The Long and Short of Our Trip

Let me see how well I can recount our trip… as short as I can put it. Oh. Pictures we did take–they’ll be coming shortly.

Tuesday: Left at about 7:30, loaded my new game Zumba and onto the laptop and played that a lot in the car. Looked at my story (which I’m starting to wonder if I’ll finish by the deadline). Nathan lost his first tooth. We listened to The Magician’s Nephew and it cleared up a lot of things that I’d been wondering about when we had read The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe. A rather frustrating but interesting story. Stayed in Santa Rosa for the night. Hotel didn’t have The Food Network. Quite disappointing. Kayla and I stayed up till nearly 1:00 in the morning watching One Night With the King on my laptop.

Wednesday: Uh, we listened to audio version of The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe. Loved Edmund’s voice–fit his character perfectly. Typed more story, daydreamed a bit, I think we stayed in Oklahoma for the night. Food Network was at the hotel, glory be, and we got to see Chopped (YES) and Restaurant Impossible with Robert Irvine, who is an absolute hoot. I love that show. By the way, Robert never fails to impress me with his size. He might be a chef but I think he’s a body builder too. I kept thinking, “Wow, I think Thor might meet his match in this guy!” Hahahaha! Sorry, Kayla…

Thursday: Listened to A Horse and His Boy. FINALLY arrive in Branson. We arrive super early at 1:00 PM ( were supposed to check in at 4:00!) but the people at the hotel let us check in early and we got a room super close to the lobby where the stairs was, so that was convenient. After unloading everything (and realizing internet connection was absolute crap) our family decided to check out the huge grounds of our hotel, which was the famous Laurence Welk Hotel, by the way. Dad, Nathan and I decided to swim because the pool was empty. It was this HUGE indoor pool with curves and different depths and a 80 FOOT SLIDE! Holy macaroni, it was so long and twisty! I went down it about twelve times. The kicker was that you had to walk up five flights of stairs so I was tired afterwards.

That night we visited the Titanic Museum. This was the part I had been looking forward too, but sadly THEY WOULDN’T LET US TAKE PICTURES! We were all disappointed, especially me. Anyway, it was cool non the less. There were a lot of reennactors, and they’re not my most favorite things in the world, especially when they’re people you recognize from Vision Forum places. Not sure how many of you are familiar with the people from Vision Forum (I know my church friends are, anyway), but we got to talk briefly with Doug Phillips, as he was reenacting someone and talked pleasantly with us. I’ve met him before actually, but that was back when I was twelve and he probably didn’t recognize us. Anyway, that was super neat. And then in the gift shop, we were nearly run over by the entire Dugger family who clamored in. But they’re famous, so that was cool see them. They didn’t have their film crew with them, though. Anyway, it was late when we got back to the hotel at about 9:00 and I think we stayed up watching Chopped and Sweet Genius.

Friday: The Conference official began. Talks during the afternoon. Dinner at Fudruckers. Music entertainment in the hall in the evening from Charlie Zahm who sings and plays the old ballads of long lost time, but my most favorite of the entertainers from the entire event were the ‘third class Irish lads’ (pictured below, photo credit to Doug Phillips) The four young men sounded awesome when they sang and they played their instruments beautiful. They were certainly my favorite. After music they rolled the old film A Night to Remember, which was really good. It’s credited to being the most accurate Titanic film to have been made! Didn’t get to bed till well near 12:00!

Saturday: The actual date of the Titanic sinking. The big boat ride on the Branson Belle. I was not thrilled at the idea of riding on a boat on the anniversary of a ship that sank… seriously, it sounds so smart, doesn’t it? I was even more alarmed when I mentioned that I couldn’t see where they could keep any lifeboats and Mom said they didn’t have any at all. Kayla said it was probably a sign that we would certainly sink, but thankfully, that didn’t happen. We ate a nice dinner inside an impressive dining room (Like, SUPER impressive.) We ate a nice dinner and there was a lot of musical entertainment. The boat docked back in at about 9:00 and we left the party at 11:00, way before it ended. Notice all the late nights?

Sunday: packed up to leave.  We skipped the Sunday Service because they were taking forever to get the thing started, so we just decided to leave. Heard Prince Caspain. We got pretty far on our journey, I did a little writing in the car. Kayla and I were quite eager to be heading home. In the evening we stopped, watched Food Network, stayed up too late on accident. We might have watched Toy Story… I can’t remember.

