what’s being released this week????

As far as I know, we’re not going to be seeing it opening night and not even the day afterwards. But hopefully within the month we’ll have seen it though! I’m so excited–I can’t believe it’s here at last!! Movie of the year, please be awesome.

What am I saying? It will be.

Look out, Loki. Your pants are about to be kicked. Hard.



Kayla (Cowgirl and Agent)

I’m feeling horrible today with a cough and congestion, so I don’t feel at all up to building a film score Friday. I’m releasing this post early instead.

A part of the deal behind my Deputy Penny Percival photo shoot was that I would take pictures of Kayla in her own photo shoot. She chose to go cowboy and we did it in the backyard. I’m actually pretty pleased with how they came out and I enjoyed processing them later. I also included recent shots I got of her this past week as well in her trench coat attire. So, here’s my best friend and lil sis.

Kayla is actually pretty photogenic, even though she normally is the one taking the pictures around here. I especially like how she’s grown out her bangs for a more ‘grown up’ look. Her cowboy outfit consisted of cowboy boots, jeans, jean shirt, cowboy hat, belt, holster, handgun and rifle.

Here she is in her trench coat attire–I don’t know what else to call it–which we shot in an alley/waterway at the bottom of our cul-de-sac.

I’m very proud of this picture. I love processing pictures to look like this. 😛 I was able to nearly wipe out the entire school building in the background!!!!

My personal favorite from the Trench Coat batch. 😛

So that sums up what little photography I’ve managed over the last week. Would y’all be a dear and leave a comment telling Kayla which picture from each photo shoot is your favorite? I think she’d love that! Thanks. 🙂


The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe

So, as I’ve already mentioned, our family has listened to all but one of Focus On The Family Radio Theaters renditions of The Chronicles of Narnia (which, if you’re looking for a good maker of audio dramas, then they’re what your looking for.) Dad apparently wanted us to first hear the book and than hear the audio before we could see the movie, but we finally got around to seeing that right after we got back from our trip.

I’ll be reviewing the overall story–including all three sources of book, audio and film.

I do want to say for starters to my readers, that I did not grow up knowing anything about The Chronicles of Narnia. My sister and I have shocked many friends when we’ve confessed that we had no clue to the series whatsoever, and the reason is because our family has a great disdain for magic. Our parents didn’t want us growing up with magic and so most stories containing it were not allowed into our household (this is why I didn’t grow up with the magical Disney stories either). Our parents, now, have decided we are old enough to handle the stories with magic with better knowledge about them… so that, I suppose, is the reason they suddenly decided to dig the stories.

(I would much rather go in the Lord of the Rings direction personally… maybe we can go there after this Narnia business is all done with in a couple of months. ;D I need to put those books on hold at the library.)

The book, which we first read…. it is not on my list of ‘amazing pieces of literature’ and it’s also not on the re-read list either. For some reason, CS Lewis writing style annoyed me, so it’s a little hard to enjoy the book if you can’t enjoy the way it was written. I don’t really know why it annoyed me; it just did. The story was alright but through most of it, I kept thinking, “How the heck did this become a classic?”

Maybe I misunderstood the story or something. I don’t know. (I will say that the story had way more meaning when we finally heard the audio book, The Magician’s Nephew. Details like how the wardrobe was magical and how Narnia was made, gave the story more realism.) Non the less, my first impressions from the original tale it’s self was mild distaste and un-interest. I was, though, fairly confident that the radio drama and film would be much better.

The audio version of The Lion The Witch and the Wardrobe was very good; almost exactly like the book (in fact at one point, I was like, “I don’t even need to listen to this; it’s nearly word for word!”) It was much more enjoyable as an audio book though, as the sound effects, different voices and music made it much easier to see the story in my head. My favorite voice from the whole thing was Edmund’s and I was sad when I remembered he wouldn’t have that voice in the film.

After we’d heard both book and drama, I came to the conclusion that Peter was my favorite of the different characters. 😀 But I’ll get to him later.

The film = masterpiece. Not just because of it’s effects, music and acting. I’ve never seen a movie stick so close to it’s original book source as The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe did. Outside of a few slight changes (which h0nestly improved the story), it was very near exact to the book and audio. Only… better.

The dialogue was better. We got a better look at the children’s back story in the film (see beginning). Edmund and Peter’s character exchanges gave the redeemed part at the end more depth. Some of other characters where given more depth, like Mr Tumnus, whom I connected with much better in the film. Probably the only thing I didn’t like very much was the change they gave to Susan. I’ll talk about that later. But outside of that, I can’t complain about the changes.

A quick sketch for several of the main characters, starting with Lucy.

Lucy is probably the most overrated character of the entire series. Everybody loves Lucy, because she embodies the spirit of faith, and she always believed in Aslan, and she brought everyone to Narnia *insert sarcastic blah, blah, blahs here*. To me, she was an okay character. Not very dimensional though.

