Kayla (Cowgirl and Agent)

I’m feeling horrible today with a cough and congestion, so I don’t feel at all up to building a film score Friday. I’m releasing this post early instead.

A part of the deal behind my Deputy Penny Percival photo shoot was that I would take pictures of Kayla in her own photo shoot. She chose to go cowboy and we did it in the backyard. I’m actually pretty pleased with how they came out and I enjoyed processing them later. I also included recent shots I got of her this past week as well in her trench coat attire. So, here’s my best friend and lil sis.

Kayla is actually pretty photogenic, even though she normally is the one taking the pictures around here. I especially like how she’s grown out her bangs for a more ‘grown up’ look. Her cowboy outfit consisted of cowboy boots, jeans, jean shirt, cowboy hat, belt, holster, handgun and rifle.

Here she is in her trench coat attire–I don’t know what else to call it–which we shot in an alley/waterway at the bottom of our cul-de-sac.

I’m very proud of this picture. I love processing pictures to look like this. 😛 I was able to nearly wipe out the entire school building in the background!!!!

My personal favorite from the Trench Coat batch. 😛

So that sums up what little photography I’ve managed over the last week. Would y’all be a dear and leave a comment telling Kayla which picture from each photo shoot is your favorite? I think she’d love that! Thanks. 🙂