Bubble Rap

I listen to lots of fun music, but the song of the week for me was certainly Bubble Rap, the silly song from the most recent VeggieTales show, Robin Good and his Not-So-Merry Men. I’ve not see the entire show, but I found Bubble Rap on Youtube and I surprised myself by how much I enjoyed watching it. It has been stuck in my head all week now.

I love Boyz in the Sink; it’s hilarious to see Larry, Jimmy, Mr Lunt and Junior dressed up as rappers (I kinda like Mr. Lunt’s hair.) This song also has some great harmony by the end, which sounds so awesome. And who doesn’t like Khalil cameos? XD He was hilarious in Jonah… which I really want to re-watch now…

Besides, who doesn’t adore bubble wrap? It’s one of my most favorite things. I love twisting it, and popping them and jumping on them like when I was five. “We’re rappin’ and we’re snapping our bubble, bubble, bubble wrap!”

Not that any of you care about Boyz in the Sink… eheheh. (warning, another VeggieTale post is certainly come.)

Also, Mom is taking Kayla and I to see the Avengers again this afternoon. We’re so stoked! 😀



2 thoughts on “Bubble Rap

    I think I liked the silly songs best of all. Or when ever Archie sings. XD His is the best.

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