I’m Feeling Good

Yesterday’s Star Wars day was cool; we got to watch Empire Strikes Back for the second time (yes, I have only seen it twice). My Avengers t-shirt came in the mail, my nails turned out great and we had a good time together. (Pictures coming soon)

So… I’m feeling good. If you aren’t, maybe these can cheer you up. 😀

Speaking of superheroes; The Avengers is out and so many people have already seen it!!! I’m dying, I can’t wait to see it soon!

I can’t wait to see the next part of Steve’s story!

Anyway’s… see y’all later!



7 thoughts on “I’m Feeling Good

  1. LOL Hilarious!!!! 😀 😀 😀 the “LOL so true post #216” is great! 🙂 That top Avengers picture is majorly epic! 🙂


    1. 216 has always been my problem (but not Kayla’s, as she can read lips farely well!) 😀 😀 I thought you would like that Avengers picture! It’s a new favorite of mine!


  2. That first one is soo relateable for me! 😛
    And the Titanic one is like ROFL! Yeeah!
    Good funny post! XDDDD

  3. OOH I love ur photos! They made me laugh so hard! 😀 I’m glad u got to watch Star Wars on May the Fourth; I wasn’t able to do anything star wars-y in that day

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