Vampire Thoughts

As I’m sure most of my readers are aware, I’ve been reading “Dracula” for the past couple weeks. I finally finished it last Tuesday, and after thinking over it happily for sometime, have finally managed to pull my thoughts together. I will try not to bore you too badly.

First thoughts: This is my new favorite book. Oh my goodness, I loved it. I’ve not read something so obsessively in a very long time. I fully enjoyed it.

I gravitate towards old books from around the 1890’s more than contemporary young adult novels. Authors like Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Robert Louis Stevenson and HG Wells are among my favorites. However, considering I’m not a huge fan of Gothic horror or anything like that, I’d not ever heard that much about Dracula very much. Two things, though, convinced to me to borrow it from the library. The fact that it was an older novel was a big hooker and my friend Dylan said it was very good. So, on a whim, I put it on hold at the library.

By the end of Chapter Two, I was hooked.

“Dracula” was written in journal-like form, going from one person’s journal to the next, and we see into the minds of nearly everyone except Dracula himself. It was quite interesting to read a book in this form, but I think it was also a good way to write it. It felt very real this way.

At times the book dragged but as I’ve learned from reading Agatha Christie’s mysteries, everything there, is there for a reason. The book had great depth because I got to see deep into many of the main character’s thought process, feelings, hearts and souls, even if it was slow at first. Because so there was so much detail, it gave later events a lot more depth.

The book also gave me real feelings. Sympathy, disgust, sorrow, moments of triumph, and utter horror. My sister has already testified of seeing me crying “Nooo! Noooo!” out loud during some of my reading sessions. The characters and situations all felt real; there were times where I simply had to keep reading to find out what would happened next. I stayed up very late several times during the night to keep reading and I haven’t done that in a pretty long time.

One thing I really appreciated from this novel was the Christianity in it. While the characters used objects which seemed to have ‘power’ over the vampires, like crucifixes (I’m not entirely sure how Biblical that is), the Christian worldview was very refreshing and more blunt than most books today. Most of the characters had a clear understanding of God and His power, His mercy, and His will. The main female character, Mina, was especially filled with faith and strongly believed that the different events that happened was in God’s will and that He had everything under control.

I liked how the ‘religion’ wasn’t there just to ‘be there’ (that can feel obviously painful in Christian books today) but that it was there because… well, the character also breathed air and gravity still effected them. To Bram Stoker, the author, a belief that God is real is like knowing the world is round. It flowed out of the characters because they obviously had a Christian worldview.

And this may all sound a little funny because… you know, it’s a story about a vampire. Vampires aren’t real. But at the same time, “Dracula” is a great example of a horror book that is obviously fictional yet obviously Christian.

The other thing I really liked was that the vampires… were evil. They were something you hated and wanted to see destroyed because they could and were destroying human lives–they were murdering. They were a force that needed to be stopped. And I think this is how vampires should be seen.

Come on, I think we’ve all be dumbed down a little about the horrors of vampires by this guy:

Like, a lot of contemporary girls now all swoon over Edward Cullen, a handsome sparkly vampire. Absolutely sick. So, let me set some things straight. First off, vampires don’t sparkle. They’re deathly pale, but they don’t sparkle. Secondly, they’re dead people. Literally, they’re called, the Undead. They’re people who’ve been killed by a vampire and have returned in their old bodies as a vampire themselves. And they now need to live off of other people’s blood to survive (unless their heads are cut off and their hearts are impaled by stakes; then they’re souls are set free from being vampires.) Really, what girl would want a guy like that hanging around her? But, at any rate, we all know that Edward was really an over-sized fairy. *sigh* I never liked Twilight before, now I really dislike it simply by making vampires something desirable.

They’re not. Trust me. I read a 400 page book all about it. *happy sigh* Best 400 pages I’ve read this year.

Anyway, if you’re a book junky, I would certainly recommend reading “Dracula”. I  do give an age caution though; there are some slightly graphic scenes of gore and for some people that could be disturbing. So, use caution for young readers under twelve. Otherwise, go for it! It’s an awesome book! It’s certainly my new fave.



