Giggles, Anyone?

I’ve come across a few videos I just had to share, old and new, so I thought I’d do it today.  Here’s a quick overview in case you only want to watch a few now. 😀

Young Avengers: Target Commercial 0:31

Justin Bieber’s Macy’s Commercial 0:30

Avengers Assemble New York Comic Con 3:56

Donald’s Happy Birthday 6:45

The Emperor’s Phone Call 2:28

Diva’s Snickers Commercial: 0:30

Young Avengers

This could have been longer! Every single Avenger fan needs to see this for their inner child. Come on. We all want to do this or we do do this on our insides. We all want to be superheroes. And I don’t recommend reading most comment sections on Youtube, but this one is priceless:

“I’m going to Target and I expect Tom Hiddleston to be there in person, running between the aisles in costume, screaming “I DO WHAT I WANT!””


Justin Bieber Macy’s Commercial

So, I’m not a Bieber fan or anything. This video is just too hilarious though. All fangirls act like that, but it’s so hilarious seeing grown men also react like that too! I laughed SO. HARD. when I first saw this. I also end up re-watching it a lot.

Avengers Assemble: Comic Con

This video gets me so hyped. I’d love to attend one of these and meet all the actors and get my picture taken with them and get signed posters–ahg, I’d just die if I could meet Chris Evans and Tom Hiddelston and Robert Downey Jr. By the way; that is the most awesome text message ever (at 2:05). Another reason why I love Chris Evans. He rocks. And I know that trailer they play is super old, but I’m serious; I’ve watched that one more than any of the recent ones. I love the song that plays. It’s so perfect. Okay, I’ll stop now….

Donald’s Happy Birthday

What I love about this cartoon is that, for once, the nephews aren’t trying to be bad. Poor Donald, here he thinks he’s helping them in the long run and than by the end he realizes everything they were doing was for him and not for themselves.

The Emperor’s Phone Call *slight language caution for younger viewers*

This was too funny not to share. I laughed myself to tears when I first saw this. For stop animation, it’s pretty sweet. It’s a funny way to see the Emperor, too. My favorite line? “What the h*ll is a aluminum falcon?!” Oh my gosh, my sides hurt. . . .

EDIT: how the heck did I forget to post this one?!?!?!?!

I can’t remember where I saw this but this is so hilarious and so accurate all the way around. Just… ROFL. “oooh, I turn into a diva!” HAHAHAHA. Sorry. I just had to add this one.

Anyway . . . how’d y’all like that?! Which video was your favorite?



8 thoughts on “Giggles, Anyone?

  1. The target commercial is adorable and so cool!
    And I LUV the Emperor video….ROFLUID! XDDDDD

  2. AVENGERS!!!!!

    Okay, now that that’s out of my system.

    I saw the Little Avengers the other day, and I absolutely LOVE it. It’s so cute to see those little kids in their costumes, and it definitely makes me want to visit Target to buy a shield or hammer (no Iron-Man mask, sorry.).

    And I loved:

    “I’m going to Target and I expect Tom Hiddleston to be there in person, running between the aisles in costume, screaming “I DO WHAT I WANT!””

    LOL Sooo funny. I kind of had the same impression, and it sounds like a very Loki thing to do. 😀

    I hadn’t seen the Macy’s commercial, but it was soooo funny. I love the grown men screaming like little girls.

    The Avengers Comic-Con clip was awesome, too. I would definitely be fainting if I saw any of the cast (esp. Tom Hiddleston, because I just love Loki <3). It makes me even more excited for the upcoming film!!!!

    Anyway, great picks, and thanks for the laughs!


    1. *loves your long speal about the Avengers* We were actually just at Target last week and I nearly bought an Iron Man mask. I ended up getting an Iron Man figure instead though. Hahaha. He’s actually sitting right here on my desk. 😛

      Thanks for the super long comment! I loved it! 😀


  3. ROFL These are hilarious! 😀
    The Avengers kids is a funny one.
    The Comic-Con is always awesome! I wish I could go to one some time. 🙂
    The Emperor’s Phone Call is ROFL hilarious! 😀 I also like the “Slight Weapons Malfunction” from Robot Chicken (I posted it below). The Emperor’s Phone Call is my favorite of the videos! 😀


    1. ROFL that was awesome! “We’ll send a team up to build the new reactor!” HAHAHAHAH! OH GOSH! I think I saw the whole Robot Chicken video once but Emperor’s Phone Call was my favorite! 😀


  4. Have to say: I keep watching that Emperors call- ROFL!

    “Uh, get me a turkey club. Uhh, Coleslaw I guess, I’m not even going to eat it!……..huh? Oh cherry coke.” ROFL!

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