The Avengers Review (spoilers)

I decided to link to a couple of the well-done non-spoiler reviews I’ve read; if you need a spoiler-free review, go read these. 😛

Review at J&J Productions

Review at Words of the Worlds

If you’ve seen the movie, keep reading! If you haven’t seen it or any of the movies, stop right here and put them on your ‘watch soon’ list. Go ahead. Write them down. Thank you. 😀

The movie: WAAAAAAS AAAWWESOME! Dad took Kayla and I to one of the larger theaters (not an Imax) called a cina Capri–it was hands down the nicest theater I’ve ever been to. The seats were awesome because they rocked back and forth and you could raise the armrests up. We sat near the front above the wheelchair section; where there was a big railing, so the three of us could put up our feet (a must-do when at the theaters). Dad got us popcorn and soda as well.

We arrived early to stand in line and were  life the sixth people in line. They let us in right after the people had finished cleaning up, so we all ran in to grab the best seats. We sat through a tone of quizzes, commercials before they even ran the previews. The trailers were awesome (Pixar’s Brave looks absolutely horrid but my interest was piqued by the Expendables 2 trailer. I’ve also seen the Spiderman trailers over five times now in theaters. I’m pretty positive I want to see that movie.)

Okay, first thing I wanted to talk about was Agent Coulson’s death, because while the entire movie was amazing, this was one thing that stood out the most to me; at least considering the story’s plot. I’ll admit that I rather suspected that he was going to be bumped off in this movie, because I kept seeing “Agent Coulson Appreciation Posts” everywhere, and one starts getting conclusions. But I went in hoping against hope that they’d spare him. Well, as you know, Loki killed him and it was his death that really helped pull everyone together at the end.

This gif explains all.

Even though I suspected his death, it hit me much harder than I had expected. I cried (making The Avengers the second superhero film to make me cry) and the first thing I said after we left the theater was “I can’t believe they killed Coulson!” That twist was great concerning the plot and I even think it was necessary. But I’ll admit I was quite sad about it for at least a day afterwards. I really liked Coulson; heck, he was in three of the former films! So sad. Even though I’m sorry to see him go, the rumors I’ve been hearing about bringing him back to life are absolutely horrifying and disgusting. I hate how filmmakers now a days are bringing characters back to life. It really dumbs down the whole idea of death and it doesn’t leave as much impact any more. *glares at the Clone Wars Team for their extremely stupid decision to bring Darth Maul back to life—I hate you all*

I’m going to talk only briefly on these guys because I want to give my opinion on the newer characters:

Steve Rogers: LOVE HIM TO DEATH. end of story. (I’m also not pleased that his new nick-name will probably become Capsicle.)

Thor: I love his style of speech; I also love how he still wanted Loki to come back home. His hammer is pretty sweet.

Tony Stark: Hilarity itself; also quite rude (I could have slapped the screen when he was talking the Steve at the one point where everyone kinda lost it. “DO YOU KNOW WHO YOU’RE TALKING TO, BUSTER?! THAT IS CAPTAIN AMERICA!”) but also still heroic. I was very proud of him at the end.

Clint Barton. I didn’t know very much about him except that he had a cameo in Thor and that he was an archer. Anyway, I ended up really liking him by the end. I love the friend/friend relationship he had with Black Widow and how they worked together as a team. I did not expect Loki to take over his mind smack-dab at the beginning of the film either. Anyway I really liked him and I hope to see more of him in the future movies.

Black Widow AKA Natasha. I liked her WAAAY better than from Iron Man 2. The short hair is a great improvement. The movie’s plot stuck pretty close to her, as she had a lot when it came to getting things done (like actually being the one to use Loki’s tool at the end). Like I already said, I really like her and Clint’s relationship. The idea of a prequel film about how the two of them met really excites me but I don’t think that will ever made.

Bruce Banner. REALLY liked him. He was a great character; he and Tony had similar interests and yet their very different from each other. I felt sorry that he was quite afraid of himself and what would happen to him if he lost his temper but I was pleased that he was able to use The Hulk to aid The Avengers throughout the end climax (and he saved Tony! Squeee!) I would be interested in seeing another Hulk film staring Mark Ruffalo anyday!

The only other thing I wanted to point out was that this was more than an action packed, special effects superhero film. This movie had heart. Praise the Lord.

The only other way I can finishing summing up the awesomeness of this film is pictures. Because everyone knows that one picture is worth a thousand words.


Ahhhh… This movie. It should win film of the year.

“This movie. I like it. ANOTHER.”



12 thoughts on “The Avengers Review (spoilers)

  1. Yes! Best movie of the year!!! I love all the pictures you found Jamie! You always find nice pictures. 🙂 Awwwwwesssomenesssss!!!!

  2. The Expendables 2 does look cool. The first movie had a ton of action and explodsions but much story.
    I have a few theories about how Coulson could come back, which I will post when most people have seen the movie. 🙂
    “Let me rephase that.” and “They had a Hulk” are hilarious! I almost couldn’t laughing! 😀

    1. Have you done a review of the first movie?? If you have, let me know because I’d be interested in reading it. 😀

      I’ll will look forward to hearing your theories, even though I have no wish for more dead characters to return from the grave. 😛

      XD I had another Loki one like that and the caption was, “Conquer the mortals, they said. It will be fun, they said.” LOL


    1. There was a little there, but it wasn’t bad. At least, there wasn’t so much there that it really bothered me. 🙂

      If you want, you can read this review here (it does have some spoilers in it); they have a small section about the language. 🙂


  3. Yes, it was a great movie! I was just blogging on its biggest strength (in my opinion) strong character development which led to greater depth than normally seen in action films.

    I’m with you in looking forward to Avengers 2. 🙂

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