Edited Photograph

One of the blogs I quietly follow is Fixed Focus Photography, and the author Savannah Jean announced a photo challenge called Edited Portraits. I’ve very recently taken some pictures of my sister Kayla and had had a great time editing them, so I thought I’d enter one.

I didn’t use any special editing software to do this, I only messed around with the color, lighting, and contrast. Below is the original picture if you’re interested.


New Page

Pretty Picture Tuesday for today will count in my new page, Visual List. A lot of bloggers like to make lists, so I thought I’d do the same of things I like–only visually. Visit it here.

Also, I’m getting together with a very old friend and pen-pal today!! I’m so excited to being seeing her again; it’s been so long since our last get-together! It will be so nice to catch up on life and it get to chat about things; she’s seen the Avengers and loved it, so I’ll finally get to talk to someone in real life about it! 😀



It’s a funny thing… how things happen… and than they suddenly become nothing but a faint memory. How something that meant so much now seems so long forgotten. What feels the worst is when I think that I’m the only one to remember. Do they think of me? Am I a gaping hole in their lives or do they hardly miss me at all because I never was anything to them in the first place? Does life feel funny for them like it does for me? I often don’t think so. And I often think they don’t remember either. For some people, I’ve only not seen them for several months, but others… for years. And I always wonder… how much they really notice.

However, when it comes to family, it’s a little different

My cousin Ben, my childhood best friend of ten years, graduated from high school this past week. Mom took Kayla and I to go see him; I was quite proud of him. After he’d gotten his diploma and the ceremony was over, the three of us found Uncle David and we found him together, being joined by old time friends. I ran to hug him… if I wasn’t as tall as I already am, I would’ve had to stand on tip toe to wrap my arm around his neck. He stands six feet tall and I’m quite jealous of his height; we’d always been the same size growing up. He’s been taller than me for over four years now, but I really felt it standing next to him as he explained he’d be studying criminal justice in college– my favorite thing ever. We only stayed a few minutes but it was good to see him.

In the car ride home, Kayla, Mom and I got to talking the ‘remember whens’. Because, honestly, I spent my entire childhood with Kayla, Ben and his younger sister Bethany. My entire childhood. He was my best friend since we’d learned to talk.  But I wondered if he and Bethany still remembered the countless hours we’d spent together…. because really, our families never see each other anymore. Ever. But mom said differently. She commented on something Kayla said, about how cool ‘cousins’ were. And she said the four of us, no matter how far apart we would drift, would always be able to come back together. Because we were family. And I felt hopeful.

I’m excited to see the future that God has written for us. But for now, I’ll be content with remembering…

Me, Kayla, Bethany and Ben on the beach approx. around 2004


Bubble Rap

I listen to lots of fun music, but the song of the week for me was certainly Bubble Rap, the silly song from the most recent VeggieTales show, Robin Good and his Not-So-Merry Men. I’ve not see the entire show, but I found Bubble Rap on Youtube and I surprised myself by how much I enjoyed watching it. It has been stuck in my head all week now.

I love Boyz in the Sink; it’s hilarious to see Larry, Jimmy, Mr Lunt and Junior dressed up as rappers (I kinda like Mr. Lunt’s hair.) This song also has some great harmony by the end, which sounds so awesome. And who doesn’t like Khalil cameos? XD He was hilarious in Jonah… which I really want to re-watch now…

Besides, who doesn’t adore bubble wrap? It’s one of my most favorite things. I love twisting it, and popping them and jumping on them like when I was five. “We’re rappin’ and we’re snapping our bubble, bubble, bubble wrap!”

Not that any of you care about Boyz in the Sink… eheheh. (warning, another VeggieTale post is certainly come.)

Also, Mom is taking Kayla and I to see the Avengers again this afternoon. We’re so stoked! 😀


Film Score Friday: The Star Wars Themes on Two Pianos

I love Star Wars and I also play and love the piano! So, how awesome is this? Two people playing on two pianos to make the sound of one song!!!!

The Cantina; I love playing this song on my keyboard myself, but my version sounds nothing like this!!!

The Imperial March; it still sounds just as forceful even if isn’t a full orchestra playing it.

March of the Ewoks. I love this tune a lot, it fits these SW creatures perfectly. It sounds amazing done completely on piano.

Force Theme is one of the most beautiful pieces of music ever. Nuff said.