My first summer/hot/lazy day

Summer is upon us; it is a hundred and ten degrees outside. And it can get much hotter than that here. Thankfully, we’ve put up a pool to stay cool in and we have air conditioning. 😀

Tomorrow we’ll be attending another graduation party. Which brings me to share some good news: I’m hoping to official graduate from high school this coming fall! My mom said that if I finish everything up by September or October, we might be able to do a graduation/eighteenth birthday party (even though my birthday is really in July). But at least it will be cooler in Sep or Oct for having people over to celebrate. I’m really hopeful that this will pull through, so keep your fingers crossed.


My hair is wet from swimming for a half hour with little bro. I’m listening the Avengers credit song Live to Rise, which makes me want to become an official Avenger. The next thing on my agenda is to read Scandal in Bohemia; the last time I read this story… was probably a good three years ago. Speaking of Sherlock Holmes, Dylan and I finished reading through the entire Adventures of Sherlock Holmes book. We’re now starting The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes with enthusiasm. So, I need to finished up Scandal of Bohemia… and I need to do some writing.

Better get started. 😀



8 thoughts on “My first summer/hot/lazy day

  1. Congratulations on gratuating. 🙂 I might need to read the Sherlock Holmes stories some time. Although adaptation of “Scandal in Bohemia” in the recent Sherlock series was dissapointing. Have you made any progress with The Avengers challenge?


    1. That’s sad that the adaption was a disappointment; it’s so frustrating when that happens. About the Avengers challenge; I think we just need to take it down from forty-two to just forty and we’ll be good. I’m going to be experimenting with putting them all on an Avengers picture, kinda like the Star Wars one. 😀


  2. Go Holmes, Go Holmes! Love it.

    And congrats on Graduating! Since I’m unschooled, I don’t know how my graduating will be…Its not like I can just finish something and be done…unschooling is different. I don’t have any bookwork, except for I dunno. It has been causing me stress lately, because I fear I’ll never have the “I’ve Graduated!” feeling, because in all reality, unschooling never ends. :-/

    1. *grin* I love my Sherlock Holmes bloggy buddy. 😀

      I’m rather half and half myself–I have some textbooks but in a lot of ways I’ve been unschooled too. A lot of my ‘homework’ for the past few years has mostly been learning how to run the household! I’m hoping that me and Mom can pull things together though, because, yeah, even though I won’t ever stop learning, I would like to at least have a milestone in my life about where I am in my education. 😀


  3. That beginning part of the post makes me think of SG “IT’S SUUMEEEEEERRRRRRR!” LOL! And the part, “The temperature is 99 and it can’t get much hotter!” ‘cept for us, it CAN get much hotter,! LOL!

    *crosses fingers* GO GO GO GO! I don’t care what the adults say about ‘school never ends’ I think you should graduate!! 😀 You don’t graduate from life as they say. 😛

    Live to Rise makes me want to become a Agent/Avenger too!! 😛 Scandal in Bohemia is a good one, I like that one. 😀 Irene Adler is such a name. >:D We bad girls like to have rememberable names. 😛 eheheheheheheh! LOL!

    1. That’s what I thought when I first heard that song, “PPFT, 99 degrees my eye!”

      Why, thank you! 😀

      😛 Yes, bad girls do have quite memorable names don’t they?


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