Deputy Penny Percival: The Other “Me”

This is what you call a ‘unique’ edition to Pretty Picture Tuesday! Anyway, I have a ‘second identity character’ which you’ve met previously in this picture here ^ …. That’s Officer Penny Percival, The Sheriff’s most trusted deputy. Also known as me. Haha! She (*cough*me*cough*) is the subject for today!

I recently pulled together her official outfit for a photo shoot. The pictures turned out awesome. So here is another set of me on the spur of the moment going out in a costume. I actually think they’re just as pretty darn good as the Darth Vader set. Different but darn good.

Kayla took a total of 99 shots but I managed to whittle that number down to under ten. Most of the shots are of my shoes… I’m pleased with the way my shoes look. They go super well with my new trench coat.

My complete costume which I used was my black high heeled boots, my new woman’s trench coat, my wooden handled umbrella, my black glasses, a black hair clip, one of Kayla’s toy handguns and one of our trick cigarettes which, when you blow into them, puffs out a powder that looks ridiculously like smoke. It’s awesome.

Penny’s a real fighter, a real serious character. She’s very sharp when it comes to following orders and doing her duty. Penny saves the day in the small ways, mostly; she remembers where The Sheriff put which papers and which weapons and she juggles the different criminal evidences between her own pockets and his. When it comes to heavy duty stuff, The Sheriff is normally the one to lead the way and Penny is normally behind him with a long range weapon watching his back. She’ll sit where The Sheriff puts her because the ambushes always pull off and he normally has all the good plans anyway and she’ll tackle any big bellowing problem he asks her two. She’s pretty good when it comes to being a trusty lawmen.

Recognize that background? That’s the same sidewalk I walked down in my Darth Vader suit. *insert a sarcastic “ha. ha.” here*

Penny is a lot like my reflection and then she’s very much my opposite. For one thing, while Penny’s moral standards are just like mine when it comes to law, justice, peace and other conservative thoughts, she does not talk very much. Penny only speaks when she feels it necessary or when conferencing with The Sheriff. But mostly, she is very silent. Now, talking of Jamie? Let’s just say talking is one of my the things I love to do–as long as it’s an appropriate time to do it, of course.

Of course, this is Penny taken up five levels. Penny’s normal costume has been mostly a jean skirt, the trusty hand gun… and I’ve used the sunglasses before. Hopefully, soon, anytime now…. she’ll get to wear the trench coat when on duty.

Okay, last shot of my shoes. Bare with me. 😛

These shoes are also literal killing machines. That’s why I don’t wear them anywhere, and the reason Penny has not worn them on a single expedition. Would not do to be stalked by Frankie and Scarlett Blood and ALSO have her shoes hurting her. Nope. Would not be good.

Oh. Picture credit to my dear sister Kayla who was willing to go out in the heat on the spur of the moment to take pictures of me. See even more pictures (not as many as my shoes) which she edited herself on her photography blog. She’s pretty cool (keep an eye out for her own cowboy themed picture post later this week!) 😀

Officer Percival, signing off.


16 thoughts on “Deputy Penny Percival: The Other “Me”

  1. Mawhahahaha! Scarlett Blood is amused…. Penny you haven’t seen the last of me. You remember how I killed you cops that one time and that good for nothing Frank? You haven’t seen nothin’. Scarlett Blood rules this town…. XD Oh yeah.
    Sheriff what’s his name doesn’t concern me a bit. But I’m keeping my eye on you deputy….
    -Miss Blood

    1. *stares* Well, well. Scarlett Blood. Should have known you’d be dropping by. Seriously, you way under estimate The Sheriff. And don’t worry…. I’ll be watching you too.

      Officer Percival

  2. LOL! That was fun taking pictures listening to Intuition. XD Should do it again.
    Penny is cool. Officer whats his name is nothing without you. 😛 haha.

    1. Lol, yes I think it did give that ‘oomphf’ of inspiration! HAHA!

      My gosh, thank you very much. I do think The Sheriff could handle himself well without me…. I think… Boy, I sound confident! LOL


    1. LOL! Good question! There’s not really a ‘why’ behind it, actually. The first night Dylan, Daryck, Kayla and I played Cops and Robbers, we all just made up names for ourselves. The name Penny just popped into my head and I randomly added Percival at the end. 😀


      1. Because it’s just fun to say “Penny Percival”! :p

        You’ll need another name starting with a P if you ever need a middle name. Paulie maybe? 😀

        To the KING be all the glory!

      2. LOL! Yeah—oh, my bad girl name is Pen (we once played the game boys against girls). I was going to stick with Percival as the last name but Dylan kept calling me “Miss Penelope” so I’m afraid I have a ridiculous but hilarious last name for when I’m a robber instead of a cop! Can you believe that name? Miss Penelope?? I tried correcting him about three times and than gave up—apparently he thought the name suited me or something! 😛


  3. The costume looks awesome! I love the angle of your photographs and stuff, especially the last one! 😀 I don’t like cigarettes, but this looks cool 😀

    1. Thanks so much; yes Kayla did a great job doing the different angles; some of the positions were a little uncomfortable! I’m not keen on smoking either (wouldn’t do it myself) but they look good for photos! 😛 Mom says to be careful with them so we don’t shock our relatives! HAHAHA!


  4. Great costume! You look very cool, like a noir style detective. 🙂 You also kind of look like a Terminator. lol 😀

    P.S. Sorry for taking SO long again to comment.


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