What If . . .

The Empire came to take over earth? What if AT-AT walkers tried to take over the highways? What if X-Wings flew for defense through New York City? What if the Empire wanted to take over the earth? What if Star Wars took place on earth . . .

At the exact same time during the Avengers???????

What if the Avengers joined the Rebels?

What if Darth Vader and Bobba Fett were joined by Loki and Red Skull for ultimate dominance??

What if the Jedi Council met SHIELD (and Nick Fury and Mace Windu turned out to be long lost twins)?

What if lightsabers joined hammer, shield and iron suits in the fight for liberty?


You’re now all thinking I’m on crack. Don’t worry. I’m not. I’m just getting over eating all that Easter candy. 😀

Still, it’s a fascinating idea, don’t you think? 🙂



5 thoughts on “What If . . .

    1. Haha, good heavens, I’m in the middle of too many books and stories right now to even consider plot ideas! If you want to, be my guest! 😀 Glad you like it!


      1. Very well. After dragging my whole family (or maybe just my Dad, because He’d like the movie) I shall start on the fan fiction of a lifetime! *suppressed giggle*

  1. Your not crazy. I have actually considered making some Stop Motion movies with a lot of different crossovers from my favorite franchise like Star Wars, Marvel, Doctor Who, Terminator, DC, The Matrix, and others but it never really worked. 🙂

    Your “You’re now all thinking I’m on crack.” part at the end really cracked me up (OK really bad use of a pun but I had to say it). It was hilarious! I couldn’t help but laugh! 😀 ROFL!


    1. Wow, that’s a lot of crossovers for one story! LOL But it’s really fun to think about the idea even if it never pulls off. 😀

      Haha, glad I got ya to laugh. And that WAS a bad joke but funny non the less! 😛 LOL


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