Edmund; the annoying, rebellious one who is thankfully redeemed by the end. He had all the best lines. Deal with it (along with Mr Beaver, of course.) I liked his character quite a bit, actually. His journey of rebellion to repentance and redemption was well built as his attitude gradually changed instead of one minute being a brat and the next minute being an angel. So, I like Edmund quite a bit.

As I said above, I was rather split about Susan before we watched Prince Caspian (I will talk about my thoughts of her when I review that film seperatly). In the audio and book, Susan was a protective older sister and tended to want to stay back in obvious safety instead of blunder off into a new world. In the film, Susan was much more of a annoying blamer and was constantly tearing Peter down. I wish she hadn’t been so sharp in the film. As an overall character, she’s okay (I learned to like her a lot more in Prince Caspian.)

Peter. Easily my favorite by far. He’s certainly the most mature of the siblings and I loved seeing his instictive protectiveness of his sisters. He was always watching out for Lucy especially because she’s the smallest and weakest of them all. I did think it was a bit far-fetching for him to suddenly in charge of an entire army (seriously, Aslan) and actually know what he was doing. But, that’s a minor complaint. Overall, he’s my favorite.

The White Witch, the villain. She was a consistent character from book to film. Cold, powerful, selfish, and uncaring about everything except herself. She had really pretty and interesting clothes though.

Mr Tumnus, the one character who gradually grew on me. Throughout the film it’s self, I wasn’t sure if I liked him that much or not. But by the end I decided I did like him very much. He was a quickly repentant, innocent pawn of the witch. I like his friendly relationship with Lucy and how he risked his life to save her. He’s probably in my top five favorite Narnia characters.

Can’t finish without talking about Aslan. He’s, like, the big guy of the series. You can’t help but like him. He’s like the ultimate good. Right?

Well, I do like Aslan, but I’m afraid he brings me to speak about one thing about The Chronicles of Narnia that I do not care for.

The magic. And I know this is a touchy subject, but just bare this with me. I’m not forcing my beliefs on anybody, but please respect my own opinion and we can still get along. 😛

Magic is the one source of power in Narnia and both the White Witch–the villain–and Aslan–the hero–use it.  According to scripture using magic/practicing witchcraft is very wrong (Deuteronomy 18:10-13 for example). You say, “But Aslan is good and he uses the magic for good!” That’s the problem, here.

Just because Aslan uses magic for good doesn’t make it right, according to God’s laws. CS Lewis, using his knowledge of writing, made using magic look okay and even good, because characters we care about and cheer for use it. But that doesn’t make it right. “But it’s just a story, it’s not real, it’s just fiction.” Many people say this, including when they refer to the stories of Harry Potter. But just because something is fiction still doesn’t make it okay or right. Would you enjoy a story about people who used rape and murder for good things? No, of course not, because that absolutely repels you at the idea. Witchcraft and magic is just as serious a subject as rape and murder, but it’s been used so much in films and books and made to look so good that we as a cultural are desensitized to it. We no longer see danger in it. It’s no longer a big deal. It’s fiction, it’s just a story, it’s okay. After all! Aslan represents Christ! Right?

Yes, he does represent Christ and that’s something else that has ticked me off about The Chronicles of Narnia for a very long time. The Narnia series is really boasted for having great, Biblical analogies. *wild applause*. But why. WHY is magic—something God hates—used to represent God?! Does this not sound right to anyone else?  Many of you might think I’m taking this way to seriously, but I do urge you to look at what the Bible says about magic and see what God says about it.

Anyway. I’ve gotten out my whole magic spiel out. There is a lot more I could say that I’m not too keen on, but I’ll stop for now. 😛

Will I read The Lion The Witch And The Wardrobe again. No. Not anytime soon, anyway.

Will I listen to the audio book? Oh yes, but it’s on the longer side, so probably when I have a big craft project I need to work on and I need something to listen too.

Will I watch the movie again. Yep, no doubt about that.

Will I watch the rest of Narnia films when they come out. Probably.

Am I now a Narnia fan? Ehhhhhh, not really. While I did enjoy the audio books and the films, I don’t see Narnia becoming a part of my life anytime soon like Star Wars or The Avengers have. I don’t think I’ll be running around screaming, “For Aslan and for Narnia!” I certainly won’t go around pretending to cast spells and turn things to stone. And of course I won’t be searching for Narnia is my closet (heck, all I REALLY want is a genuine Iron Man suit, that’s all I’m asking for! Who cares about visiting Narnia, who’s up for joining me and Nick Fury’s ‘super secret boy band’ of Avengers??!) But I did enjoy the stories and I’m looking forward to seeing the Voyage of the Dawn Treader as soon as possible!

A basic Prince Caspian film review should be coming soon.


Movie Collection: Part 2

Time for part two of my personal film collection–yes, still animation!

