Another Interview/Conversation

This went up originally on my sister’s blog, but I loved this conversation so much I had to simply reblog it here. 🙂

Besides, I have nothing else to post this morning. It is Saturday; I have my day off from work, I slept in very late, will probably lull around the house, will no doubt attempt some writing in the afternoon but will get distracted by You Tube videos and than tonight we’ll be at The Boys’ house for the evening. It will be a wonderful day. So, anyway, if you haven’t already read this, than go straight ahead. If you have, you can scroll and at least look at the pictures I threw in! LOL

Kayla: Okay.

Jamie: *yawn*

Kayla: Thank you for joining me for another interview! . . . . . Is it hard being you?

Jamie: *snicker* You’re welcome…. Is it hard being me? No. It is very easy to be me.

Kayla: Why?

Jamie: ‘Cause I’m a pretty easy going girl. Hakuna-matata! *LAUGH* *sings* ….it means no worries. *laughing*

Kayla: *in momentary shock* WHAAT?

Jamie: I’m just a very relaxed person.

Kayla: *laugh* Ohh! … I was like, ‘what’?

Jamie: It’s a Lion King thing.

Kayla: Yes, I know.

Jamie: Disney.

Kayla: I know, I was just- *laugh*

Jamie:*singing* ‘And my friends never stood down wind’…

Kayla: What?

Jamie: Forget it *giggles* It’s sorta a crude joke.

Kayla:It’s a crude joke?

Jamie: Yeah, but not really,- NEVERMIND, lets just, move on!

Kayla: *laugh* Sorry. I was just-

Jamie: *Jam’s phone rings* WAAA! *goes to get phone*

Kayla: Ack!

Jamie: *comes back*

Kayla: Okay, uh, favorite color?

Jamie: Pur-ple! I love purple. Like, lavender, like, light-ish lavender…. but not like eggplant.

Kayla: *LOL* Why do you like purple?

Jamie: Because its, just a rich, deep color and.. I just like it….. I mean, why do you like green?

Kayla: *giggle* ‘Cause its AWESOME!

Jamie: Pffft.

Kayla: I just love how you described that, ‘ a rich deep color’-

Jamie: *laugh* Are you writing that out?

Kayla: *baseball hat falls off while laughing and starts laughing more hysterically while trying to type*

Jamie: Oh, lost a hat.

Kayla: *laughing harder*

Jamie: *giggle*Just stop laughing and write it out.

Kayla: *typing faster*

Jamie: Would you hurry up?

Kayla: Ack. *cough* Oooo-

Jamie: FOR ASGUARD! *In Thor’s voice*

Kayla: ‘kaaay.

Jamie: . . . . . . . .

Kayla: *ahem* Now. Oh yeah! What is a pet peeve of yours? Not like, your biggest one ever, but just a pet peeve you have?

Jamie: Uhh,………. text talk. Reaaaly gets me.

Me: Wait- why? Its convenient!

Jamie: Yeah, but there comes a point where it’s too hard to understand and when people use it for everyday language its just wrong. And people start to loose the knowledge of the English language…

Kayla: *giggles*

Jamie: And it looks really bad and it makes them look really immature , they may not be but it make it look that way, a lot of it is.

Kayla: *jaw drop* Are you judging? ……*starts laughing*

Jamie: *giggle* NO. I’m just saying what I don’t like. You asked!

Kayla: But-

Jamie: Its something I don’t do, And I don’t like seeing other people do it.

Kayla: Cut!

Jamie: But, I don’t go around saying “You’re going to hell, you text talkers!!!!”

Kayla: *bugs eye balls out*

Jamie: It’s just…  un-heathy and I don’t like it.

Kayla: I asked you to cut. Now, um, sorry-

Jamie: I have other pet peeves.

Kayla: SHHH! ……. NO, we don’t want to get into that. Ahem, my next question-

Jamie: Don’t ask till you’re ready to type my words.

Kayla: I know, that’s what I was about to say, so shhh…. If this was a video- *puts soldier hat sitting nearby on* it would be crazy.

Jamie: We’d be like, “Look at me, I’m a slob!”

Kayla: What? We’re not slobs!!

Jamie: If it was a video thing, people would see me draped on a chair with my hair messy, “Look at me, I’m a slob!” I gonna put some makeup on when grandma and grandpa arrive,  and look decent….

Kayla: *typing*

Jamie: Is this a interview or are you just trying write out everything I say, just ’cause?

Kayla: *typing like mad trying to catch up*

Jamie: Where’s my ipad? I could be checking my tweets! *LAUGH*

Kayla: *laughing and typing* If you would shut your gate I could catch up faster! *laughing*

Jamie: Oh, I wanna read this! *picks up near-by book* Ooooh!!

Kayla: UGG *rolls eyes* OOOOOOOOOOOKAAAAAYY! Ahem! *claps* Attention!

Jamie: *bugs eyes*

Kayla: Put the book down.

Jamie: This is about heaven- *talks in whiny voice* I wanna go there. . . . I should journal!

Kayla: You’re being a ham….

Jamie: ‘Cause your not asking me questions, you’re like *ha -ha* and it makes me want to be funny.*picks book up* let me know when your ready.

Kayla: *LAUGHING * okay. *types* …. Ahem. Now, shocker question!

Jamie: *sarcastic* I’m scarred!

Kayla: ..and you must be honest!

Jamie: Jeez, is this being published?

Kayla: Yes. Who is your favorite person on earth?

Jamie: Mmm,  I don’t think I have a favorite person in earth.




Jamie: *laugh* She’s giving me the devastated eye, *in winy voice* “Your supposed to say me!”

Kayla: No!!!!

