I have nothing better to do than make a ROFL post…

Haha..ha…ha…… okay, that’s actually just plain weird….. But it was still funny! XD And actually, I do need to practice the piano for church tomorrow. So, you can guess what my Saturday is going to be busy with!




15 thoughts on “I have nothing better to do than make a ROFL post…

  1. Jamie…
    D is for dark side.. *choke noise*….Clapping like retarded seal…*gag laughing*…Jap-ja-japan..*dying from laughter*….Beiber Hell…*SNORT*….Lectures at school, Pain, and Transformers.

    These are epic.

    And the headphones/hat one is true! “Hey man!” LOL!
    For some reason I was laughing hard at that Spider Web one!
    Oh man! That Facebook makes me totally think of Tabby…. 😛
    AND ALL OF THEM! 😀 😀 😀 I loved em Jamie! It was perfect for today!

  3. I was clapping like a retarded seal after reading this post! ROFL! 😀 This is one of the funniest “ROFL” posts you have posted! 😀


  4. I showed this to some of the girls, Jamie and they loved it! XDDDD I thought you might like to know.

  5. haha, oh all of these were so good! And the lightswitch one is totally me. I still can’t remember which lightswitch turns on the kitchen or front door light XD lol

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