25 of Me

1. Favorite band: *sigh* I don’t listen to bands, so I actually don’t have a favorite. I mostly listen to film scores. (This means I am not One Direction crazy. Ha. Ha.)

2. Who I like and why I like him/her: Uh, wow, that’s really throwing a person out there. I think I’ll keep this to fictional people… so I’ll make my answer Steve Rogers. Because of everything about him. His humbleness, his gentle-manliness, his fighting spirit, his courage to do right, his moral beliefs (including his thoughts on God), et cetera, et cetera …. you haven’t seen his movie or his second appearance in The Avengers, then you need to get yourself to a blockbuster and a Harkins, like, right now.

3. Hardest thing I’ve ever been through: A two year family ordeal which I’m keeping private, but that basically sums it up.

4. My best friend: Would have to be Kayla; she and I are a lot of like and we can confided to each other easily. We’ve always been good friends while growing up, but our relationship has really gotten strong over the last few years as we’ve learned to be less selfish and more thoughtful of one another. So, I’d certainly have to say Kayla is my best friend.

5. My favorite movie: IMPOSSIBLE! Okay, actually, my recent favorite The Avengers *duh*.

6. Do I smoke/drink? No, I don’t actually. I’ve tasted both wine and beer (sweet wine is okay, but let me tell you dry wine is horrid and beer is one of the most disgusting things that exsistance.) However, I don’t condemn people who do smoke or drink because neither are sins according to God’s law. HOWEVER, being drunk is sin and it’s also not good to let something like smoking taking over your life in an addiction. I do want to just fling that out there. The cigarettes and wine are not the problems, the lack of self control on man’s part is. There, I just gave my two cents worth on a controversial topic!

7. Do I have any tattoos or piercings? No, I don’t. I don’t even have my ears pierced. Yes, a lot of our friends give us strange looks when they realize this. Apparently it’s rare when girls don’t have their ears pierced before the age of thirteen.

8. What I want to be when I get older: A home keeper and wife. Also maybe a published author. 😀 Because that would be neat.

9.Relationship with my parents: Very good; my relationship with my Mom is especially nice. It’s fun to go out to lunch and shop with her and just talk. (Bare with me as I give a belated mother’s day rant). Mom is super awesome and fun; she lives Star Wars a ton and she also really enjoyed The Avengers with us. She really loves us and everyday I learn how many ways she gives up for us. Thank you, Mommy!

10. One of my insecurities: Loosing the people I care about; this especially rocked my boat last year when we suddenly switched churches. I still get in the dumps when I think about how I never see the people who I grew up with throughout six of my teenage years. However, now I feel the same way about the friends I’ve made at our new church. The friend/friend brother/sister relationship I’ve gained with The Boys has been tremendously encouraging and enjoyable because we all have so much in common. I’d be horribly sad to loose them too. *sighes* Loose friends and gain friends; it’s a bonus when I can keep in touch with old friends through email (*wink at Rebekah and Ashley*)

11. Favorite place to shop: Uh… I’m not a HUGE shopper… Goodwill, sometimes Savers, the occasional book store and …. Walmart. *grin*

12. My eye color: I’m sure you’ve all been wondering this! Lol. Blue.
13. Why I hate school (or work): They must take for granted that everyone hates school and work. There are times when I get frustrated or might not want to do my school or work, but I can’t say I hate it either
14. Relationship status as of right now: Technically, I’m single. Lord willing, in the long run, I’m already taken and I’m just waiting for a subtle message of “he’s the one”.

15. Favorite song of the moment: The  entire Iron Man 2 soundtrack. I’m re-listening to that soundtrack again. I love the Iron Man scores–I think the best of all the Marvel soundtracks; I can’t wait to hear the score for Iron Man 3.

16. A random fact about myself: I have been a member of the NRA (or National Rifle Association). I was, like, one and a half. Blame my Dad. But I’m quite proud of this fact and that I’ve grown up around firearms all my life.
17. An age I get mistaken for: All my life—like, since I’ve been about eight—I’ve always been mistaken for being two years older than I really am. On my tenth birthday, my pastor told me he had thought I was twelve. Around my sixteenth birthday, I got mistaken for being first eighteen and than twenty one! Random people have always guessed two years ahead of my actual age. The reason, I think, is because I’ve always been quite tall for my age. Kayla and Nathan are tall too, and they’re also mistaken for being older a lot as well.

18. Where I want to be right now: Uhhh… maybe at The Boys’ house. I suppose. I guess I don’t really want to be anywhere at the moment. At least at The Boys’ house, I could be talking about literature, Sherlock Holmes and writing with Dylan. That’s always fun.
19. Last time I cried: Geez, I don’t go around crying very often at all. However, I can track the last time I cried down to last Wednesday—during The Avengers. During a certain very sad part.
20. Concerts I’ve been to: Zero. I don’t listen to any bands.

21. Do you want to go to college? Nope. Too much money, too little good influence and I don’t need a degree to be a stay at home mom. 😛 I learn that stuff here at home.

22. What’s your favorite body part? Goodness…. I don’t know, actually. That’s kinda a weird question; just one body apart from the rest isn’t much. So… I guess I like it all. It’s perfect. God’s a great Creator.

23. What’s your most embarrassing moment? Conveniently, I cannot recall any at this time. LOL
24. What’s your favorite flower? Roses. I don’t care if that’s cliche, it’s true. I really like roses.

25. What’s the shortest a person could be before you just wouldn’t date them? What a way to rule out potential dates–by height?! Since I don’t plan to date, and since I don’t think height should really have anything to do with choosing your life partner, this question doesn’t really apply to me. I suppose it would be nice to marry someone taller than me, but really, it doesn’t matter. Sometimes short guys with good hearts can appear six feet tall to me. No joke. Honest to goodness truth. 😀 ^ That guy right up there? He did. So there.

