Today felt like a five day….

Five names you’ve been called: Ha ha! Yes, I really have been called these names by other people–all outside my family!

1. Lord Vader

2. Mrs. Holmes

3. Mrs. America (as in, ‘married’ to Cap)

4. Wonder Woman (not quite being compared to the character but more in just being a wonder… I suppose…)

5. Lady Star Wars

Honorable Mention: A Nut. I’ve been called ‘a nut’ more times than I can count!

Five games you like to play: These aren’t all board games, by the way.

1. Cops and Robbers

2. Freeze Tag (Legacy style)

3. I Have (or I Have Not)

4. UNO

5. Monopoly

does this look cool or what!?

Five weapons I’d like to know how to use properly: YES! WEAPONS! (and I didn’t list regular guns because I already know how to use them properly.)

1. Bow and Arrow (I’ve done archery but not very much and I’ve never really been shown the truly ‘proper way’ to do it)

2. Knives (for knife throwing)

3. A machine gun (I’ve fired a machine gun, but it was a spur of the moment thing)

4. Grenades

5. A tank (I dream big, okay?)

Five ice cream flavors I totally dig:

1. Mint and chip

2. Chocolate

3. Moose track

4. Cotton Candy (rare when I get this)

5. …. anything with chocolate and caramel! lol

Five things I did yesterday:

1. Sat in a shallow wading pool for about 30 minutes

2. Ate a brownie

3. Walked the neighbor dogs

4. Worked more on restyling my hair

5. Wrote most of this post!



17 thoughts on “Today felt like a five day….

  1. Mrs. America AND Mrs. Holmes. you lucky thing. I get called Irene Adler all the time. And, my best friend is Spider Woman (you know, from the Basil Rathbone movie, ‘Spider Woman’). Then her brother (who calls me Irene, Irene Adler, or just Miss Adler BTW) is Sherlock Holmes. I kinda wonder at times were he is getting with that…he calls himself Sherlock, and me Irene..In the book and most movies, those two…huh…I might need to call him on that and get to the bottom of that mystery…
    I’ve also been called, Mean, Jerkette,mena, Annoying, mean, boss lady, and all by the same guy who calls me Irene….

    But thats ok.
    I call him King Jerk.

    1. Irene Adler! That’s awesome!!!! Yeah… when you think about it, that is a little suspicious! 😛 (I like that movie Spider Woman, by the way!) 😛


  2. Really good post! And it was fun! 😀 IIICCCCEE CREEEAAM! YUM- I WANT!
    And I smiled right after I read that last picture. XDDD It worked!

  3. Oh, and you weren’t called it to your face but someone once called you Vaderette! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

      1. Oh that was Jedigirl, on the day we did the Vader photoshoot and I was talking to her about it. Hahaha 😀

  4. You have shot a mechine gun! 😀 I am a little evious. 😉 That is really cool, and cool post. My Grandfather taught me how to throw Grenades like he was trained in the army. 🙂


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