy and Lizzy.
    They hated each other from the first, he insulted her, and her pride snuffed at his. They dueled verbally, and then, somewhere along the line…discovered they didn’t actually dislike each other nearly as much as they thought. Sound familiar?
    Then, Knightley and Emma.
    They knew each other all their lives, he was her Father’s friend (So, he was a bit older) and she just considered him a close pal. Knightley fell in love with Emma, but kept quiet, since he saw she wasn’t ready for love yet. And then, when she ‘noticed’ him for the first time, it wasn’t fireworks and sparks, but more like, “Wow…we’re the missing peices to each other’s puzzles”.

    I think J.A is VERY realistic for this reasoning. When you meet your soul mate, it might not be all grande and lovely, but more of a, “Wow…why didn’t I see this before?” in this way, I think J.A actually teaches girls the right way to go into a relationship. Just take the guy as is, and don’t look at him as a possible love interest, but as a friend. And if God wants you two together, he’ll drop it on you like a lightbulb.

    I think you should at least read Emma or Pride and Prejudice before making your final choice. Yeah, you might not like them, seeing how you don’t like the period (I had to get over the shock that someone might actually NOT like cravats, poofy dresses, coats and corsets. lol I’d have dressed with pomp and finery ifI had gone to the Titanic thing XD).

    Darcy overrated? Maybe…But I’d still take him over Luke (I have never been a Luke lover…) But I just might take Han over Darcy..lol.

    Sorry for writing a book of a comment…I just felt like I couldn’t let this pass. ^.^

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to share your thoughts, Ashley! I appreciate them because we are similar in many respects. 🙂 I agree completely with what you’re saying about marriage; you should certainly start off as just friends and I do like this kind of romance. However, I’ve been able to find it in sci-fi novels and action movies, which is something I actually enjoy.
      Also, you have to admit that most of JA fangirls go pretty far when it comes to romance aspect (some of the blogs: oh my goodness.) Reading their: “OMG, I’m soooo wanting a guy JUST LIKE Darcy! HE has to do ect, ect, ect, blaw, blaw, blaw.” and it’s really frightening. Because men have their own different, indivual ways of romancing and pursuing and when girls have high expecations of what it should look like… well, it’s pretty sad. And yes, of course, girls can get false expectations from anything, but a majority I’ve seen over the past three years of being in the blogosphere has been mostly in JA fandom. It scares me away from the books, quite honestly. That is where my reason “X” came from.
      LOL, you would have loved the Titantic fesitval: so many girls came in the complete packages. Some of the hats, though, were hideious. It was hard seeing the different speakers on stage through barricades of wide, broad brimmed, feathers and lace head gear! Lol 🙂


  5. I feel like I must add…I AM an oddity of nature…I will read Jane Austin while listening to Star Wars music…I’d dress Regency, while keeping my iphone ring tone the Imperial March…

    I’m just odd.


    Yep. I’m just a fluke of nature. Living proof that oddites can exist.

    1. LOL you are a really colorful person!!! I do like how you can be into so many things that are completely opposites! HAHAHA! 😛

      I do historical and sci-fi. I’m a Warsie. But I’m sorry, my family started one Trek show and Kayla and I had to walk away. It was so freaking weird, we had no context for what was going on and everything was… it was weird. Can you tell me what we should see so we can better understand the Trek story?


    2. I’d say to start with The Next Generation. We started there, and we were pretty clueless on this Trekkie world..but we picked up quickly. (NOTE. Some Episodes ARE NOT good. Deanna Troi is very pretty…and attracts a lot of intergalactic attention, then her Mom is a little…Wow). But I’d say to start there. If you start with the Originals (Kirk, Spock, etc) you will be weirded out. I haven’t even watched a lot of those. And then, if you start with Deep Space Nine or Voyager, you’ll be lost.

      1. Okay, thanks a heap. One we saw did have Kirk and Spock and it in a TV style. I’ll to see if the Library has The Next Generation. 🙂 (We did notice a lot of the ladies on ship have skirts that almost can’t be called skirts, they were so short. Wowza.)


    3. Yep. Not much in skirts. lol But in TNG and forward, the woman and men have pretty much the same uniforms, all pretty much one peices. Deanna Troi is unique, and she sometimes wears a long flowy dress with a lower neck then I’d feel comfortable in. And Dr. Crusher often wears a white lab coat. And then, in Voyager, Kes wears knee length dresses and leggings.

      If your family has a netflix account, all of the Star Treks are on there.

  6. I can definitely see where you’re coming from, though I do really like Jane Austen (my aunt is an english teacher, so I was practically raised on J.A.. lol).

    I read Pride and Prejudice last year, and while it was hard to get into, once I did get into it, I loved it. I found myself laughing out loud. Darcy and Lizzie’s romance wasn’t much of a romance–they hated each other for a while, then as they got to know each other better, they started to realize that the other wasn’t as bad as they thought.