20 thoughts on “Vampire Thoughts

  1. Sounds really good! I don’t read many horror books, but my sister has read it. I don’t remember her mentioning anything about it to me though, so I didn’t think much of it. 🙂

  2. *claps* I LOVE Dracula (the book…not the character lol. FINALLY a Villain I dont adore!) I think the biggest reason I hate Mr. Sparkles is due to how he portrays Vampires. Sparkly? nope. Romantic? uh…no…not really. Handsome (If you want to call Edward that…) Nope. Dracula is by far, the better deal of it all. ♥♥

    1. Well, if you were to hate any villain, it should be Dracula! Vampires should be despised!!! LOL, I love it; Mr. Sparkles. And, no, he’s not handsome, not to me, anyway!


  3. Sounds great! The pictures are freaky though 😛 And I really don’t get why people fall for vampires, though sometimes they seem cool. Creepy, but cool. But I’m never gonna read twilight 😛

    1. LOL, they were best I could find to portray the feeling of the story! Lol! Yes, I’m never reading Twilight. I don’t have time to waste on romance/bad vampire trash.


  4. Good, good post!! I really liked what you said about, the Christianity in the book. How it was just part of the air the characters breathed and not really awkward like it sometimes is in books. And good review too, you make the book sound really worth reading. XDD Not that I’d read it. It’s easier hearing about it from you. 😛 ….and anyway I think you and Dylan are all freaked about it because you guys just love li-ti-ture. 😛 LOL!

    Edward doesn’t look sparklely!!!! D: Ugh!!!!! I really don’t understand the fasination with sparkles anyway.

    1. 😛 We love GOOD literature, and Dracula happened to be GREAT literature. 😛 Yes, you don’t read, you have me summarizes everything. 😉

      That’s how he’s described in the book. I like sparkles, but it’s darn inappropriate when coated on vampires!


      1. LIT-ER-TURE. Black and white. Words forever going on and on. The pages they never stop turning with more and more words. The font- it hurts my eyes- oh LIT-ER-TURE!!!!!!

        Yeah. Derek and I will stick withvideo games and cinema for now. *holds head*

        XDDDD I’m exagurating my thoughts on LIT-ER-TURE just a little bit for you, mah dear. 😛


      2. Lol, I hope you’re exaggerating a little bit. It’s more than words. It’s stories!! But, alas, you will never understand. 😛

        I thought you were sick with the video game part of it! 😛


  5. I absolutely loved Dracula (that story, that is). I didn’t want to put it down–and there were many times where I nearly fell off my chair in excitement 😀 I totally feel like re-reading it, just in case I missed something. Haha, my family is starting to get tired of hearing me talk about the book (so I’m super excited that you posted about it–I needed some literary discussion haha) Last night when we went to see our town’s fireworks, a bat flew above my head and I screamed, “IT’S DRACULA! SAVE ME!” lol. Dracula is definitely one of my favorite books!

    1. YES!! Isn’t it AMAZING?!?!?! My parents are also tired of my talking about it; my friend Dylan read the book a year ago and he is still talking about (his parents are sick of hearing about it as well!) LOL, I’m glad there are no bats where I live! lol, that last thing I need now is seeing a bat outside my window! 😛


      1. Haha no bats where you live?! Oh, that would be wonderful! I’ve always been scared to death of them. haha. My friend actually got bitten by one. She’s never read Dracula, but I keep teasing her that she’s going to turn into a vampire 😉

      2. Lol, yes, it is wonderful! Lol. We have scorpions though. 😦 But as far as I know, they’re not associated with vampires!!


  6. Yay! This is one of my favorite books (overtaken by Frankenstein, sorry). I really liked the Christian theme in it, too, and the fact that the vampires were evil. I actually liked Twilight, but not because of the vampire aspect, because I definitely prefer my vampires evil, struggling creatures (though I do like the idea of them trying to find a way to do good in the world, even though they’ve been cursed). Glad you enjoyed the novel!


  7. Now I am interested in this, never really thought that a Darcula book would be that good. Although I do know some of the real history of Vlad the Impaler, which Dracula is based on. The only things I have seen about Vampires were Blade and Van Helsing but I have killed plenty on my Skyrim video game. 🙂


    1. Lol, that’s kinda what I thought, but it was surprising! I know you’re not a huge reader, but you should give it a try. 🙂 Lol about your video game! That’s awesome! 😛


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