Happy Birthday to Chris Evans

Chris Evans is one of my favorite actors (strictly for his acting skills–I don’t agree with a lot his personal beliefs); if you don’t know, he plays my most favorite character ever, Steve Rogers aka Captain America. And today, it’s Chris’s 31st birthday. I couldn’t let the day pass without wishing him a happy birthday and saying a quick thank you. Chris really brought Steve Rogers to life in both The First Avenger and The Avengers, and I can’t think of anyone else playing the role as well as he did. So I want to say thank you for successfully bringing this noble man to life in the films. He’s a great actor because unlike the character Steve, most of the other characters he’s played are real jerks; I think it takes some good acting to be able to play such a wide variety of characters like that. So, a happy birthday to you, Evans! I hope to meet you in person someday and I’m look deeply look forward to your return in the Captain America sequel! God bless!



2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Chris Evans

  1. Happy B-Day Chris! 😀 When I heard that Evans was going to play Cap, I was very skeptical because he already played Johnny Storm/Human Torch is Fantastic Four. Were he was more of a party guy jerk than the Captain America type. I was surprised that he was able to pull of the role fortunately. It definitely could have turned bad considering that Will Smith was originally going to play him. 0_0


    1. It’s impossible thinking of anyone else playing Cap to me and I kinda laugh when I see Chris in other roles because it looks so different! But I think he does a good job in career and I can’t wait to see what else he ends up doing!


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