I’ve learned the main melody of this song (which you can hear for the first 30 seconds.) I’m going to be buying sheet music as soon as possible, because the song is absolutely beautiful and I feel confident in learning the rest since I learned the beginning fairly quickly. There’s something so calming and real about this piece; it attracted me the first moments I heard it begin. What’s so funny is that it actually does sound like a gentle summer rain storm passing by overhead, dark but beautiful.

Having lived in a desert where rain is very seldom, I’ve learned to treasure ever single downpour that we happen to get. There’s nothing like running out into the front yard and yelling “I’M SINGIN’ IN THE RAIN, JUST SINGIN’ IN THE RAIN!” and kicking up any water that might collect as a puddle. I’m very jealous of everyone who lives in rainy climates because they get it often.

Side note: I have totally down the lamp pose in public. Because who hasn’t. And, yes, he doesn’t get around to my style of splashing till 3:19.

Not only do I love rain for being able to go splash around in it, but I’ve noticed that my brain brightens and feels invigorated when the skies get very cloudy and the rain patters on the sidewalk. It especially puts me into a mood for writing, which is why I listen to this clip whenever I need to do some serious writing. Unlike a lot of people, who see storms as a depressing thing that traps them indoors, I love how it makes me feel alive and fresh.

And it makes for good piano songs. 😀



8 thoughts on “Rain

  1. Good music, although some reason I find it hard to write well unless I am listening to something that has a very fast beat to it. 😉 Although I have not seen the movie that it is in I do know the song “I’m Singing in the rain” of couse.
    While we are on the subject of rain songs. Have you heard “Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head” (video below)? It was used in two of my favorite movies: “Spider-Man 2” and “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid” (both highly recommended movies). Although the song is not my favorite or anything, I do enjoyit sometimes and I love the scene it was used in Spider-Man 2. 😀


    1. My moods when writing often change and I can go from steady music to fast passed myself, but for whatever reason, the rain effect always helps. And no, I’ve not heard the song before but I like it! Thanks for sharing it; YES YES YES, I really want to see the Spiderman movies!!! Hopefully sometimes soon!


  2. I feel the same as you do 🙂 I love how to drops splatter on the ground and the water spreading… how the smell just fills your nose… oh well 😀 It rains all the time here, so I’m kinda bored with it sometimes, I admit tho 😛

  3. You’re really good with that rain song!!! XD I thought it was a recording today, then I was like, “!!! ITS JAMIE!” 😛
    I LOVE RAIN. RAIN! It doesn’t make me feel trapped! It makes me want to run and splash and sing and jump and scream and laugh and……

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