the kittens are here

Last night at about ten in the evening, Princess went into labor. I noticed it first, as she came over panting very heavily and squatting funny on the backdoor mat. I quickly put her in the box and for the first time, she didn’t get out. I quickly sounded the cry that the kittens were on the way. We went inside to wait, as your supposed to leave cats alone when they have their kittens. But she got out of the box and cried at the door for attention.

Mom and I sat outside the box with her and watched her having contractions for a while. She meowed and cried very loudly and than leapt out of the box, ran over the back door mat and delivered it there. It looked just like her. She cleaned it up and ate the sack and everything, than Mom and I put them back in the box. The second one came about fifteen minutes later and it was the spitting image of the father, Solo, with a completely black body outside of four white mittens. With each kitten, Princess got quicker at knowing what to do. In total, she had five kittens. I didn’t get to bed to 1:00 in the morning as I wanted to supervise and give her attention, considering she had climbed out of the box when we had left.

I’m quite tired this morning, and we’re battling the heat with her outside (it’s about 101 degrees out). Princess is still panting very heavily and we’re trying to keep her as cool as possible. All five kittens are strong and loud. We’re thankful for the relatively easy delivers; especially since this was Princess’s first time.

Pictures to come soon. 😀



12 thoughts on “the kittens are here

  1. Oh, that is so sweet!!! 😀 I’m so glad they’re all healthy and doing well! can’t wait to see pictures of them. 😉

  2. Congratulations to Princess!! Oh Jamie, I know exactly what it’s like to stay up way too late “supervising”–I did the same thing when one of my goats decided to have her first baby at an outrageous hour. One does not simply leave your pet to fend for herself during her first birth. But it sounds like Princess is going to be a very capable little mother. I can imagine you’re just as proud as a peacock, and rightly so! Oooh, I can’t wait to hear the names. I’m gonna start guessing…wonder if they’ll be Star Wars or Avengers related? LOL! 😀

    1. ROFL, Kayla and I are already going through the names’ of Thor’s Asgardian friends! LOL! We’ll wait till we can figure out which ones are boys and girls, too. Yes, I’m very pleased but very tired; staying up tool late and the fierce heat has quite gotten to me. But I’m glad I stayed up with her to make sure she tended to each one when they came out. Three and Four were nearly neglected because she kept licking One and Two. I had to push her face on them for her to realize she hadn’t cleaned them up yet! Thankfully all is going well now.


      1. You’ll be able to tell pretty quick if they’re boys or girls. As we always say, “It’s stamped on their bottoms!” 😀 Glad to hear everything is going so well!

      1. I kinda don’t like that either. Sometimes it would be nice if they could just stay small and cuddly and playful!!! HAHAHA!


  3. Okay… so I just read this one. Missed it somehow. You DO have one that looks like the father! 🙂

    Every kitten birth I ever saw on a documentary (and I’ve seen a lot!) the owners always stayed around to help out. So I think you two were fine! 🙂

    I wish I could see them in person! I love little tiny kittens! 🙂

    Now, I’m REALLY back to this book typing… better turn on the music. 😀


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