my mind from the last 48 hours

The water’s too darn cold to go swimming in yet. I will die from hypothermia, I just know it.

I think I’ll read “Dracula”. At least it’s a book that actually makes vampires the bad guys. Unlike Twilight, which is, like, cheap trash.

I’m hungry.

Oh my gosh, my cat is drinking the chlorine water from the pool. She’s going to get sick now, I just know it.

I’m glad our family has modest standards for swimwear; I don’t have to worry about losing weight to look good in a bikini.

Why does “Dracula” start off with Jonathan telling us what he ate? Who starts a book off like this?

Maybe if I just ease into the water a little at a time I’ll get used to it. NOBODY SPLASH ME!

Cheese sticks. Are. Amazing.

I can’t stop listening to this, and this and that. James has just ruined my music life… for the better. SOME ONE GET ME A CONDUCTOR STICK!

Why is it so hot outside. I’m almost melting.

I just painted my nails last night, how did I ruin this one so fast?

Can’t put Dracula down. This is fascinating piece of literatu—oh my… GOSH HE IS SO STUPID, DON’T GO IN THAT ROOM, YOU IDIOT! NO, WHY ARE YOU DECIDING TO SLEEP IN THERE? OH MY WORD, YOU ARE STUPID, JONATHAN! AHHHHHGGGG, YOU ARE GOING TO DIE…. wait no, I’m only in Chapter Three, he must survive this act of stupidity.

Ahhh, this water is from paradise it’s self, why didn’t I get used to it sooner?? Hand me my goggles, I must now go deep sea diving!

I don’t need sunscreen.

Why didn’t I put on sunscreen.

Welcome to Iron Chef America, we join sue-chef Jamie as she finely dices an onion for tonight’s main course… hamburgers. See how she wields that knife; that’s true technique, Bob.

Why was the commercial for so fascinating I had to watch the entire thing?

Okay, I’m really cold after all, I’m getting out of this ice bucket… where’s my towel? Why didn’t I bring a towel out here????

Why is my kitty still drinking out of the pool. She is going to fall in and drown, I just know it.

Dracula…. why are you so interesting and horrifying at the same time?! I will blame Dylan if I have nightmares, he told me about this in the first place….

At least I’m not reading Twilight.

I want ice cream now.

I literally should type ‘what is the name of the stick that the conductor holds’ into Google because I don’t know stuff like that. Oh, it’s called a baton. Why didn’t I know that.

Hhmmm, I think I’ll go put all this on my blog.



19 thoughts on “my mind from the last 48 hours

  1. Oh lolz seems as if you had a busy-boring day! 😀 Something like me, except we can go swimming every time because it’s always hot. that’s why I take swimming lessons and so. The down thing is that we can’t play with snow in winter because there’s none.

    1. Lol…. in way, it was very slow, but I manage to make it lively!!! Wow, I’ve never taken swimming lessons before; those must be interesting to take. Lol We get no snow either. :-/


  2. I have never been much of a vampire fan, but the Marvel comics Blade was an almost decent movie (really would not recommend it).
    I am glad I am ruining your music life! (evil laugh) 😉 Fortunately its for the better. 🙂 Lindsey Stirling is now my favorite musician. It is amazing what she can do with a violin. I am listening to her music right now!


    1. I’ve never been a vampire fan either; I did decide to read Dracula as it’s a classic, it’s better than Twilight and my friend read it and enjoyed it. So. I thought I’d give it a try.

      HAHAHAHAH! Yes, she is AMAZING! I can’t stop listening to her music! Thanks! 😛


  3. HUH?! You said Phantom of the Opera sounded strange…well Jamie, if you can read Dracula you can read PotO EASY, LOL!! And hey, that’s one of many good reasons to enjoy modest swimwear! *gives Jamie a high-five*

    Thanks for this, I needed a ROFL moment this morning 🙂

  4. hahaha. This made me laugh. It’s really hot at my house, too, only my pool isn’t open yet. I don’t know what I’m gonna do if it isn’t opened soon. lol and the reason for modest swimwear? I totally agree with that. I think I thanked my parents once for not letting me wear bikinis. lol

    Is Dracula any good?? I’ve always wanted to read it, but never got around to it. I guess I’ll have to add it to my summer reading list =D

    1. I’m glad I made you laugh; and yeah about the swimwear! Bikinis are really pretty disgusting…

      Well, I’m only on Chapter Five and it is a HUGE book, but I’ve enjoyed it so far. By the end of Chapter Two I was drawn into the story and I wanted to know what happened next. My friend said it gets really horrifying by the end and it’s has been pretty dark so far. I do like how Christianity in the several of the characters mindsets is obvious, so that’s refreshing. I’ll have to write a review for this book I’m done with it, as it is my first reading of horror. 😀


  5. ROFL You made me laugh on a day I’m not feeling so well! 😀 (Sinus infection, right after my cold… not sure if you knew about either.)

    Dylan got you to read “Dracula”? Did he like it? Let me know what you think about it.

    Jamie, Jamie, Jamie… it’s WAY too cold out there for swimming. Hot enough to get sunburned, but not to easily go swimming. Not sure you’ll catch hypothermia… you might just shiver to death though. :p

    Miss you! Hope you e-mail me soon too. Sorry I haven’t been around much. First writing like crazy, and I’ve been sick for a couple of weeks. 😀

    Oh and my last random sentence; We watched “Thor”. 🙂


    1. You are sick again?!! Awww, I hope the rest of the family hasn’t also caught it!!! 😦

      LOL, yes… I blame him completely. He read it when the last Twilight movie came out because everyone was going through a vampire craze but he didn’t want to read the books. So he read Dracula instead. 😛 I’ll tell you more of my thoughts in my email.

      Actually, we figured out the problem; we’d been keeping a shade over our pool and it was blocking most of the sun from warming it up. So, we took the shade down a couple of days ago and the water has now warmed up to 84 degrees so it’s much better. When I wrote this post, the shade was still up, so it was still cold!!!! BRRRRRRR.

      I have my email reply started… we’ve been busy over hear too! 😀

      *GASP* YAY!


      1. Rest of the family already caught it – lighter versions though, thankfully! And I’m thankful that I haven’t got pneumonia! Praise the LORD!

        That’s funny. Who wrote Dracula again? I can’t remember the authors name, though I know I knew it. Looking forward to your thoughts.

        Aha! Glad you fixed that. 😀

        Horray!! I’m looking forward to it! 😀


      2. I’ll keep you all in prayer!!!!

        It was written by Bram Stoker… which is a funny name. Lol. So far I’ve enjoyed it….

        😀 😀 😀


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