20 questions

I’m actually going to answer them all here because I don’t want to wait on people to ask me. LOL You can always tell me which ones you would have wanted to know anyway. 😛

1. 3 turn offs for me would be snobbish behavior, overly-talkative people, and really immodest clothes. Don’t get me started on this please.

2. 3 turn ons would be pleasant sense of humor, someone who is willing to talk but also to listen as well and sense of reality about them.

3. Wow, I actually don’t think I have a phobia…. I don’t know many of them to name, though. I know what Claustrophobia is but I don’t have it.

4. At the moment (I wouldn’t call it a crush, by the way) I really like Tom Hiddleston. He’s a real gentleman; very thoughtful, humble person and he’s great to his fans. That’s nice to see in the celebrity world.

5. I’ve not ever smoked but I did try beer once (we were using it in a recipe, okay?!). It was repulsive.

6. Right now, it’s The Avengers.

7. My name is Nick Fury. Do not question me. 😉

8. I do not have a favorite band. I do not listen to bands. Sue me.

9. hmm, my recent favorite would be Lindsey Stirling; a violinist. She’s very good.

10. I actually don’t have a very many embarrassing memories at all. A lot of people think I’m lying when asked that at parties just to avoid embarrassment, but I honestly have not experienced many embarrassing moments at all. Mostly because I never leave this house to have any. LOL

11. The last thing I ate… was a dark chocolate raspberry creme from See’s Chocolates. Best. Thing. Ever. If you ever come courting me, you will score 10 extra points if you bring these with you. They are my favorite thing ever.

12. I don’t text. Sue me again.

13. Four things I hate…. uh, I absolutely hate wasps. I can do scorpions and spiders but not wasps. Those things are nasty. I hate how screwed up the Star Wars saga has become from the Clone Wars (I know most of you are going to hate me over this one, but seriously. Just chill. It’s my opinion, and yes I have watched some of the Clone Wars and I have grounds for this statement. But don’t ask if you generally don’t want to know and are just upset with me. I totally get if you’re upset, by the way. I know Clone Wars is a big thing. But hey. It’s me.) I hate most romance novels. And I hate Twilight.

14. Four things I love… Haha! My family, my friends (IRL and Internet), my pets and Jesus!

15. Steve Rogers had the most screen time of all the avengers during The Avengers movie. This makes me very happy. Because he’s my favorite.

16. Who is there to miss… okay, first person to come to mind is Dylan. Because his family didn’t make it to church two weeks ago  and my family didn’t make it last week, so that two weeks not having our weekly chat about Sherlock Holmes together. Or being able to talk about anything in general. So. I want to talk to him right now…. and I feel like I haven’t seen anyone in a long time, actually. I miss the J family and the H family, too. 🙂

17. Okay, I don’t think I’ll ever get a tattoo, but I’ll just pretend for a moment. SOMETHING STAR WARS! Lol. It would certainly be something Star Wars. Like…. Darth Vader’s mask or something. But no light sabers. I won’t do light sabers for some reason.

18. I often regret wasting some of my feelings on a certain unnamed person. Won’t happen again.

19. You almost tricked me there; but I’m not going to tell because than it won’t come true! 😛 I will say I always wish for the exact same thing. Always.

20. Uh. Wow, I should be able to think of something. And…. I can’t. That’s pretty pathetic. I’ll have to come back later if think of something! 😀



10 thoughts on “20 questions

  1. That last one is because you’ve done so many crazy things, that you can’t pick one! 😉

    Did you ever do that tag I tagged you with? I missed seeing it somehow if you did…

    Miss you too m’dear! Lots!

    If I had a most embarrassing moment, I’m not sure I would tell anyone about it… wouldn’t that just bring the embarrassment up all over again?!


    1. LOL that must be it because I still can’t think of one. I think the problem is simply having to label on of my acts as ‘the craziest’. That’s the hard part, I suppose. 😛

      My mind draws a blank, I’m afraid….


      LOL, if it was really embarrassing, yeah; but at the same time, normally it’s later and you’re able to laugh over it too. But not always. I honestly can never just think of an embarrassing time, period!


  2. Aww… I do know a lot more about you 🙂 There’s fear of spiders, which most people have, but since you can do with spiders maybe you don’t have arachnophobia. 🙂 LOL if I get a tatoo it would be the Jedi Order’s symbol 😀 I never read Twilight and I don’t get why some people love it and others hate it so much… lol. and for number 11, I. hate. chocolate. 😀 Seriously, I don’t know how people stand it 😛

    1. See, I didn’t even know there was a phobia for spiders. I do know a lot of people can’t stand them! LOL I never read Twilight but I know A LOT about it which is why I hate it. 😛 O.O Woah. I don’t know how people couldn’t like it! Goodness! Lol 😛


  3. Very cool, I get to know even more about you. 😉
    Lindsey Stirling is my favorite music artist also and I have never texted before ethier. I looked at my friend’s cell phone and the keys are way too small for my big fingers. LOL 😀 My monther also hates wasps a lot.


  4. This is soo fun! I’m going to do it too!!! 😀
    I luv your answers! Most of ’em anyway…. XDDD

  5. I am so going to do this!!

    Haha, no embarrassing moments? That would be really cool. I have too many to remember. lol Most of them involve tripping… hehe

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