links, videos, and more links . . .

I’ve kinda decided to do PPT every other week now instead of every week. So, today I thought I’d provide some links for you all instead.

My Thoughts on the Star Wars Villians I got to guest post on Pandas, Lightsabers and Cameras, oh my! for Savanna while she’s on vacation! The title says everything. 🙂

My Hero is Steve Rogers I did my second post of Fangirls on Felucia, and it was about Captain America and why I like him so much. 😀

Charade: A Film Review This was my first guest post ever on J&J Productions. James reviews tons of films and he asked me if I’d be interested in reviewing a film on his blog. I picked one of my favorite classic films and reviewed it.

Interviewed at J&J Productions James also interviewed me about Star Wars and the Avengers. This was my first interview as well, that was really fun! 😀

Oh, I have to share the latest Messy Mondays: Books VS. Movies. Watch the whole thing, than watch THE BLOOPERS. Oh my gosh, I was laughing SO. HARD.

Oh, and just because I felt like it:

Certain voices can fascinate me (like Cad Bane’s, Tom Hidelston’s, and Hercule Poirot’s) , but non more than Donald Duck’s. I LOVE his voice very much. It’s so fun to listen too and it’s just like a duck, but speaking English.  LOL. 😀

I’m off for a late breakfast now, which will not be naturally flavored baby banana food . . . . and if you didn’t get that, than you did not watch those Bloopers like I told you too. Shame on you.




6 thoughts on “links, videos, and more links . . .

  1. I am definitely a movie person, but that is obvious. I did read “To Kill a Mocking Bird” and did not really like the book and then hated the movie but was probably bacause the acting was horrible and I like Huckelberry Fin and did not like the movie but the movie was not considered good a movie by critics. I usually avoid reading books before the movie since I much rather watch an awesome movie with than read an awesome book. I do not know why book people think they are smarter than movie people just because they read books. My best friend is a book person so I am not trying to say anything about them. I am going to read The Lord of the Rings at some point then I will be able to compared them to the movie.

    Are you a book or movie person?


    1. I think I’m both. Let’s see, I could talk about Sherlock Holmes. I love the characters and stories from the novels but I absolutely LOVE the old 1940’s films too. A lot of my friends all say, “Dr Watson is SO changed, he isn’t like that in the books at all, arg, it drives me nuts”. But I LOVED the different version of Dr Watson, almost more than the book version! So, I think I’m both. There are certainly movies that are WAAAAY better than the books and than there are some books that are much better than their films. But I totally agree with what Jordan was saying in the video–neither are better than the other. If you read the book before the movie, you’ll normally like the book more, but if you watch the movie before the book, you’ll probably like the movie more. It depends! 😀


      1. I have only read some of a Sherlock Holmes book but my father has read all or most of them I think and my friend is a big fan of the old 40s ones also. 🙂 I perfer Sherlock in the original setting than the ones with him in WWII and the new series is good.
        I agree with Jordan for some of it but I do not think that all movies are made for dumb people. That is absurd in my opinion, only really smart people can understand Inception in less than 5 viewing. 🙂 And mysteries like Rear Widow and Vertigo are also movies that require intelligence.

        P.S. I posted the review for Forrest Gump as you requested. 🙂


      2. I so split right now between watching the Robert Downy Jr Holmes films. I would watch it for Robert but . . . . it almost doesn’t look the same for Holmes. Ahg, simply can’t decide on that.

        I don’t think he was saying that; I do agree that a lot of movies based after books really dumb them down. But that often doesn’t have to be bad, depending if they did a good job on the film or not. Some films out there are simple trash from plot to acting to presentation. And than there are others that should be remembered for ages. 😀

        Oooh, I’ll come read it!


      3. About the Robret Downy jr. movies: I just had to forget it was a Sherlock Holmes movie and thought of it as an action mystery. It was a good movie but not a Sherlock movie but Robret was excellent as always. 🙂 That is what I have to do with the recent James Bond movies since they completely removed what made Bond, Bond but also most everyone else liked the movies.

        I agree that there are some really terrible movies out there that I have seen.


      4. Mmm, that’s would probably be a good way to view them. And sometimes adaptions like that can be REALLY good, even though it feels like the only thing about the story they kept are character names! LOL


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