    One thing I really love about Jane Austen, though, is her sense of humor. I just crack up over some of the lines 😀

    It was really interesting to see other view on Jane Austen. And yes, I would agree that Mr. Darcy is just a tad overrated (though I do still like him). There are MANY other fictional characters that I love much, much more.

    Sorry for a super long comment–I just love discussing literature 😀

    1. I actually have heard a lot about JA’s humor. She sounds funny and if I was to read a book of her’s, it would be mostly to see the humor and her story writing style (because, obviously, nothing else about her writing interests me). 🙂

      Hey, I love talking about literature too; it’s one of my favorite things! I don’t mind long comments either; so long as you have the time to write it all out! LOL


  7. Hahaha…well, I was going to leave a long comment but Ashley pretty much said everything I would’ve said, LOL!! Full disclosure: I enjoy Austen. BUT I completely understand your concerns, as well! I’ve never found Austen romances gave me a unedifying desire for romance in my own life, but that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t have a negative effect on someone else. It was good to hear a different perspective!

    But as someone who’s read P&P and Emma several times, I DO agree with Ashley that those two romances are WAAAAAAAAAAY more like Han and Leia than Sir Whiny and Padme. In fact, just imagine Han in a cravat and Leia in an empire-waist dress, then turn the Millenium Falcon into an English cottage…make C3PO a fat nagging mother and R2 a laid back easygoing daddy…oh, and Darth Vader is the conniving evil aunt…voila, you’ve just about got a Jane Austen novel on your hands! Heehee, I’m making myself giggle just imagining that…maybe someone should write a parody fanfic.

    Very enlightening post, though–and I applaud you for being honest and upfront about your opinion! 🙂

    1. Thank you for your graciousness and I’m glad you’ve been able to enjoy the books and process it well; it’s great when that can happen! 🙂
      LOL…. I’ll stick to the Star Wars version myself! I prefer it to the JA world. 😛

  8. WOW! There are a lot of really long comments! 0_0
    I honestly had very little idea what “Jane Austin” was other than sometime that I have seen pictures of on other blogs, now I finally know what it is.
    Obviously I do not like any of the few “Romance” movies I have seen like Titanic (yes, I actually sat through whole 3 hours of it), Gone With the Wind and Casablanca (it was actually somewhat entertaining because WWII espionage).


    1. LOL, isn’t there! I figured, though, that it was rather a controversail topic considering most people like her stuff… and I don’t, so…

      I’m glad it helped you figure out what people are talking about. YES, WWII movies are great, I enjoy romance more when it’s in a 1940’s setting. 😀


  9. Wow, you’ve really brought up quite a discussion! 🙂

    My turn, I guess…I read Pride and Prejudice and I didn’t like it one bit. Something about the whole setting and historical time frame mixed with romance bored me to death, and I don’t like when the whole plot is held together by whether they get together in the end or not, blah blah blah. I feel the same way about Wuthering Heights and Gone With the Wind. I hate when others tell me I must love the classics…as if being a century old automatically makes them great literature??

    But I love period books and films if they’re done well – for example, Charles Dickens’ vivid painting of 19th-century London, or Ann Rinaldi’s contemporary look into major events in history. I prefer romance as a subplot or subgenre even in those cases.
    Kind of like the old film noir from the 1940’s and ’50’s – I am addicted to those movies! Probably because there is a romance going on, but because of the setting it’s much more intense, thrilling, dark, and not the main drive of the story. Plus, I love the way they dressed back then 😉

    Basically, I agree on all of your points, and I’m glad you weren’t afraid to be honest about your opinion regardless of the controversy it may bring up. Good for you!! 😛

    1. HI and thanks so much for sharing your thoughts! It’s very interesting to hear another opinion on P&P, especially since almost everyone seems to like it. 😀
      I love 40’s and 50’s movies, also, for mostly the same reasons as you listed; I like romance as long as it’s a good one and it doesn’t domineer the plot. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts! 🙂


  10. Wow, I agree, although I must admit that J.A. was brilliant at satirizing her characters….I have read P&P and just don’t really like it. Elizabeth was annoying, Darcy was patronizing, and most of the other characters were just plain obnoxious. I did like Mr. Bennet though, because he was hilarious if a poor father.
    I’d rather read about the ancient Sumerians. 🙂

    1. Thanks for commenting, Diana and for sharing your opinion on P&P. It’s interesting how some people find it marvelous and others find it quite the opposite. 🙂


  11. Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you! Finally another homeschooled teenage girl who just doesn’t get the whole Darcy-mania. My book-club(e.g. lit. class) read Pride and Prejudice last year, but I found nothing appealing whatsoever in Austen’s style or story.
    Nice Avengers gifs, by the way. 😀

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