Movie Collection: Part 1

I love movies. And I’ve begun making my own collection of films that I will want to take with me to my own home after I get married. Movies I’ll want to see when I’ve got morning sickness and will need a distraction and some films that I’ll even want my kids to see while growing up–maybe not all when they’re very young, but some. So, may I present part 1 of my movie collection that is forever growing.

Chicken Run

This is my latest addition which I picked up only this past Friday and I watched it again for the second time Monday evening. It’s a fun story with a beautiful score, hilarious characters and a setting similar to Nazi Concentration Camps–for chickens.

The Prince of Egypt

This has been one of my favorite animated films for a very, very long time. The music stands out above everything else as being very captivating and majestic and the songs have spoken to my core. I also love this version of the Biblical story. And I love the chariot race at the beginning; best score and best animation ever.

Monsters Inc

This probably ranks in my top five favorite animated films ever and one I’d certainly recommend that everyone should see. It’s creative, down right hilarious, and just all around great. For you doubters out there; yeah, I’ve been where you are right now. First time I looked at the box I was like, “Monsters? What the heck. I’m not going to waste my time.” However, when I did finally sit down to watch… well, I bought it, didn’t I? So, yeah, just put it on your ‘watch soon’ list okay? You’ll probably thank me later. And the prequel is coming out next year! I AM GOING TO DIE, I CAN’T WAIT!!!

Iron Will

And would you believe I can’t find a trailer for it? Oh, what the heck. Here’s it’s score instead.

The score is one of my favorite parts about this movie. No. Wait. I love the whole thing. The sled dogs, the snow, the action, the adventure, Will’s perseverance and strength, the race, the competition, the music, the sled dogs, Will, the sled dogs, the action, the sled dogs…. I really like dogs, actually. Anyway, this is a great movie!

And, yes, all four of these are part of my collection. 😀 Let’s see, which ones should I blog about next . . . . . ?



6 thoughts on “Movie Collection: Part 1

  1. I think I have seen the first three when I was very young but I do not think I have seen Iron Will. I do not have a huge collection of movies yet since I record a lot of movie on movie channels and on my TV DVR but I do own all of Star Wars, Indiana Jones, LOTR (Blu-Ray), Spider-Man, Captain America (Blu-Ray/DVD), Thor (Blu-Ray/DVD) and a few others. 🙂 I have always wanted to know what you had in your movie collection. 😀


    1. Haha, well, now you can find out! 😛 I’d love to own my own tapes of Star Wars, and the Avenger films (hopefully, someday, LOTR too). 😀


  2. . I’ve never seen Chicken Run or Prince of Egypt, but I have seen Monsters Inc. And Iron Will…. I love that movie!!!!

    I’ve started my own movie collection, too. I’m actually one of the only people I know that has started that, so I’m glad to hear that you have, too–I’m not alone!! lol. I have three of the Star Wars (my sis has the other three), all of the Narnia movies, and most of the Oscars and Hammerstein musicals. Plus the complete BBC Robin Hood TV series. I totally recommend watching it! It’s pretty clean–my family and I were really surprised!!
    Sorry for the super long comment! 😦 I just really like talking about movies haha.

    1. Yes, you’ve seen Iron Will! It’s so underrated and it really should be a better known film! It’s sooo good! 😀

      I really need to look into the Robin Hood show! I alos love Hammerstein films; I definitely need to look out for them! 🙂 I’m also encouraged that you collect your own movies too! 😀 YAY! I loved you’re long comment, too!!!!!!


  3. Hello Jamie,

    Great pick of movies so far! I have to say, I should probably be doing this for when I get married as well. Thanks for the great idea!

    I loved Chicken Run, though I haven’t seen it in forever, as well as The Prince Of Egypt, which I also haven’t seen in, you guessed it, forever. That’s something I should watch, soon, though. As far as Monster, Inc…well, I can quote it, so that tells you how much I love that movie.

    Great picks, as I said. Looking forward to seeing the rest!

    Best Wishes,


    1. I’m glad you’d like to try the idea!! I’m also glad you at least remember seeing Chicken Run and Prince of Egypt. They don’t seem to be the most well-known in film circles. 😀 Monsters Inc is SUCH a good movie for quotes! “That thing is a killing machine!” “Lalalalalalal…” Heehee.


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