links, videos, and more links . . .

I’ve kinda decided to do PPT every other week now instead of every week. So, today I thought I’d provide some links for you all instead.

My Thoughts on the Star Wars Villians I got to guest post on Pandas, Lightsabers and Cameras, oh my! for Savanna while she’s on vacation! The title says everything. 🙂

My Hero is Steve Rogers I did my second post of Fangirls on Felucia, and it was about Captain America and why I like him so much. 😀

Charade: A Film Review This was my first guest post ever on J&J Productions. James reviews tons of films and he asked me if I’d be interested in reviewing a film on his blog. I picked one of my favorite classic films and reviewed it.

Interviewed at J&J Productions James also interviewed me about Star Wars and the Avengers. This was my first interview as well, that was really fun! 😀

Oh, I have to share the latest Messy Mondays: Books VS. Movies. Watch the whole thing, than watch THE BLOOPERS. Oh my gosh, I was laughing SO. HARD.

Oh, and just because I felt like it:

Certain voices can fascinate me (like Cad Bane’s, Tom Hidelston’s, and Hercule Poirot’s) , but non more than Donald Duck’s. I LOVE his voice very much. It’s so fun to listen too and it’s just like a duck, but speaking English.  LOL. 😀

I’m off for a late breakfast now, which will not be naturally flavored baby banana food . . . . and if you didn’t get that, than you did not watch those Bloopers like I told you too. Shame on you.