Life Update and Blog Award

A BIG thank you to James for passing on the Versatile Blogger Award! I’ve not gotten this one yet so that is very exciting! Rules that go with it is you share seven random things about yourself and award several more bloggers.

1. I literally have been reading Dracula ALL WEEKEND. Oh my goodness. I think my family is sick of hearing me talk about it so much. I’ve really been enjoying it and am about half way through (only half way! It’s so huge!)

2. I have never read a Nancy Drew mystery. But I now own three computer game mysteries of her. They should be fun to play.

3. I like sting rays. I like taking pictures of them, petting them and feeding them . . . . . . so I’m a weirdo. Go figure.

4. Outside of my blog and a few emails, my writing has been on full pause.

5. I’ve nearly completed one of my school books for graduation qualification. YAY!

6. I’ve been listening to Hero a lot. It’s written by my friend Gabe. He’s going to be a master composer one day. In fact, he already is. And I really like this song. I think it might become the theme for my Cops and Robbers parody. Every time I listen to it, several of my scenes just come to life. It’s like I can actually see Dylan and I battling the evil Kayla/Scarlet Blood and Daryck/Frank in a the center of a dark city. *sigh* I will get the rest of this story written someday!

7. I happen to really like Rocky and Rocky II, thanks to my mom. Those were good movies. I need to find Rocky III now.

Okay, I pass this on to Savanna, Kayla (even though she already has it, I just want to give it to her), LouPat, and my little girlies Nechet and Moriah. 😀

I had a nice weekend. Saturday Mom and Dad took Nathan and I to a home school curriculum sale (they sell more than curriculum) and browsed for over two hours. I found the unabridged Christy novel, The Robe, a free copy of Little House on the Prairie pilot, the above mentioned Nancy Drew games, and one Star Wars book. I was also wearing a Star Wars t-shirt and two girls, both about 13 years old, told me they liked it. So that was awesome. I read Dracula too and from in the car and we ate out before we got home. Dad took me to the library afterwards and that night we watched Rocky II. I stayed up till 11:30 reading Dracula after everyone had gone to bed.

Yesterday we stayed home from church just to have some family time. I read Dracula all morning. Begged Mom about having The Boys over some day soon. Because going two weeks without seeing them is horrific. We had a big water fight in the backyard at about 1:00 and I got soaked bad but it was so fun. In the afternoon we played Star Wars monopoly (SO FUN), cooked up wings for dinner and watched a Hercule Poirot episode. We finished Monopoly after dinner and than watched Return of the Jedi. One of the best. movies. ever. And then we went to bed. Which was really uncomfortable because it was SO. HOT. Oh my gosh, so hot.

Plus I had a weird dream about seeing all my old church friends and somehow I was a published author… and all my books were on Facebook. It was so weird.

But no dreams about Dracula. 😀


*Photos are ours. Lol.


18 thoughts on “Life Update and Blog Award

  1. WHOO-HOO!!! I’ve been tagged! Thank you thank you thank you–just give me some time, I’m working on some posts about my recent trip to Texas, but I’m so excited and honored 🙂

  2. That “Hero” music is really good, how did your friend make it?
    I have seen a few of the Rocky movies, I am not a big fan of them though but the recent “Rock Balboa” I think was good. 😉
    Glad you like “Dracula”, I think my friend like that one aslo, isn’t Van Helsing in the book? I think that Tom Cruise is making a Van Helsing movie next year.


    1. I believe he’s got a huge composer’s software of some sort that he uses; he’s making a career out of composing and has already written music for several films. Here’s his You Tube page with more of his music. I like his epic pieces the best, personally.

      Oh my, that would be interesting. I’m not sure if I would want to see a Dracula movie–at least not a recent one. It would probably be too scary for me! LOL! but the book has been good. 😀


  3. I think the Nancy Drew computer games are pretty fun. I’ll admit I’ve gotten stumped on a few (er… all of them), but they challenge my brain, so I guess I don’t mind too much.

