Film Score Friday

Sorry this got up so late. I slept in on accident this morning and than our grandparents took Kayla, Nathan and I out for lunch and shopping (I got the  Darth Vader expression shirt, some makeup and an Iron Man action figure!). But anyway, the music I wanted to share today was the from the suspense film Super 8; which we watched Wednesday. The music works with the film very well.

Super 8 Suite: me likes this one. lol.

Circle Gets The Cube: Another theme from the film.

Alice Projects On Joe: This part of the film is so sad and the music just makes you get all emotional!

Letting Go: This is the end of the movie and certainly one of the best parts. The end is so beautiful and rich,  in both the music and the movie. 🙂



One thought on “Film Score Friday

  1. I like this music. 🙂 You would think that John Williams would compose the music since it Super 8 was so similar to Steven Spielberg’s moives.


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