18 thoughts on “25 of Me

  1. I do not care for bands eatire, Chuck Berry and the Beatles are ok for a while but I always perfer movie soundtracks and instrumental music.
    Although Star Wars and Lord of the Rings will always be my top two favroties The Avengers is close behind, it was SO AWESOME. 😀
    I am really aganist smoking and drinking for personal reason. But is the leagal drinking age different in the state you live in? Because the age it is 21 years old here.
    You have blue eyes! I never would guess! LOL 😛
    I haven’t been to a concert also, if I ever would go to one, it would be John Williams. 🙂

    P.S. For some reason I have not recevied any e-mail post updates. I do not know why.


    1. Would you believe I’ve never heard anything of the Beatles! I suppose I should sometime, since, they’re kinda… historical….
      I know for drinking you have to be 21 (I’ve tasted it because my Mom sometimes gets a wine and one time we got some beer for beer-can-chicken *so good, didn’t taste horrid at all*)
      Ooooh, John Williams concert would be awe-some!!!!!
      That’s odd…… maybe try signing up again? 🙂


  2. I LUUUV the random. I say that a lot I guess.
    *blinks at #4* Awww. I used to say you are my best friend too, buuut your more than that, your my sister which is best, so I kinda reserve ‘best friend’ for just friends. XD Make sense?

    Would you stop talking about being a homemaker and get married already??? LOL, sorry, I didn’t say that the way it sounded. I just want you to be able to stop WANTING to be married and actually BE married.

    1. I’m glad you like random. Also, the way you spell ‘love’ is appalling… ;P

      It makes sense in a way, but not really. *glares* Best friends can be siblings if your siblings are your ‘friends’. So, you’re basically saying that because I’m your blood sister, I can’t be counted as a ‘friend’ and therefore can’t be a ‘best friend’. Shame on you. 😉

      *cough* I’m sorry, but being married takes two. LOL


      1. I spelled it that way cuz I wanted it to be read that way. XD

        Aww don’t shame me!!!! That isn’t really what I meant! I meant, why waste friends space with your sister because your sister is better than a friend… kind of a thing.

        BAHAHAHAHAHAHA! ROFL! That’s hilarious. And true…. just, just hang on- I’m working on it. 😉

      2. *shakes head* Still does not sound very correct. 😛

        “Matchmaker, matchmaker, look through your book. And make me a perfect match.” *barfs*


      3. Sorry.

        ROFL! *gag* Noooooooooooooo! Don’t get that dang song stuck in my head!!!!

      4. LOL! Nooo! Don’t let it stay with you! Sometimes when ‘Matchmaker’ starts to get stuck in MY head I just drown it out with “JINGLE BELLS! JINGLE BELLS! JINGLEALLTHEWAAAAY!” LOL.

  3. I’m twelve and I haven’t pierced my ears. I guess I’m a bit of a tomboy- hate pink, make up, short skirts, etc. But shopping’s okay, since I don’t do it to often. I don’t have money 🙂
    Wish I can watch the Avengers. But Star Wars will stay my favorite of all- followed by LOTR, Hunger Games, Harry Potter, and maybe Pendragon (but there’s no movie about that 😦 )
    I like One Direction a lot, but I’m not a directioner. I listen to all their songs and whatever… but the crazy fans in my school see me like I’m an alien because I don’t like 1D as much as them. I see them as aliens because they all like 1D more than Star Wars.
    Ah… blue eyes 🙂 That’s why the blog name is like this 😉
    I haven’t been to a concert too, but like james I wanna go to a John Williams, maybe also 1D (which is coming here in october). Lady Gaga is coming here, but I’m not going. Jason Chen just went… can’t believe I missed him.
    I don’t think I’m getting a boyfriend 1) I’m only 12, not old enough even though my friends now date. 2) I have LEGOLAS ❤

    1. Oooh, I like long comments! 😀

      A directioner! That’s what they’re called! Thank you! I thought there must have been a name for them. 😛

      I think it would be sickening to go to a Lady Gaga concert!! Yes… John Williams is certainly a winner…

      Those are two very good reasons! People date waaaay too early these days! And yes! If you have Legolas, than you don’t need a boyfriend! 😛


  4. I love your answer for #6. I even read it out loud to my mom and she gave me a big thumb’s-up. Let’s just say we’ve had the same discussions at our house, LOL! That’s awesome that you’ve been a member of the NRA. I also share your exact sentiments as far as #21 goes and really want to encourage you to continue standing on that conviction. I’ve been a graduate for two years now and I don’t regret the decision to remain under my parents’ roof. The Lord has blessed me in ways that would’ve never taken place if I’d gone the “traditional route” to college. His way is the best way! “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths.”

    1. Thank you; I’m glad you have the same convictions as number six. 😀 And thank you so much for the encouragement about collage. I certainly have no yearning to attend collage for many different reasons and I’m so glad you’ve taken the same route!! 😀 *high fives* Thank you so much!!!


      1. All glory to God! He gave me and my parents that conviction when I was very young, and by His grace we’ve remained steadfast in it! It’ll be interesting to see where all He takes me in this season of my life, but He’s given me some clear direction in the past few weeks and that’s exciting 😀

  5. I really enjoyed reading your answers! I totally know what you meant in #10. Thankfully, I’ve never moved, but a lot of my friends are starting to move away to college and it’s really tough not being able to see them any more 😦
    And for #17–that’s kinda funny that you’re always mistaken for being two years older 😀 That’s something totally foreign to me–people always guess I’m 2 or three years younger. lol. I’m 16, but I’m very short. haha. Oh well… 😀

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