    Oh my goodness!!! The “Hero” music is spectacular. Seriously. It’s a perfect soundtrack for the novel I’m writing. I’m so going to be listening to it as I write.

    P.S. I started Dracula, since I’ve always wanted to read it… And I can’t help but wonder why in the world Jonathan would stay around the castle when he has a ton of signs to leave. It makes me want to yell at the book. haha

    1. Oooh, you’ve played some! I been playing on mine now for about a half hour! 😀 I love mysteries.

      I’m so glad you like it! Isn’t it great for writing books to?!

      LOL, I thought he was pretty stupid not getting even a HINT from all the people making signs and the one lady who begged him not to go. On the other hand, I get frustrated with the people who wouldn’t just come out and tell him why he shouldn’t go. Even if it sounded crazy, it would be better than just letting him think it was something silly! LOL


      1. I have a question–does your friend go to an orchestra to have them play his compositions? Or does he use a music editing software? I’m just a little curious, because I’m really into composing for writing and I have a band, and if it’s a music editor, I’d love to look into buying it. haha

      2. Haha, he’d LOVE to have a live orchestra but right now he has to work with an editing software. I believe his family really invested to get a nice one but I’m not sure to details. 😀 Here’s his website if you want to check into him more. 😀


    1. LOL, it does sound nice, but considering I think they were all unedited (like they are now in my folders), it felt pretty awkward! HAHA! And also, one of my friends was talking about one like he had written it instead of me. lol!


  4. I really like Hero. It’s one of my favorites. In fact, I think I have a story that comes from it and I never finished… *checks file* Affirmative. It came from Hero. And I haven’t finished it. Poor Alvin and Rosalie! Oh yes… and poor Alvin’s father, whose name I can’t remember. I believe he’s shot… either dying or wounded badly – can’t remember which.

    Anyway… Sounds like you’ve had a good weekend and Father’s Day! And busy. I haven’t been doing much lately but laying around and watching movies, but as of yesterday, I’m really back on my feet. My cold is beaten and my sinus infection, almost so. Praise the LORD!! (I forgot how terrible a sinus infection is – talk about a headache!!) I haven’t even been reading or writing!

    I hope you get back into your writing soon. You really should you know. Any of it. And I need to go, so I can clean up the kitchen… Ready or not, here I come! The kitchen will sink on it’s knees and obey my cleaning command! :p

    Oh yes… I’m in a weird mood.


    1. LOL, I like it when you’re in weird moods! 😛

      It’s rather impossible not to have a story inspired from listening to Gabe’s music. And I hadn’t even heard about this story of yours! It must have been meant to be a short story. 😛

      We have been very busy which is why I haven’t been able to email you yet. I feel horrible about it! Hopefully life can slow down a little bit!

      I want to work on my Cops and Robbers story, but there just isn’t time with my focus on other things. I’m hoping that if I can complete most or all of my school books by August, I’ll have less distractions and will have more time to put into writing-sit-down times. 😀


      1. Heehee That’s good… I think. :p

        Sometimes I try NOT to be inspired… just so I don’t get myself going on something else. lol It’s supposed to be. When you e-mail me, I’ll tell you about it in more detail. What little detail there is. :p

        I hope it does!

        Have fun with your schoolwork! I miss not having schoolwork sometimes! I love school! 😀

        Hope to hear from you soon! 😀


  5. Thank you for tagging me!!!
    You and your writing!!! XD
    I kinda wish I’d dream about the H’s… XDDD
    Scarlett Blood is epic!!! It’s too bad she’s not on the side of the law, because she really knows her stuff! Imo.

    1. Ahahahah! Scarlett makes a good bad guy too, and good guys aren’t anything if they aren’t up against something that could defeat them (and we have been defeated by you!). So, thanks for filling in that villain role. 😛


      1. Yup, my pleasure. You know Scar’s motto: The World Needs Epic Villians. 😉 LOL!

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