Monday: Listened to Voyage of the Dawn Treader. Anxious to be getting home, but was super uncomfortable in the car. We ended up stopping early at a hotel– parents and Nathan napped, Kayla and I watched Toy Story 2 on the laptop. Diners, Drive Ins and Dives was the only thing of Food Network, but at least we like the host, Guy. He’s pretty cool chap. Love his blonde spiky hair!

Tuesday.  Listened to The Silver Chair. Got home. Dryer broke. Exhausted from lack of sleep. And I don’t think I drank enough water while we were gone. Saw The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe before going to bed. Good movie, review coming soon.

And I am now tired of recounting our trip. I think I shall retire very soon now…


14 thoughts on “The Long and Short of Our Trip

    1. Yes–actually, I forgot to mention in my post (I wrote it super fast) but at the big dinner, our family sat right next to theirs! So that was super neat, too. 😀


  1. Good renouncement. How dare you say a food network chef beats Thor. 😛 LOL!
    Toy Story was funny XD “How bout letting the guy with fingers drive?” ROFL!

    1. Haha, I didn’t say he could beat Thor. I thought he could give Thor a good challenge; you know what Thor likes, “Make it a challenge for me!” LOL

      😛 Best part is in the story, “I’m a married spud! I’m married spud!” “And make room for the single fellas!” HAHA!


      1. LOL! Oh yes! Of course! Thor loves those challenges! XD

        HAHA! Yeah that part is funny! And Tour guide barbie is so classic! I like her XD LOL! And-and *laughing* remember at the end when she’s like, “……Bye-bye. Bye by now! Bye-bye!… is that it? Are we done now?…… Oh! Oh man my cheeks are killing me!!!” ROTFL!!!!

      2. LOL! Yes, she’s hilarious. “Can you take us to Al’s office?” “Please hold all questions till the end of the tour. Thank you!” 😛 HA HA!


    1. Hi, thanks for the welcome! Yes, I heard a new clip came out but I’ve not watched it yet. May 4th is so close, I think I’m going to wait and see everything else in the movie! 😀


  2. Wow! You have had a very busy trip. 😉
    I like Robert’s other TV show, Dinner Impossible. I have watched a few different Food Network series before.
    The Titanic Museum looks cool, I like history in general and I have seen many history specials on the Titanic. 🙂
    It’s cool that you saw the Dugger’s, I think my mother watchs their TV show. Aren’t they the family with almost two dozen kids?
    Can’t wait for the Narnia and Die Hard reviews! 😀

    P.S. Sorry for taking so long to comment.


    1. Very busy and very tiring! Haha! Dinner Impossible! Yes! I love that show too, we actually own the first season. But they didn’t show any on TV. Just Restaurant Impossible. Yes, the Duggers have nineteen kids (and the oldest is married with two or even three kids of his own! 😀 Thanks for the long comment, James!


  3. Hi, Jamie! I just found your blog and have loved every minute I’ve spent reading it over the past few days. The Lord has really been blessing me by leading to me to several different blogs–all of them written by girls who are JUST LIKE ME! It makes me feel like I’m not the weirdest girl in the universe, if you know what I mean–there ARE other people who share my same interests. You know, the cooking-sewing-reading-writing homemaker-in-training who loves All Things Vision Forum, but also loves target practice, high-action historical films and books, movie soundtracks, and ROFL posts. Oh, and Luke Skywalker is the best.


    Anyway, just wanted to say that we had REALLY wanted to go to the Titanic event, but since we’d already been to the Film Festival in February, we couldn’t make it. I’m glad to hear it was so fun! And if you go to another VF event in the future, just know: you will never, EVER go to bed early. I’ve been to three different ones and I’ve never gotten in bed before midnight. Just so you know! 🙂


    1. Hi Maribeth!!!

      Thank you so much for the wonderful comment; my day has hardly started but you’ve made it super bright already!!! Yes, I completely understand the ‘am I the only one?’ feeling, I’m so glad I was able to encourage you in that way! You totally described me, I’m all those things!! *high five*

      HAHA! Thanks for the heads up; I learned that the hard way! LOL I’m still working on another post about the different things I learned from the Titanic part, so keep an eye out for it!! The Film Festival!!! How awesome! I think it would be fun to attend one of those! 😀

      Thanks again for your comment!!!! Hope to hear from you again in the future! 😀


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