Film Score Friday: Iron Man 2

Wednesday we watched Iron Man 2 for the second time. And while it’s not as good as Iron Man, it certainly has several memorable and awesome moments. I think my favorite part is at the end when the drones are shooting off things and one of them comes across a little boy wearing and Iron Man helmet. And just as it’s about to blast the boy, Tony drops down behind the kid and saves him. AWESOMEST MOMENT EVER! . . . awesomest. That’s not a word.


Love this track; it’s also the menu music for Iron Man 2, as well. I was so excited when I realized that! It’s got the classic Iron Man feel to it.


This is an awesome score to an awesome fight scene. I’m so looking forward to seeing more of Black Widow’s moves in the Avengers!


*squeak* Nick Fury, director of SHEILD! I love this part of the score. It’s calmer than the rest but still has that… whatcha’ wanna call it? Swag? Yeah, Nick’s pretty cool…

And now this track; I want to point on this one how by listening to it, you can actually tell what’s going on in the story:


At 3:13, you can hear the build up as all the drones are getting ready to explode and Tony’s all, “oh my gosh, I got to save Pepper” and you can just hear in the music how as time ticks those drones are seconds from exploding and than the music takes on a heroic twist at  3:35 and you know Tony’s swooped out of the sky and rescued Pepper. *cheers*

I’m loving this soundtrack so much right now. I’d say please forgive me, but I’m not sorry.



3 thoughts on “Film Score Friday: Iron Man 2

  1. Iron Man 2 has a great soundtrack, but I kind of wish it was composed by the same person that composed Iron Man 1’s soundtrack but it still is awesome! Did you like Thor or Iron Man 2 more?


    1. Yes, I do wish the themes were a little more similar, but it’s still really great music. Do you mean in films or music? Between the music, I like Iron Man 2’s soundtrack better but between films, I like Thor more. 😀


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