one more soundtrack for my little collection

I know I just published a post today, but whateve’.

I love Iron Man AKA Tony Stark. I love the Iron Man movie. And I LOVE the Iron Man soundtrack. Guess what just became mine today?! It finally came in the mail, unharmed and beautiful. Little bro and I sat on the loveseat thumpin’ to the music for a little while together after I got the box open. It’s one of the coolest soundtracks ever. I like the mix of traditional and contemporary together–it is Iron Man in musical notes. And it’s mine. Whooohoo!



8 thoughts on “one more soundtrack for my little collection

  1. Awesome! Gotta love the Iron Man soundtrack. One of the best ever. “Driving with the Top Down” is pure awesomeness!


  2. Too bad Pepper doesn’t have a theme!! 😛 I like how Tony’s always got LOUD ROCKY music, even if it isn’t my personal preference. XDD

  3. Ooooh I’ve never thought of Iron Man’s soundtrack before! I’m going to have to add that to my growing list of movie soundtracks to purchase!!! 😀

      1. I know this isn’t really related to music, but I just want to say that when I saw Philippians 4:8 on your sidebar, my jaw kind of dropped a bit. Because, out of all the verses in the Bible, that one has a rather deep, personal connection to me because of some things that went on in my life this year. I love it soooo much!!! 😀

      2. Hey, thank you very much, I’ve never heard anyone mention about the verse before! It’s one of my personally favorites. Thanks for the three wonderful comments today, they always brighten my day!


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