Finding Nemo

I kinda bought this on accident–no, that’s not the right phrasing. I found this at a Goodwill for some super cheap price and I hadn’t seen it in ages, so I though, “Why not own it?” Finding Nemo was my first Pixar film, and while it has some pretty terrible issues when it comes to it’s message, I absolutely love the underwater scenes and, of course, Dory is one of the most hilarious characters EVER! So… since I bought it with my own money, it’s going to come with me later on.

The Great Mouse Detective

And I could not find a decent trailer that would give this film justice, so I’m posting the main theme instead. 😛

Being a HUGE Sherlock Holmes/Basil Rathbone fan, this of course became a must-see on my list of Disney movies I’d never gotten to see. One thing I loved about this rendition of the stories is that mouse detectives name is Basil, named after my most favorite actor Basil Rathbone, who portrayed Holmes in fourteen films. I so enjoyed this movie that I simply had to own it. My grandma bought my a VHS copy on one of our Goodwill visits (THANK YOU GRANDMA) as another bonus Christmas present! YAY! For more thoughts on this film, read my post HERE.

The Rescuers

No good trailer or any of it’s music, so, we’ll settle with a picture.

This movie. Oh my goodness, I love this movie so much. I saw it only once as a little girl but completely loved the story. It was ages and ages before I found another copy of it (at a garage sale for fifty cents!) I totally love the characters and plot. A MUST HAVE for my collection of films.

Rescuers Down Under

Again… no good trailer. Must be satisfied with the Main Title. Which is pretty epic.

This is the odd but funny sequel to The Rescuers. While not as good as the first (duh!) it still has it’s moments, reprising my two favorite character of Bernard and Miss Bianca, and Oliver’s brother Wilbur (or is the other way around?) I think I bought this from Goodwill to resee it, and while it’s not a favorite, it is a part of my collection! Ha ha!

Part three, soon to come!


Deputy Penny Percival: The Other “Me”

This is what you call a ‘unique’ edition to Pretty Picture Tuesday! Anyway, I have a ‘second identity character’ which you’ve met previously in this picture here ^ …. That’s Officer Penny Percival, The Sheriff’s most trusted deputy. Also known as me. Haha! She (*cough*me*cough*) is the subject for today!

I recently pulled together her official outfit for a photo shoot. The pictures turned out awesome. So here is another set of me on the spur of the moment going out in a costume. I actually think they’re just as pretty darn good as the Darth Vader set. Different but darn good.

Kayla took a total of 99 shots but I managed to whittle that number down to under ten. Most of the shots are of my shoes… I’m pleased with the way my shoes look. They go super well with my new trench coat.

My complete costume which I used was my black high heeled boots, my new woman’s trench coat, my wooden handled umbrella, my black glasses, a black hair clip, one of Kayla’s toy handguns and one of our trick cigarettes which, when you blow into them, puffs out a powder that looks ridiculously like smoke. It’s awesome.

Penny’s a real fighter, a real serious character. She’s very sharp when it comes to following orders and doing her duty. Penny saves the day in the small ways, mostly; she remembers where The Sheriff put which papers and which weapons and she juggles the different criminal evidences between her own pockets and his. When it comes to heavy duty stuff, The Sheriff is normally the one to lead the way and Penny is normally behind him with a long range weapon watching his back. She’ll sit where The Sheriff puts her because the ambushes always pull off and he normally has all the good plans anyway and she’ll tackle any big bellowing problem he asks her two. She’s pretty good when it comes to being a trusty lawmen.

Recognize that background? That’s the same sidewalk I walked down in my Darth Vader suit. *insert a sarcastic “ha. ha.” here*

Penny is a lot like my reflection and then she’s very much my opposite. For one thing, while Penny’s moral standards are just like mine when it comes to law, justice, peace and other conservative thoughts, she does not talk very much. Penny only speaks when she feels it necessary or when conferencing with The Sheriff. But mostly, she is very silent. Now, talking of Jamie? Let’s just say talking is one of my the things I love to do–as long as it’s an appropriate time to do it, of course.

Of course, this is Penny taken up five levels. Penny’s normal costume has been mostly a jean skirt, the trusty hand gun… and I’ve used the sunglasses before. Hopefully, soon, anytime now…. she’ll get to wear the trench coat when on duty.

Okay, last shot of my shoes. Bare with me. 😛

These shoes are also literal killing machines. That’s why I don’t wear them anywhere, and the reason Penny has not worn them on a single expedition. Would not do to be stalked by Frankie and Scarlett Blood and ALSO have her shoes hurting her. Nope. Would not be good.

Oh. Picture credit to my dear sister Kayla who was willing to go out in the heat on the spur of the moment to take pictures of me. See even more pictures (not as many as my shoes) which she edited herself on her photography blog. She’s pretty cool (keep an eye out for her own cowboy themed picture post later this week!) 😀

Officer Percival, signing off.