Videos VIA Pictures

I’m going through an orchestration craze right now, so there’s a lot of that below; also several music videos/my favorite America’s Funniest Home Videos compilation/random videos and mostly music. Click picture to go to each song; and yes, I love all of these.

Requim for a Tower = Freaking EPIC
Song of the Caged Bird
Shoot to Thrill/Iron Man and Iron Man 2 video
Evolution of Beauty Video–makeup and photoshop can tell deceiving lies
Fireworks, soundtrack
Amaranth Orchestral
A music video of the Avengers before they were assembled
Angry Birds Theme Orchestrated
Wedding Bloopers from America’s Funniest Home Videos
Escala Palladio = Epic Violin/Contemporary
Heart of Courage

Which one did you like best?



6 thoughts on “Videos VIA Pictures

  1. Here is what I think of each video.
    1: I have always loved Requim for a Tower. It is the amazingly epic!
    2: Lindsey’s music is always awesome. 🙂
    3: Iron Man’s music is perfect for music videos, he is already like a rock star. 😀
    4: That is very weird.
    5: Glad you also like the Fireworks track. I liked it even before watching the movie. 😉
    6: Very cool music.
    7: Super epic! 😀 Except that I do not understand Spanish. That song is from the Expendables movie. 🙂
    8: Good theme, although I have yet to play the game.
    9: 0_0 WOW! That is AWESOME! I will need to check out more Escala music. 😀
    10: One of the most most epic music tracks ever! 🙂

    My favorites are 9, 7,1, 5, 2, and 10 but all of them were great. 🙂


  2. I love your 1 2 3 thoughts, James!

    Speaking of Expendables, have you reviewed that on your blog? My mom is going to see the first movie (she doesn’t know if she’ll let us watch it since it’s rated R and the copy we have is not cleaned.)


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