In Which I Answer Kayla’s Questions

Kayla asked me some questions at her blog on THIS post and apparently quite a few people were waiting to see what my responses were, so I’m publishing them now before I forget. 😀

1. Would you marry Steve Rogers if you had the chance to? Supposing he was a real person, of course.

Well, it would depend. He has most of the qualities I already want to see in my future husband, but I would still need to ask a few other questions, like if he was a born again believer…. Anyway, concerning the story, I really hope that he stays single; I think Peggy was his only love and I really hope that Sharon Carter character DOES NOT come into future movies. He just needs to stay single. Because Jedi-Chick and I will die if he doesn’t.

2. Would you rather meet Jane Foster or Britt Nicole in real life?

Kayla, do you realize how weird that reads? Jane Foster, a fictional woman of science, or Britt Nicole, a contemporary Christian artist…. Honestly, I haven’t thought of meeting eiether. I suppose I’d rather meet Britt Nicole.

3. What is your favorite quote from Jane Foster?

“I SWEAR I’m not doing this on purpose.” XD I think that’s what she said. Anyway, that was a funny part of the movie.

4. Are you annoyed I am asking you about Jane Foster?

I am really more confused… It’s not like I like Jane Foster or talk about her at all, so I’m kind of wondering why she’s the first thing that comes to your mind to ask me about….

5. Who do you like better, Luke or Leia? Why?

I like Luke better, because he’s obviously the main character of the Originals and the films showed more of his soul throughout the trilogy than Leia’s, so I feel more familiar with him than her.

6. Would you rather take math lessons with Thor or Black Widow? Assuming neither one has never taught math before.

I do not want to take math lessons at all, but I suppose I would rather do it with Black Widow. Thor’s magnificent power and presence would probably be a little distracting… (I would spend the time asking him about Loki, anyway.)

7. If you had the chance to give Black Widow a more modest jumpsuit or to forever erase the infamous bikini from ROTJ, which would you do? (Totally a sissy question)

The bikini. BY FAR, The bikini. As Carrie Fischer has said, that bikini came from hell and I want it to go back there forever….

8. What is your favorite thing about your sister, Kayla? (I hope this question doesn’t seem witchy of me.)

What does witchy mean? And…. I don’t know. I just like you as you. 😛

9. Would you rather spend all day with Princess Leia or Black Widow? Assuming their characters came into your world for a day.

Well, one would have to first think about what you were going to do with them. If Leia–a government official–came to town, what would we do?? Hold press conferences about how Obi-Wan Kenobi is the only hope for this years presidential elections? Now, if I met Black Widow I could maybe meet Hawkeye through her…. So, that would be meeting TWO famous people instead of one…. I don’t know. I don’t care, I guess. It’s not like it’s going to happen, right? I guess I’d meet both; we’ll campaign for Obi-Wan Kenobi and Black Widow can take out all the rowdy people who get too excited.  And Hawkeye could also be there; he could report to Shield how The Avengers should team up with the Rebellion. How’s that?

10. If you saw Darth Vader standing on the sidewalk, would you go out to see him, or would you hide in the house and watch from the window?

What stupid person in their right mind would see the real Darth Vader–SITH LORD AND MURDERER– and run out to go see him? “Hi, Lord Vader, I’m such a huge fan of yours. Can I call you Anni?! Oh……. what are you doing with that lightsaber?” Uh, yeah, I would totally stay in the house and contact Shield somehow. “I think Loki has made contact with the Sith!”

11. Blasters or M9′s?

Blasters. They’re WAAAAY cooler. You can actually see where the ‘bullets’ go. 😛



18 thoughts on “In Which I Answer Kayla’s Questions

  1. *claps* Yayz!
    You answered 1 correctly. 🙂
    And I’d rather meet Britt Nicole too. AAHA you answered 7 in a so totally cool way!!! 😀 I LOVE IT!
    Witchy is replacing a bad word I don’t want to say…. and what do you mean, you like me as me???? The point is why do you like me?
    SHIELD couldn’t capture Darth Vader….I doubt it. 🙂

    Thanks for answering my crazzy questions. 😛

    1. :P, oh was that a test?
      Okay, just don’t use that word. Witchy, to me, also sounds like a bad word. Thank you.
      Yeah, because, technically, Darth Vader is dead and burned up into ashes, so yeah, that’d be pretty hard. But untechnically, yeah, Shield probably couldn’t. Shield could regather the Avengers though. And the Avengers can conquer anything. 😀


    2. That’s right Sheild couldn’t. They’d get force grinned and Saber dueled. I think Hulk might be the only true fella to give Vader a true threat.

