Santa Rosa, NM

Mom’s flicking through the channels, Kayla’s rummaging about her things, Nathan is on the couch, craning his neck trying to see the TV and Dad’s reading. And here I am. We had a good day of driving today. I’m SO PLEASED to share that I actually did some writing and am so ready to keep going tomorrow. I also played my new game Zuma and shared my laptop with Nathan to play Disney’s Magic Artist Studio (which I grew up with, I’m so happy it runs on my computer.)

ALSO, five year old Nathan lost his first tooth! It’s one of his front bottom teeth and it’s been wiggly for quite a few days but today it was hanging by a thread today and he didn’t tell anybody till lunch time. We went inside Arby’s and after we’d put our order in and was waiting for it, I took Nathan to go look out one of the windows and he announced, “Jamie, my tooth is really loose.” I looked at it and it was bleeding and nearly twisting all the way around. I kept very calm so not to alarm him too much as he was looking a little nervous, and I asked, “Do ya want me to pull it out?” He stood there with his jaw jutted out for a moment and than he nodded ‘yeah’. So I grabbed a napkin, stuck my hand in his mouth, took hold and gave a half pull twist. It popped right out! So, not only was it his first pulled tooth but it was also my first time pulling one out! Mom wrapped the tooth up in a napkin to save it and we took a picture of him grinning later on. So, that was really exciting.

And tonight I took Nathan swimming in the hotel pool, for probably forty five minutes. Mom took a few pictures, so I’ll share those on my picture blog sooner than later.

I’m off to do a few other things, but before I go I need to say HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY TO SAVANNA! WHOOOHOO! Have a good day tomorrow, girl! It’s been SO GOOD getting to know you over cyberspace; thanks for sticking so long with me and my blog! It means so much to me! And keep up your blogging, you run one of my top five favorite blogs! 😀 😀 😀




2 thoughts on “Santa Rosa, NM

  1. Glad your trip is going well! Praying that you all are safe and have a great trip!

    Congratulations Nathan!! I can hardly believe how big your getting! 🙂


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