Jamie: *picks up book again*

Kayla: Hey!

Jamie: Are you ready?

Kayla: Yes! Who’s you’re second favorite person?

Jamie: *laugh*  I don’t know, probably you.

Kayla: *nod of approval and laugh*

Jamie: *sarcasm* because I live with you and you’re the only person I  see.

Kayla: *pauses typing*

Jamie: I’m better friends with animals-

Kayla: *jaw drop*

Jamie: Well, I guess The Boys are good friends. Because we see them more than anybody else. And Mrs. T..

Kayla: Okay, *holds out hand* you were good when you said me but lets move on.

Jamie: Ugg.

Kayla: Wait. You know I’m just being little sister kidding right?

Jamie: What?

Kayla: You know I’m sister kidding right?

Jamie: About what?

Kayla: About saying.… about it.

Jamie:  About what? My favorite person?


Jamie: Yes or no.

Kayla: Okay- nevermind.

Jamie: Ugggghhh!!! *whispers* Gag me with a spoon.

Kayla: One sec.


Kayla: What is it like running your blog?

Jamie: Its hard work. But it’s lots of fun because I was a basically a nobody and out of the blue I’m famous- well not famous, but people know my name.

Kayla:*rolls eyes and takes army hat off* I’m done being Sergeant York, okay?

Jamie: What? I didn’t know you were Sergeant York.

Kayla: Just say ‘Ok’.

Jamie: Okaaaeeeeeeeyeyyy.

Kayla: *sigh* This really isn’t going where I wanted it to….

Jamie: That’s your problem! You’re the interviewer, you’re supposed to steer the conversation.

Kayla: Thanks, ahem-

Jamie: That’s it! We’re done?

Kayla: NO.

Jamie: Come on, Kayla! Ask me a question.

Kayla: Ack, sorry, what’s your fave Disney princes besides Belle?

Jamie: Cinderella.

Me: Really? Why?

Jamie: I’ve said that on my blog! Because she bore hardships and was very sweet.

Kayla: What? *laugh*

Jamie: Watch the movie.

Kayla: I did!  Okay, what your favorite Disney princes dress besides Cid?

Jamie: What?

Kayla: What’s your fave Disney princes dress, beside Cid- Cinderella?

Jamie: Um, I don’t know, I have to think. ….. I don think I have a fave dress, can’t think of one right now. I like Cinderella’s dress

Kayla: Of course. Which movie villain scares you most?

Jamie: Like real life, or what?

Kayla:I said movie villain.

Jamie: Oh. Terminator. ‘Cause he’s just- *interrupted by phone but comes back*

Kayla: I know, I know. Its understandable, of course. *laugh*

Jamie: What are you talking about?


Jamie: Oh! Well yeah! Like the scariest moment, was either at the end where he was just a robot, or when he was on the phone and mimicking her mom’s voice. *shudders*

Kayla: I know, right? *giggles*

Jamie: That’s cheap Kayla.

Kayla: Sorry.  I’m cheap.

Jamie: Kayla’s cheap.

Kayla: I am?

Jamie: It’s a joke.

Kayla: Huh?

Jamie: *sarcasm* You are such a polished interviewer, Kayla, it’s so amazing.

Kayla: *sarcasm* Thank you so much. You may go now.

Jamie: That’s the end?

Kayla: You are insulting me.

Jamie: No, I’m not! You said, “I’m cheap.”

Kayla: I’m not talking about that.

Jamie: What are you talking about?

Kayla: About.. *thinks* goodbye!!!!

Jamie: Phhht. See you have nothing!

Kayla: I do, too. *grin* Next time I have to think of some more questions because I was having trouble.

Jamie: *laugh* You could just ask me!

Kayla and I have so much fun together!



19 thoughts on “Another Interview/Conversation

  1. LOL! Haha, that was fun! Nice pictures you added. XD And btw I love laid back Saturdays. They are so nice. 🙂 If only it would rain or be cloudy, that would be super cool!

      1. Haha…. I mentioned it because somebody else mentioned it to me and made me depressed. 😛

    1. I, personally, have considered that profession many times! LOL Sometime we will have to figure out how to get our own videos on here and we’ll record a session or something. That would be awesome….


      1. You could post them on YouTube, it is really to sign for an account since you already have a Blogger and Google account. 🙂


  2. Hey!
    This is Sarah just so you know. I made a wordpress account so I could start my blog this summer 😀

    Love this conversation, it was hilarious!

    OOOooo! You should add an avengers tab to the top of your blog! Sorry random l know.

    Great Post!

    1. How cool! I will follow you, alright!!?

      Thank you!

      You are SOOOO RIGHT! Excellent idea. Maybe I’ll build one up and publish it on the May 4th!


      1. Logged out of wordpress and I’m too lazy to log back in XD

        How cool would that be!!! That would be like your avengers celebration thing 🙂

        And I wanted to let you know, that I wanted to start a blog because of you. You inspried me to start it. Thank you 🙂

      2. Heeheeheehee….

        Exactly. May 4rth is also Star Wars Day, so that’s actually really perfect. I could do a Star Wars Post plus and Avengers Page! Mawhahah! That is ridiculously awesome!

        Awwwww, oh my gosh! You don’t know how honored and happy that makes me feel! You’re very welcome, and if you ever need any help with WordPress, just shoot me a comment and let me know!

        ❤ Jamie

      3. awesome thanks 🙂 I will probably have some questions about writing posts, figuring out wordpress, etc.

        Oh. yeah SW and Avengers day! Best. Day. Ever. That will be fun 😀

      4. Yes, it’s taking so long. I don’t know why they chose so deep into the year to release it! I think I will have a melt down at the theaters when I finally get to see it!


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