  2. I must not be in right mind…I’d run out and say, “Everliving machete!!!!! I LOVE YOU! Can I shake your hand? Can I hug you? Hey, listen, I’ve got a mean idea on how to wipe out the jedi…there’s this guy I know, I’m a Captain in his army, actually, And, well, If you two paired up, Talk about ruling the galaxy! Got a pen on you? No? Well, I’m a writer, so, I do. His name is Loki and here is his number…”

    Yeah. That’d be me.

    I might also give him the place to find the Borg as well. The Borg’d love him, Half man half machine? Instant Borg love.

    1. ROFL, OH MY GOSH!!!! O________O ….. How ’bout the Terminators? Do you want to team them all up with the Terminators? *is scrambling to find the number for SHIELD*



      1. Them, and the Daleks, the Silence and the Oog. Maybe the Red Queen and Jabberwocky as well. The Deceptacons and Romulans. May the Battle of Bad guys begin! No fair that Heroes get to unite and Avenge and not the Villians. 😦

  3. Bad news about possibly having Sharon Carter in a movie.I think the blonde chick that was interviewed at the end of The Avengers could be her, because of a deleted scene that was described were that blonde girl at the end asks for Steve’s number while he is at the diner and some have guessed that she is Sharon Carter. Another thing about The Avengers I need to post about after more people have seen it.

    Good answers, some of them made me laugh. 😀
    My answer to number 6 would be Black Widow, she should be really smart since she is a super spy and a few other reasons. 🙂


    1. That was running through my mind in the theater, I was like, “NONONONONONONONONONONOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” I honestly don’t see how putting Steve into another relationship would be smart for Marvel to do but of course I have no say in how they take the future movies. I was worried about her, because that specific girl did get more than just random screen time……

      😛 Black Widow is super cool!


      1. I was thinking that…. that GIRL from Avengers was Sharron too…. but her name tag said ‘Beth’… soooooo how does that all pan out?

      2. That makes me feel so much better!!!!

        Wait a minute… what if her name will actually be Beth Carter….!!!

        I shall die not knowing!!! 😛


      3. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I love the memes….. XD

        Take note big sibling: You are prone to the mercy of my Sherlockian/Poirot/Marple/Kales observation and eye sight. :b Ehehehehehe!

  4. GREAT TAG!!! I thoroughly enjoyed reading this, Jamie! My Inconsequential and Personal Opinions:

    1) After my brother and sister gave me a thorough education on All Things Captain America today, I’m agreeing with you that he does have a lot of very admirable character qualities! But yes, a few more questions would be required 😉

    2) Ohhhhh….so THAT’S who Jane Foster is. Feeling very enlightened. She is so very pretty.

    5) Yes. Agree totally.

    7) BWAHAHAHAHA, I love that picture of Leia!! Talk about a comical screencap! May I have the honor of throwing that outfit into the nearest furnace I can locate?

    9) Hey, listen, count me in: I’ll campaign for Obi-Wan!

    10) Only one phrase for someone who would go out and meet Darth Vader: “You are RECKLESS!!!” Although Ashley did have something going there… XD

  5. Update on Sharon Carter. Kayla is right that “Beth” was not Sharon Carter. But the SHIELD agent at the end of Captain America (video below). Was most likely Sharon Carter. That is probably why she was the one to be there and the actress Amanda Righetti, is an actoress on a TV series, so she is not just an extra. Also a scene with Captain America meeting Peggy, who is now very old, was cut from The Avengers.


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